Monday, January 17, 2022

Frusoe Massacre: Soldiers Burned Alive 40+ Civilians

            (Based on the staff article from the MYANMAR NOW on January 05, 2022.)

This Christmas Day Massacre committed by the Myanmar soldiers in the Frusoe Township of Kayah State in Myanmar was the worst of it kinds even for Burmese standards. On the Christmas day (December 25, 2021) Min Aung Hlaing’s drunken Myanmar soldiers stopped nine vehicles including three open trucks carrying war-displaced civilians, two cars, nd six motorbikes.

The place was near the Mo-so Village at about two kilometers north-west of Frusoe Town. The soldiers forced the people to disembark, lined-up and machine gunned them down. They then loaded the bodies onto the trucks and burned them while many were still alive and breathing. Men, women, and children: more than 40 of them.

The Myanmar Army then declared that they managed to ambush some PDF (People Defense Force) people on their way to attack the army-compound nearby and 40+ PDFs were killed in the firefight. According to the army-spokesperson General Zaw Mel-lone the vehicles caught fire and then bodies were burnt to crisp, unfortunately.

Sunday, January 9, 2022

Cambodia Dictator Hun Sen Meeting Myanmar Dictator

           (Based on the staff article from the MYANMAR NOW on January 05, 2022.)

ASEAN is now equally divided between five Democratic Island Nations (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Brunei) and five Dictatorial Inland Nations (Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Lao, and Cambodia).

Forty-years-long-ruling Cambodia Dictator Hun Sen recently had visited Myanmar and cordially met Myanmar Dictator Min Aung Hlaing despite the ASEAN boycotting Myanmar Dictator who has been killing his fellow Burmese in thousands for uprising against his bloodied military dictatorship.

Cambodian Dictator Hun Sen who has all but wiped out political opposition by killing them all is now trying to establish a political dynasty in Cambodia by promoting his son General Hun Manet as the deputy chief of military and his heir apparent. Hun Sen is now using Cambodia’s position as 2022 revolving-chair of ASEAN to groom Min Aung Hlaing out of the wilderness into a respectable statesman by legitimizing Myanmar ruling junta.

Saturday, January 8, 2022

Soldiers Sodomizing Prisoners With Bamboo Rods

               (Based on the staff article from MYANMAR NOW on January 01, 2022.)

Burmese Army learned how to torture their prisoners since the time Imperial Japanese Army formed BIA (Burma Independence Army) in 1941. Japanese soldiers back then were master torturers and accordingly their good-pupils the Burmese soldiers learned and have practiced the brutal torture methods since then.

Pulling the nails out is one of their many specialties and chopping the ears off is reserved for most stubborn prisoners. But the notoriously rape-obsessed Japanese had avoided sexual violation on men, and the Burmese soldiers also never violated men sexually last 80 years. But that rule has been changed recently by new Burmese dictator Min Aung Hlaing known as Ma-aye-low (the Mother Fucker) to his fellow Burmese.

He basically ordered his men to sexually violate captured prisoners whether they are men or women. And his sadistic soldiers are following his commands exactly to the letter. Two solid evidences of that came out recently.

Thursday, January 6, 2022

Communist China Killing Democracies With COVID

For a country of 1.4 billion people, China has managed to keep its reported COVID-19 cases extremely low. In the two years since the pandemic began, China has reported only 132,901 cases total with only 5,700 reported deaths.

In comparison, our Australia with a very low population of 25 million, recorded more than that in the past week alone — more than 224,000 cases with just over 2,000 deaths. The leader of world democracies the United States with nearly 350 million population had 58 million cases total and nearly a million deaths. The worldwide COVID cases so far were nearly 300 million with almost 6 million deaths.

Chaiman Xi and his merry band of  Chinese Communists have basically succeeded in weakening the democracies with their genetically-engineered Corona Virus (so-called COVID-19). And the COVID war is still going strong between Communist China and US-led democratic nations.

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Operation Anawrahtar: Myanmar Army Vs PDFs

                (Anthony Davis’s article from the Asia Times on October 19, 2021.) 

Myanmar military prepares an onslaught for the ages: Impending military campaign seeks to destroy new people's defense forces but the massive offensive could ultimately bolster the resistance.

Myanmar's Tatmadaw is planning a massive offensive against newly formed people's defense forces.  Sooner or later Myanmar’s military was bound to wheel out the big guns. Since March, when peaceful protest against the February 1 coup turned to armed resistance, the generals in Naypyidaw have watched too much go too wrong in too many places for too long.

