Friday, March 8, 2013

Boycott Muslim Businesses: Nationalist-Monk Shin Wirathu

(Following translated transcript of prominent nationalist monk Shin Wirathu's speech  criticizing Aung San Suu Kyi’s party NLD, and his calling for a general boycott against the Muslim businesses in Burma is the direct translation of February 23rd article from Myanmar Headline Blog.)

Nationalist monk Shin Wirathu.
Nowadays, whatever we do, we need to do from a nationalist point of view. Which point of view? Nationalist point of view! Whatever we do we must do as nationalists. Whatever we see we must see as nationalists. Whatever we hear we must hear as nationalists.

Our existence as a Buddhist Burmese Nation has been seriously threatened!

So whatever work we do we must do it from nationalist point of view. When we eat we should eat like nationalists. When we travel we must travel like nationalists do. And, most important, when we buy and sell stuff we must do as nationalists.

Why do I have to say all this? Because our people are very weak in the affairs of our nation and thus we’re losing our country and society to the invading Bengali-Muslims.

Bengali-Muslims are now controlling the economy?

Biggest Muslim-owned company in Burma (Father Land).
Just look at them Muslims! Whatever they do they do it from their Islamic point of view. Well before this Kyant-Khaiang Phunt-phyo (USDP) age they cooperated fully with the oppressive military. 

And the end result is they are now virtually controlling the whole construction sector in Rangoon. And they’ve done it just for their Muslims. Not because they like military so much. They just threw themselves at the military so that they got benefits for their Islamic people.

Then the USDP became ruling class and they immediately joined in droves. Believe me they do not have any political ideology except that Islamic totalitarian ideology. Neither do they understand the democracy nor the human rights. Everywhere in this world the Muslims themselves are the violators of basic human rights.

Father Land billboards adorning their construction
sites are everywhere in Rangoon.
They brutally violated freedom of religion in every society they control. But these Muslims still join the USDP, why? They very well knew the fact that once USDP became the ruling party they would get powerful positions.

Once they get powerful positions they could do a lot for their religion and their people. At least the USDP will protect them from destruction. Just for that purpose they join the USDP in droves.

And today is NLD age and they all move into NLD and take control of most local NLD offices. NLD offices in most towns are now run by (Moat-seits) the bearded Muslims. When we visited Meik-hti-lar the monks there told me that excruciating reality.

Fighting Peacock (Khut-down) is now (Mut-down) Muslim Peacock!

Hajima Daw Suu and her Muslim supporters.
Why? Because they are all Muslims! Yeah, that’s right, NLD is now all Muslims!

I keep on thinking of it. They have no political ideology except their Islamic totalitarian ideology. But they do politics and they are always in politics. They are nationalists in their own ways for their fascist Islam. They are Islamists and they are in politics to get powerful positions.

Once they get powerful positions they will progress the cause of their religion Islam and their own people. They are pure Islamists.

I want to say this. When we visited the town of Myo-hla the monks there immediately complained. On last Martyrs’ Day they wanted to do alms giving ceremony at the NLD office. But they didn’t get permission from the NLD office.

ASSK and her Muslim supporters.
Hot blood immediately hit my head. How dare they? They wouldn’t even allow traditional alms giving ceremony on the day our Bogyoke (General) Aung San was killed. Who the hell that NLD administrator thinks he is, bastard!

No, no, it was nothing to do with the NLD bosses. The NLD office was in a Muslim-owned building and that Muslim landlord wouldn’t let Buddhist monks in his building. What the bloody hell?

Look, that’s how things seem to work nowadays. They just own the building and already NLD has been forced to avoid our monks. I do not even dare to imagine what would happen to us once a Muslim became NLD Chairman or our nation’s leader or just members of our parliament.

NLD ID Card for a Rohingya member from Butheetaung.
It’s not easy at all. I think deeper and deeper and getting scarer and scarer. Even in doing business these Islamists really are true nationalists looking after their own people and their own religion Islam.

That’s why these Islamists have been buying land and buildings all over the country. They have a lot of money and no one knows where that money mountain is. They use that money to get our young Buddhist women. They show that money to attract our young women.

