Monday, May 6, 2013

Buddhist Exodus From Bangladesh’s Chittagong Hills

Gang-rape-murder victim Thaung Ma Chay (14).
Just last month of April alone more than 800 Buddhist people belonging to the ethnic Yakhines living hundreds and hundreds of years in the Chittaging Hill Tracts region in Islamic Bangladesh have fled into Burma.
All together 173 families of 800 Yakhine Buddhists have entered the Maungdaw District after fleeing from the brutal religious and racial persecution in Bangladesh.
The more than 60-years long Islamic genocide of Buddhists in Bangladesh has been quietly going on in Chittagong Hills while the Muslim-funded and controlled International media like Al-jazebra has been relentlessly loudmouthing the highly-exaggerated and false news about the Buddhist persecution of Muslims in Burma.
Following case is one of too many cases of gang-rape and murder committed against the indigenous Buddhists by the Bengali-Muslim settlers encouraged and fully-supported by the Bangladeshi army and the Bangladeshi Government.   
Gang Rape and Murder of A Very Young Buddhist Girl
The 14 year old victim Thaung Ma Chay was the daughter of Suthee Phyu (deceased – believed to have been killed by the Muslim settlers last year) and she lived in the Bara-dubar-para Buddhist Village of Kar-O-khar-li Township in the Rangarmati District of Islamic Bangladesh. She was a bright eight-grade student from the Kar-O-Khar-Li Girls School.

On that day of 20 December 2012 at about 3:30 in the afternoon She left the village alone to bring back their cattle released for that day on the grass just outside their village. She didn’t come back that afternoon and her worried mother and siblings searching for her finally found her completely naked body in the bushes just outside the notorious Begali-Muslim village of Nai-lar-chari.
They reported the rape-murder case to police and the police took the body to Rangarmati Hospital for an autopsy which confirmed that she was brutally gang-raped before her cruel murder. Her uncle Thaung Wai Phyu has filed charges against unknown offenders for the gang-rape and murder of his niece with the Bangladeshi police.
So far not a single Bengali-Muslim settler has been interrogated, arrested, and charged yet as most of the heinous crimes against the Buddhist natives by the Bengali-Muslim settlers have been ignored by the Bangladeshi-Muslim police force and Islamists-controlled military stationed en-mass in the Chittagong Hill Tracts.
That Bara-dubar-para village and the surrounding areas had been traditionally the Maramar (a sub-group of Yakhines) area for many hundreds of years till 1980 when the Bengali-Muslim settlers from the plain land started invading and driving the native Buddhists out of their traditional land.
A-Rabita (Muslim World League)
As part of the Bangladesh government supported scheme funded by the Saudi Arabia’s Al-Rabita (The Muslim World League) to rapidly islamize the large traditional Buddhist territory on the Border the Muslim settlers have been forcibly occupying the Buddhist lands, raping and murdering the Buddhist girls and women, and destroying Buddhist villages large scale in the Chittagong Hill Tracts in Islamic Bangladesh.
Please read my earlier blog posts titled “Islamic Genocide of Buddhists in Bangladesh” which detailed the atrocities committed by the Bangladeshi military and Islamist-controlled Bengali-Muslim settlers in the large Buddhist region bordering Burma’s Arakan and Chin states.
Buddhist Exodus Across The Border Into Arakan
Buddhist cleansing in Bangladesh (2012).
Many of the Bangladeshi Buddhist peoples mainly the Yakhines, Maramars, amd Thets are now fleeing the raging Islamic genocide in their homeland Chittagong Hills in Bangladesh in drove. Just last few days 12 Buddhist families of 45 Buddhists have crossed the border and landed in the Maungdaw District of Burma.
According to the Abbot U Ar-sa-ra they are now being temporarily accommodated at his Maundaw Central Buddhist Monastery. And eventually the Buddhist refugee families will be relocated to the newly-established model-Buddhist-villages by the border like every other Buddhist refugees from Bangladesh before them.

According to the local authorities every Buddhist refugee family is given a ready-made house, two acres of paddy land, a pair of oxen or buffalo, kyats 200,000 cash, essential foodstuff, basic cloths, bedding materials, and kitchen utensils.

A model village in Maungdaw
for Bangladeshi Buddhists.
The fertile land given to the Buddhists most probably come from the illegal Bengali-Muslims fleeing or expelled from Burma while the land abandoned by the fleeing Buddhists back in Bangladesh has immediately been occupied by the lad-starved Bengali-Muslim settlers. Is it poetic justice?
Burmese officials and the local Buddhists are quietly hoping that the – currently unspeakable but actually happening on the ground un-officially – process of exchanging the illegal Bengali-Muslims (so-called Rohingyas) from our Burma with the Bangladeshi-Buddhist-Ethnics fleeing totally-unsafe Bangladesh will be the permanent and official solution for stopping all the anti-Islamic race riots in the Arakan and the whole of Burma.
Genocidal Bangladeshi Islamists have been violently pushing for Buddhist-free Bangladesh and the Burmese-Buddhists hate Bengali-Muslims more than anyone else they could think of. So by a way of amiable exchange both Burma and Bangladesh can become Muslim-free Burma and Buddhist-free Bangladesh without a major bloodshed. That will make everybody happy!
Bangladeshi-Buddhist refugees in Arakan.

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