In the nation’s ethnic Bamar heartland so-called “people’s defense forces” (PDFs)  have proliferated to challenge military authority; from the borders of China and Thailand ethnic armies have extended them sanctuary, training, and weapons; and in strategically vital regions of Myanmar’s west and east bomb blasts and killings have escalated into full-blown insurgency.

Sunday, October 24, 2021

PDF Attack on Army outposts in Rangoon (Video)

                      (Based on Burmese posts from the Facebook on October 23, 2021.) 

One Myanmar-Army soldier was killed and one other severely wounded in a Rangoon PDF unit’s drive-by shooting of their security outpost inside a traffic police box at the Bargaya Intersection in the Sanchaung Township of Rangoon.

The daring mid-day attack was videoed and released widely on Social Media sites by the Rangoon PDF as a fund-raising drive asking for donations from the people of Burma. The drive-by shooting was at about 2:30 pm on October-23. Just yesterday.

Similar attacks but with multiple explosives were launched all over Rangoon especially in the South-Dagon and North-Dagon townships after the Bargayar Attack. Urban guerrilla attacks are now occurring in all major cities of Burma despite the heavy-handed responses from the universally-hated Myanmar Army.

Myanmar Army has been retaliating the widespread PDF attacks with illegal arrests and summary executions of young Burmese men and women. A drunken unit had recently kidnapped, gang-raped, and killed two young sisters after accusing them of supporting a local PDF unit led by their older brother.

Saturday, October 9, 2021

People Power: Myanmar Army is Collapsing!

              (Based on Burmese posts from the Facebook in October 2021.) 

A mad Myanmar Army officer.
That mother-fucker Min Aung Hlaing’s war-dog Army is on the brink of sudden collapse. The whole North-Western Regional Military Command is basically being annihilated right now by the People Defense Forces of Chin State and Yaw-Gangaw Region.

The sudden collapse of 100+ battalions-strong infamous Na-Ma-Kha Division after the months-long battles between its demoralized infantry battalions and local PDFs is a disastrous news for Burma’s newest dictator.

Just eight months ago on February-1 the Son-of-a-Bitch General thought by putting ASSK and her ministers in jail and killing a few hundred Gen-Z protesters he would be sitting on Burmese throng for a very, very long time like his predecessors late General Ne Win and General Than Shwe did.

He thought it wrong and the brave young people of Burma has proved that fact by arming themselves and killing his war-dogs by thousands and thousands all over the nation. More than sixty years of slaving under the Myanmar Army  war-dogs’ boots was enough and they knew they have to get rid of that bastard army just to become truly free and democratic.

Saturday, October 2, 2021

Thai Police Tortured Drug Dealer To Death (Video)

             (Marwaan Markar’s article from the NIKKEI ASIA on September 3, 2021.) 

Five plastic bags were used in the torture.
BANGKOK -- Thailand's police have suffered another blow to their reputation from the release of a video that appears to show a man dying in custody with a plastic bag over his head.

But the deadly interrogation method is not the work of just one rogue officer, according to retired senior members of a force that Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha had pledged to reform after he staged the 2014 coup.

The video, which leaked last month and went viral, drawing 3.6 million views, allegedly shows 24-year-old Jeerapong Thanapat, who had been arrested in Nakhon Sawan, 250 km north of the capital, on suspicion of selling methamphetamine pills, suffocating to death as officers demanded 2 million baht ($60,000) for his freedom. The superintendent of the station, Col. Thitisan Utthanaphon, nicknamed "Joe Ferrari" for his sports car collection, was later arrested.

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Hostage Diplomacy: Commie China’s Thuggery

             (Bill Birtles’s article from the ABC NEWS AUS on September 26, 2021.) 

China played dirty to get Huawei’s 'princess' back — too dirty even to tell its own people: Family and supporters of two diplomatic hostages held in China for almost three years have celebrated their arrival home in Canada, as the woman they were traded for, Meng Wanzhou, was given a hero's welcome in the city of Shenzhen.

The trio's return to their respective homes caps a historic three-year standoff between the world's two superpowers, with Canada and the Chinese company Huawei caught in the middle. Upon arriving home to Calgary, one of the two Canadians Michael Kovrig said "It’s fantastic to be back home in Canada".

He'd endured more than a thousand days locked in a Chinese prison with limited access to lawyers and no ability to speak to visitors outside of a monthly consular visit. Meng Wanzhou, the wealthy daughter of Huawei's boss Ren Zhengfei sometimes dubbed a princess by Chinese media, told Chinese state TV as she departed Canada: "If it wasn't for a strong motherland, I wouldn't have my freedom today."