During the military government they bought the generals with that money. Now in this so-called democracy age they put many leaders of political parties in their pocket by using that money.

As NLD becomes powerful and stronger everyday they approach Aung San Suu Kyi. Just think of this. When she came back from United States or from Europe that Muslim guy always picked her up with his fancy car, always. Even coming to Mandalay she used same guy and same car. They’ve got her. They’ve surrounded her.

Even the best soccer player Ronaldo couldn’t move freely in the field if four or five opposition defenders stick to him lake leaches. Same thing is happening to our Daw Suu.

8-8-88 Students and Muslims.
She couldn’t say a thing when our Buddhist brothers in Yakhine were being slaughtered by the illegal Bengali Muslims. She couldn’t do a thing. She has been surrounded by the Muslims. Their Islamist nationalism is much stronger than her Buddhist nationalism.

How about that so-called 8-8-88 Uprising hero Min Ko Naing, the so-called just and un-just preacher. He just shut his mouth if anything to do with the Muslims. Even when our Yakhine was burning and illegal Bengali-Muslims'd been killing our Yakhine Buddhist brothers. He is being surrounded by them Muslims. He and his so-called 8-8-88 student-leaders group are now deep in their pockets.

(Just recently an internal source from the giant Father Land Construction blew the whistle that the 8-8-88 Group has been given generous financial support by the Muslim-controlled company. At least Kyats 5,000,000 cash was given to cover Min Ko Naing's coming trip to US - Las Vegas in May.)

Religion and Human Rights are Two Completely Different Matters

Burmese nationalist monk Shin Wirathu.
I have to especially warn you Buddhists from Rangoon on that matter! Be serious about our religion and nationalism.

We monks went to Moulmein in Mon State four five days ago. We saw a luxury bus line called Yarzarmin owned by a Bengali Muslim. Since he owns the biggest bus company there he becomes the powerful Chairman of All Buses Association.

And once he becomes chairman do you know what he did? He’s stopped all Buddhist ceremonies. Why did he do that? Because, for him a Muslim our Buddhist religious ceremonies are just evil! Even though many other smaller bus lines are owned by the Buddhists and their employees are Buddhists.

Freedom of religion is brutally and bastardly violated once a Muslim bastard becomes powerful. That’s the point! We Buddhists let them freely practise their religion, but once these evil Muslims have control and authority over us they will not let us practise our religion. We are to be really careful. These Muslims really hate us Buddhists, period!

We Buddhist monks differentiate between the nationalism and the social-welfare. We separate the religion from the human rights. The Islamist Mullahs do too. But not our so-called Buddhist politicians!

969 Declaration of being a Buddhist Home.
They cannot differentiate between the religion and the human rights. That’s why they cannot stand behind our religion Buddhism, and thus they are not whole-heartedly supporting us and our Buddhist people.

Once these so-called Buddhist politicians like Aung San Suu Kyi control the government our Buddhism is doomed. They will ban the Buddhist ceremonies in any government functions just to please their Muslim supporters in their parties like that Yarzarmin Muslim does in the businesses in Moulmein he controls.

We need to be aware of what will happen once the Buddhist ceremonies are banned unofficially by the government. It will affect our religion directly and eventually Buddhism will disappear from our day to day lives.

So we need to stop the Muslims’ influence spreading both economically and politically. To do that we first need to boycott their businesses. We are to stay away from the businesses owned by the Muslims, period.

Boycott the Muslims’ Businesses

Once our monks were aware of that Muslim banning the Buddhist ceremonies in Moulmein a group of teacher-monks in Moulmein formed an unofficial monk-network and started a campaign against Yarzarmin Bus Line in particular and any Muslim business in general.

They printed stickers encouraging the Buddhists in Moulmein to avoid Muslim businesses and patronize only the Buddhist businesses. Each and every one of their various stickers carries a symbolic Buddhist number 969.
(Translator’s Notes: Muslims in Burma have been running similar pro-Muslim-businesses and anti-Buddhist-businesses campaign for over a hundred years since they came to Burma illegally during the British colonial rule. 

