Tuesday, January 8, 2013

George Soros “The Puppet Master” in Burma Again?

The “Open Society” founder Billionaire George Soros, who was in Burma officially for his second time in a year, met Khun Htun Oo the Chairman of Shan National League for Democracy at Rangoon’s Chatrium Hotel on Monday 7th January.

According to Khun Htun Oo the hour-long meeting with Soros was attended also by his colleagues Sai Saw Aung and Sai San Phun Aung and they had discussed mainly about present peace process in their Shan State.

“Mainly the situation in Shan Satate, peace situation. The peace process currently in Shan State is not progressing at all. Peace wouldn’t be everlasting also as even after the signing of ceasefire agreement the sporadic fighting is still going on. But George Soros didn’t say anything about what he could do for that,” said Khun Htun Oo to the Eleven Media Group.

Geoge Soros has been in Burma since December 4 last year and already met government officials including Minister Soe Thein from the President Office. He also met the people from MPC (Myanmar Peace Centre) on January 6 this year.
In the meeting with MPC people, according to Dr. Min Zaw Oo the Director for Ceasefire at MPC, the historical background and current situations in the Kachin and Yakhine states were explained from MPC side and George Soros discussed with them what he could do for the progress of peace in Burma.
“Previous support from the Open Society was provided without them knowing what was really going on inside Burma. Because of the changes and reforms happening in Burma we can now explain to them frankly about what has been going on here.  Also the difficulties in the peace process, the facts we cannot express freely in the media, and about what they’d been hearing from outside, we explained all to them. Mainly the stance and participation of Tatmadaw (army) in the ongoing peace process,” added Dr. Min Zaw Oo of MPC.
George Soros visited Burma very first time from 26 December 2011 to 3 January 2012 and during that visit he met President Thein Sein, president’s key advisors, Aung San Suu Kyi, and people from various civil societies in Burma. He was also given by Burmese Government the approval to open an office of his Open Society in Rangoon.
He has plans to meet with people from NLD and 88 Generation Students group in Rangoon.
88-Generation Muslim Mya Aye and Soros’s Open Society

88-Generation Students Group.
The so-called 88-Generationers are gradually changing their name to “Open Society”, Muslim Mya Aye is quickly taking the most prominent position among the 88-Generation student leaders, and the foreign media and some local media are pushing for so-called Rohingya Freedom.
What the hell is going on in our country?
If we think a little bit deeper about the gradual name change of those so-called 88 generation students we will find the strong connection between Soros’s OSI (Open Society Institute) and the 88 generation group.
Very soon after those 88-generation student-politicians were released from the prisons by the new quasi-civilian government in late 2011 Soros suddenly came to Burma. He met them and by pure coincidence or more sinister reason a virtually-unknown Burmese-Muslim Mya Aye became one of them 88 generation students. Was Mya Aye deliberately chosen by master Soros?
The 88-Generation Students have even met publicly at his house, pushed him into limelight whenever foreign media interviewed them, and basically given him a position as one of the leaders of them. And once they met their new foreign-sponsor or the puppet master George Soros they even started re-badging their group as “The Open Society” in Burma.
What exactly is Open Society? According to Soros himself an open society is anti-Capitalist, pro-Marxist, Fabian-Socialist society. And he wants to turn the world into one big open society. The new world order?
One of the undisclosed policy-foundations of open society or Fabian-Socialist Soros’s ideology is totally-unrestricted flow of three principal resources namely Capital, Natural, and Human resources. Especially the unrestricted human flow and that policy-foundation fits in well perfectly with rapid-breeding Muslims trying to dominate the world by overwhelming the non-Muslim nations with illegal Islamic immigrants.
Irresponsibly promoting a Muslim like Mya Aye as one of their leaders while knowing very well that the OIC-led Muslims have been trying real hard to islamize our Buddhist-Burma   this so-called 88-generation student group should be ashamed of themselves.
George Soros has been using the billions of petrol-dollars from the Arab Sheiks including the King of Saudi Arabia to expand his world-wide business empire and he desperately needs to return their favours by supporting their Islamic causes and Islamizing our Burma is one. In Burma his ideological interest and his economic interest coincides and that is the sole reason he’s been extremely active in the affairs of our Burma.
But as a puppet master he never shows his hands on the strings pulling the puppets his various INGOs actively promoting the Rohingya cause through international media organizations like BBC, RFA, VOA, Al-jazebra, and foreign governments, and International organizations like UN and OIC.
So if George Soros is behind the Rohingyas for his self-interest why is the US Government also promoting the same cause?
The answer is simple. Obama’s government is pressuring Burma to accommodate the so-called Rohingya Muslims to protect one of their strategic-interests. Showing the restless Islamic world that they care for Muslims, even from faraway Burma, to appease the OIC and the important Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia.
And that was the reason Obama intentionally and purposefully called Bengali Muslims in Burma as Rohingyas in his speech at Rangoon University on 19 November 2012.  
In reinventing the illegal Bengali-Muslims as Rohingyas with a brand-new fake history 1500 years old the US media especially US government media RFA and VoA plays a very important role.

Most US media barons and many powerful American politicians are somehow very close to Soros, and the organizations like RFA and VoA have obligations to interview the Rohingya leaders and air their views and opinions whenever they want.
Mya Aye’s daughter Wai-hnin-pwint-thone also is actively involving in promoting Rohingya Freedom (aka) Yakhine Extinction in UK. But the 88-generation student group is still promoting Mya Aye despite knowing his daughter’s anti-Buddhist and anti-Burma activities in London. One can imagine Mya Aye’s rising influence and wonder why?
We really need to dig deeper into the hidden connections between George Soros and those pro-Islamic Rohingya-supporters like Burma Campaign US, Burma Campaign UK, and 88-Generation Student Group. Maybe money flow will tell us a well-hidden story. 

Too bad Min Ko Naing’s 88-Generation Students never ever open their books to the people! Otherwise we would know in whose pockets the millions of dollars from the INGOs like Soros's OSI and foreign governments like US and Saudi Arabia did end up?

                                          (Glen Beck's Puppet Master George Soros - Day 1)

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