Monday, February 6, 2012

KIA Confession of Bomb Blast Incident in Myitkyinar?

The owner of the Myitkyinar boarding house where an accidental bomb blast killed ten including eight young children only about ten year old on 14 November 2011 has finally confessed of his family involvement in KIA terrorist bombing operations all over Myitkyinar.

Nay Pyi Daw: November 14 (Myanmar Ahlin Newspaper on November 15)

During last night an explosion in the Thida Township of Myitkyinar killed 10 and injured 23 and three houses were destroyed by the fire caused by the bomb explosion. The explosion occurred at about 20 minutes past 8 pm inside the two-storied house owned by Dayaung Tan Goon. The house was located at No. 69 on Fifth Street between Second and Third Laneways in Thidar Ward.

7 males including thirty-years-old Dayang Sai Khun, one of two Dayaung Tan Goon’s sons killed by the explosion, and 3 females were killed while 14 males and 9 females were injured. Dayaung Sai Khun’s corpse had his left hand severed from the wrist and left leg from the knee and severe injuries on only left side of his face.

Authorities had concluded that basing on the positions of the dead bodies and the crime- scene-evidence gathered so far the accidental explosion occurred while Dayaung Sai Khun was preparing the mines as training for others gathered around him. 

The house has been operating as a boarding school for civil war orphans and the school is headed by Dayaung Tan Goon. Among the deaths were 8 young students all aged around ten years.
Following is KIA's twisted version of the accidental bomb blast incident from KNG (Kachin News Group) the propaganda arm of KIA.

One never-ever dreamt of the Kachins becoming victims of a terrorist attack given that such things are associated with the Talibans, Iraqis, Arabs, Pakistanis, and so on.  The N’Jang Kawng, or Thida in Burmese attack in Myitkyina on November 13, 2011 publicized for the first time that Kachins are in the midst of war of terrorism.  In fact, locals have been shocked by the serial and powerful bomb-blasts in several government and public areas in Myitkyina, Waimaw and Mogawng since June though powerful explosions have taken place several times in Myitkyina on November 12, 2011.

The terror attack on Dayau Tang Gun’s plot in N’Jang Kawng Quarter at night in Myitkyina was atrocious.  The head of the household, Mr. Dayau Tang Gun is into several community services as a leader of the Kachin cultural Band Baja team, of the Kachin Martial Art (Jinghpaw Jauchyen), and of the Red Cross.  The house was a multiple-center for orphans, for Band Baja, for IDPs altogether hosting above 40 regular members, apart from some on rent.  In this analysis the critical observation on the attack is made within the framework of the ongoing civil war between the Burman troops and KIA.  The incident points to the retaliation by Burmans by launching a “terror attack on Kachins.”

The attack left 14 dead and 27 injured in the house of Dayau Tang Gun. The blast in Dayau’s house started a fire which soon spread to adjacent houses of Hpaga Naw Ring and wife Hla Ngwi, Mr. Lashu Naw Awng and Mashaw.  The incident caused the loss of two-wheeled Chinese motorcycles, money, four main buildings and property.  The details and exact examination of the incident cannot be ascertained on the basis of scientific data due to the high security.  However, the possible hypotheses depends on several and different groups of eyewitnesses such as the injured family members, neighbours and local sources.  Due to the powerful blast a big two storied house was completely gutted in just 30 minutes.  Rescue of the victims was tardy by fire fighters and putting out the fire caused was difficult.

The attack was by unidentified people.  A two feet deep crater was created where the explosion occurred and victims were hurled 50 yards away killing most people who were on the second storey and injuring those on the ground floor.  According to locals of Thida Quarter a “big and unusual bomb” was hurled.  It seemed to have been set off by remote control, may be from the Northern Military Quarter, Myitkyina.  The second possibility is also drawn unanimously here where the incident was due to “multiple bomb blasts followed by an inferno at Dayau Tang Gun’s house which spread to the adjacent buildings, according to local fire fighters.  Locals said “the blast occurred after two unidentified men on their D.T. motorbikes arrived near the house and left a package.” It is clear that “the attack was planned targeting of innocent Kachin students and children, which is nothing less than inhuman.”

