Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bangladeshi Army Training Rohingya Terrorists on Border

Three Burmese engineers kidnapped and beheaded in 2012
by RSO Kalarzoes based at Bangladesh's Bandarbin.
Turkey’s Islamist-controlled INCA News Agency has just released the videos and photos of Bengali-Muslim terrorists from RSO (Rohingya Solidarity Organization) Kalarzoes receiving military training from the Bangladeshi Army supported by local Bangladeshi authorities and politicians and mosque-Imams in the area right next to Burma-Bangladesh border.

The military training of Bengali-Muslim terrorists has been going on for a long time and recently intensified since OIC (Organization of Islamist Cooperation) with the financial support of Turkey and Saudi Arabia established so-called Rohingya umberalla group ARU (Arakan Rohingya Union) in May 2011.

To cloak their terrorist operations with seemingly-legitimate Islamic political activities one and half a dozen Rohingya militant groups have formed the ARU - Arakan Rohingya Union - with the initiatives of Shan traitor Harn Yawnghwe’s EBO - Euro Burma Office in Brussels - and the International Islamic Mafia OIC - Organization of Islamic Cooperation - at the OIC’s Jeddah HQ in 30-31 May 2011.

Bangladesh-trained and based RSO terrorists have been committing brutal cross-border raids inside Burma’s Arakan frequently. Their ambush on the Burmese police patrol inside Duchiyardan Bengali-Muslim Village on 13 January 2014 was one of their most successful operations.

And the influential Rohingya Lobby in the West supported by MSF-Holland operating inside Burma has managed to turn RSO’s terrorist attack into so-called Duchiyardan Massacre of Bengali-Muslims.

One of their other successful terrorist operations was the kidnap and murder of three unarmed Burmese military engineers near the border on November-6, 2012. Both Bangladeshi Government and Rohingya lobby have been continually denying the RSO’s atrocity against unarmed Burmese engineer-soldiers. But now the Turkey’s INCA News has come out boastfully with the RSO’s photos of those three kidnapped Burmese soldiers.
Three kidnapped Burmese military engineers just before their beheading by RSO Kalarzoes.
Captured-&-beheaded Burmese Engineer-Sergeant Khaing Htoo Aung (25) with his father,
mother, and sister at Meikhtilar's Andagu Pagoda in 2010.
Three Unarmed Burmese Engineers Kidnapped and Beheaded

That murderous ambush on Burmese Army’s road-building crew on November 6 by Bengali-Muslim terrorists from RSO (Rohingya Solidarity Organization), the OIC-supported and Al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist group based in Bangladesh, killed one engineering officer from Burma army.

The Rohingya terrorists have also kidnapped three Burma army soldiers and fled back into Bangladesh. The cross-border terrorist attack took place in the Maungdaw Township of north Arakan.

The news leaked from the army circle in Maungdaw described the terrorist attack as an ambush on a 13-men unarmed construction team from Burma Army General Engineering unit building the Burma-Bangladesh Friendly Road on the borderline in the area known as Na-Sa-Ka Territory (1).

“The Bengali-Muslim terrorists raided the construction site on yesterday about 6 in the evening and an officer was killed and 3 unarmed engineering soldiers were captured. The rest of the 13-men crew managed to escape. The three men are still missing and we think they were already killed,” said a local Buddhist from the Aung-tha-byay village in the area where the terrorist attack occurred.

The Burmese construction site raided was about forty miles from Maungdaw town and on the border between Burma and Bangladesh. Following is the eyewitness account from a local Buddhist abbot who heard the gunshots from the terrorist attack.

“The site was in the area around Mile Post (1), (2), and (3) at the east of Bandoola in Upper Aung-tha-byay. Everybody heard the gunshots and the army troops from Taung-byo immediately went there. At about 9 in the night our army units fought off the RSO terrorists and that skirmish lasted for about 5 minutes. There were casualties on both sides but we don’t know how many.

The raid happened during time the army soldiers were at the Mee-daik in the Na-Sa-Ka Territory (3) helping the villagers celebrating the Buddhist ceremonies. The RSO terrorists knew that news and took that opportunity to raid the unarmed engineering troops by the border, bastard Muslims,”  added the abbot of the local Buddhist monastery.

Now after nearly sixteen months and after constant denial of that ambush the Islamists-controlled Turkish newsagency INCA has boastfully published the photos of three Burmese engineering soldiers admittedly kidnapped and their heads brutally chopped off by the RSO terrorists.