And following is the true story of what really happened from Dayaung Tan Gun's confession.

On November 13 there was an accidental bomb blast in the Thidar Ward of Myitkyinar City. Ten were killed and twenty-three were wounded and three houses were totally destroyed. The blast shocked not just the Myitkyinar but the whole Burma (as many of the deaths were ten- year-old orphaned children).

The blast site was House Number 69 on Fifth Lane in the Thidar Ward. The owner of the house (also operating as a Kachin orphanage) is Dayaung Tan gun whose younger first cousin Ingun Zaw dwe is the Commanding Officer of Sixth Battalion KIA Second Brigade.

Ingun Zaw dwe was the Commanding Officer of the Second Battalion before and also a trusted lieutenant of KIA Chief-of-Staff General Gam-shaung. He was the KIA explosive expert and responsible for the devastating time-bomb attacks in April 2010 against the Chinese construction facilities at the now-suspended Myit-sone Dam Construction Project near Myitkyinar.

Dayaung Tan gun himself also is one of the clandestine operators active in Myitkyinar as KIA UG (underground activities) groups. But now the total demolition of his house and  its young occupants including his own son Dayaung Sai Khun by huge accidental bomb blast has shaken him to the bones.

After the subsequent arrest and interrogation by the Army Intelligence he has been confessing his UG activities and revealing the substantial supports he’d been receiving from the KIA (Kachin Independence Army).

According to Dayaung Tan-gun he wasn’t directly responsible for the devastating blast at his house. He admitted that Tu Aung and Zaw Nan and Gun Gyin (killed in the blast) all friends of his son Dayaung Sai Khun brought the explosives and detonating devices to his house at nearly the end of last October.

His son and the friends had never held steady jobs but they always had plenty of cash on them and they were regularly talking on phones to places like Laizar and Maijaran the KIA strongholds on the Chinese border.

And he claimed he wasn’t at his house that day when the blast happened and thus he knew nothing about the blast. But he still admitted that he had executed multiple bomb blasts at the locations near the Salt Factory compound, near the District Sports Field, near the Telecommunications Centre, and at the Industrial Road Intersection, all in the Myitkyinar City.

One of the Dead Children.
He added that he was immediately given one million kyats after each blast as the reward for his sabotage acts from General S. Gun Maw the KIA deputy Chief-of-Staff. As he had been receiving the KIA largesse he had to do whatever KIA had wanted as his racial duty as a Kachin.

He also added that he was given the additional duty of recruiting many Kachin civil war orphans as future soldiers for KIA. His orphanage had received generous monthly funds from KIA and he and his family used most of the money from KIA for themselves and the orphan children got only the leftover.

Once the children became teenagers they were to attend the military and explosive trainings from KIA and become KIA soldiers and saboteurs. Since the money from KIA was very attractive he still runs his UG group from behind even though his son Dayaung Sai Khun had been leading the group. But now he is remorsefully regretting for what he had done and the ugly deaths of his family and the children.

He thinks the bomb blast at his house happened accidentally while his son Dayaung Sai Khun was teaching his friend and some children about the bombs and that single explosion ignited the other explosive materials kept in the house.

Dr. Tu Jar.
Following is what Dr Tu Jar a famous Kachin leader and a former KIA man himself commented on the whole sad affairs.

“In our Kachin State, at present there are so many cases of KIA destroying bridges, highways, railways, and important buildings with explosives. Too many of our people have also been killed by these destructive acts. Despite the genuine desire for peace from the people of Kachin State KIA has walked on the opposite path as if they are deliberately ignoring the wishes of our people. In whatever situations they should at least consider peoples’ genuine desire for peace.”
Apart from frequently blowing up the Mandalay-Myitkyinar trains and other civilian vehicles and government buildings and occasionally themselves like the accidental bomb blast in Myinkyinar, KIA troops has recently been busy brutally ambushing Burmese army troops and murdering the captured and surrendered Burmese soldiers and proudly boasting up their bastardly acts on the YouTube with videos.

Following was the KIA’s YouTube Video of successful ambush against the vehicle-convoy of Weapon Company Infantry Battalion 21 (IB-21) from Burmese Army. I have to warn the readers about the Violently Graphic Scenes though.