And the INCA’s Islamist Turkish also published nearly four dozen photos of Bangladeshi Army training the RSO terrorists inside Bangladesh territory near Burma-Bangladesh border.

Bangladeshi-trained RSO's Rohingya Kalarzoes are based at Bandarbin District in SE Bangladesh.
Bangladeshi Army Training Bengali-Muslim Terrorists

The not-so-remote terrorist training camp is at Naikhongchari town in Bengladesh’s Bandarban District right across Maungdaw Township of Burma’s north-Arakan. The heavily militarised border-District has been tightly controlled by the 69th Infantry Brigade of Bangladeshi Army’s 24th Infantry Division.

In addition six BGB (Border Guard Bangladesh) battalions the paramilitary forces formerly known as the Bangladesh Rifles of Bangladeshi Army are also stationed right along the Burma border. And they all have been constantly denying the decades-long existence of RSO terrorist camps in their territory right next to our Burma.

But everything clandestine is now coming out into the open as Turkey’s INCA had happily boasted of the activities of the Islamist Jihadist Army labelled as Arakan Jihad Warriors on their news website recently. 

RSO Kalarzoe terrorists being trained by Bangladeshi Army's trainers.
Prominent Islamist politician Nurul Islam visiting RSO HQ at the outskirts of Naikhongchari.
(He was behind the 2012-September attacks on Buddhists in Ramu and Cox Bazar.) 
A Bangladeshi army colonel giving a speech at RSO Kalarzoes' camp in Naikhongchari.
New batch of Benglai-Muslim recruits for RSO Kalarzoe's terrorist training at Naikhongchari.
Bangladeshi politicians and Imams attending a RSO graduating ceremony at Naikhongchari. 
(Following statement -- translated by Google Translator from original Turkish -- are direct from that website of Turkey’s INCA Islamist News Agency.)

And the emergence of Rohingyas Warrior:
Response to the massacres continued to grow, especially in the Islamic world. To establish an independent Islamic state in Afghanistan fighting the Taliban, responsible for massacres in the world that the US-led Western alliance as a gift Arakanese Muslims staged attacks.
While the massacre of Muslims in Burma, a group of Islamist fighters in Pakistan and Indonesia also went to Burma said. In Indonesia, according to the news site broadcast fighters from other countries, including Indonesia, and financial aid, weapons and fighters stated that they need to support.
Indonesian scholars the "Muslim sees great cruelty. Mujahideen are ready to jihad in Arakan Muslims in Arakan currently made against the crisis jihad in Allah's way is the only thing. "The explanation.
Arakan Arakanese in the process of developing Islamic scholars to make jihad Islamist fighters out of a lot of time before the photos were published for the first time.
Rohingya Muslims in Burma on the massacre of the Islamic fighters entering the country began to organize attacks on Buddhist monks. The attack on a military convoy, as well as news arrived that a large number of priests were killed. The injured have been released on the internet images of monks.
Warrior Muslim Rohingyas in March and they pulled up to a video appeal to Muslims of the world and share the training images. Press News Agency reach our first time in the world of video 'm as we offer our esteemed readers.

ARU and RSO Kalarzoe leaders together with Bangladeshi PM Sheik Hasinar (2012).
(Following statement -- translated by Google Translator from original Turkish -- are direct from that website of Turkey’s INCA Islamist News Agency.)

Resistance began in Arakan:  
As is known in many parts of the Islamic world by the countries supported by Western governments to the largest Muslim population pressure and leak its implementing policies. Increasing pressures in the Islamic world and Muslims demkratik their success in elections in the United States, especially Bt inhibition by the strengthening of the jihadist movement in the Islamic world gives. Arakan a people's collective massacre passing and Western countries Buddhist management major unit supports to give the Global Jihad thoughts priority as hostile western choose and peoples from the massacre only way to recover the jihad is the method that the thesis is confirmed.

All peaceful methods of resistance movement began in Arakan and initiatives, increasing persecution against the Muslim community of democratic discourse can not answer seems to take place in an environment. Egypt in the last period of Western democracy came to power through the Muslim Brotherhood movement itself the U.S. and Israel that the coup with a brutal massacre suppression in Egypt of the jihadi movement will begin give yorumlanıyor.s to the region and Ariş' some Islamic groups jihad started its operation comes news.

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