For some unexplained reason they took 786 as the Muslim symbol in Burma and every Muslim business or shop is required by their Islamic Sharia law to prominently display that number 786 so that the Muslims know the premise belongs to a fellow Muslim.

The 786 campaign has been extremely successful and it is one of the main reasons for the massive growth of Muslim population and their influence in Burma as any illegal Bengali-Muslim could start a business and survive or even become rich in our Burma because of that exclusive Muslim support.

The frightening story widely believed by most Buddhist monks and many Buddhists in Burma is that 7+8+6 is 21 and the Muslims in Burma have had a long-running conspiracy that Burma is to be totally swallowed up by the slowly-invading Bengali-Muslims by 21st century, this century. And, believe it or not, that is actually happening right in front of their eyes.

Rapid mushrooming of illegally-constructed mosques and madrassas built mainly with Saudi money all over Burma is the solid proof of that conspiracy, reckoned many Buddhist monks including our Shin Wirathu. Fourteen huge mosques in a small rural town of Meikhtilar with the population of less than 100,000 and most are Buddhists? Its just far too many big mosques for a dirt poor place!)

Even a lowly Muslim street vendor selling Yakhine-noodles displays 786.
Muslim job advertisement for a female secretary position.
A Muslim-owned 786 auto-spare-parts shop in Rangoon.
When one is hungry eat only at 969, when one travels use only 969, when one buys buy only at 969 shops, and when one rides a bus use only 969 buses. The stickers remind them to patronize only the Buddhist businesses.

In that symbolic figure 969 The first 9 represents the well known nine great attributes of Lord Buddha, the middle 6 represents six great attributes of Damah (Lord Buddha’s Teachings), and the last 9 represents nine great attributes of Thangah (the Buddhist monks).

Coercely-converted Burmese wives of Bengalis in Rangoon.
Our 969 basically is the symbolic numerical combination of Phayar (Lord Buddha), Tayar (Buddha’s Teachings), and Thangah (Buddhist Monks). Once a 969 sticker is prominently displayed the premise is truly a Buddhist one, we certify. Eat only at a 969 restaurant. Use only the 969 buses. Buy and sell any stuff only at the 969 shops.

If you buy a good from a Muslim shop your money just doesn’t stop there. That money will eventually be used against you to destroy your race and religion. That money will be used to get a Buddhist-Burmese woman and she will very soon be coerced or even forced to convert to Islam.

And the children born of her will become Bengali Muslims and the ultimate danger to our Buddhist nation as they will eventually destroy our race and our religion. Once they become overly populous they will overwhelm us and take over our country and make it an evil Islamic nation.

We need to see long term and look at the bigger picture for the future of our race, our religion, and our nation. Don’t just buy from any shop just because it is cheaper. Buy only from a 969 shop not from a 786 shop.
Bengali-Burmese children forced to dress as Bengali-Muslims by their
Bengali-Mulsim fathers and the Islamist Imans in Rangoon.
Bitter Bus Fight between Muslims and Buddhists in Moulmein

So our monks started the 969 sticker campaign in Moulmein, and then what happened?

People from Moulmein had stopped using the Muslim buses from that Yarzarmin. Their buses coming to Rangoon from Moulmein had a lot of vacant seats as no Buddhists but only Muslims had used them. But their buses coming back from Rangoon to Moulmein were still full as the Buddhists from Rangoon do not care about boycotting the Muslim buses.

So what did the Yarzarmin Muslims do? They dropped their Moulmein-Rangoon fare substantially from 6,000 kyats to 5,000. A full thousand kyats cheaper than the Buddhist buses plying between Moulmein and Rangoon.

But our Buddhists still bit the bullets and refused to ride the Muslim buses. So the wealthier Yarzarmin Muslims further dropped their fare to 3,500 kyats. At 2,500 cheaper our Buddhists couldn’t hold no more and they’ve all gone back to riding the Yarzarmin’s Muslim buses again.

We lost that fight. The Muslims have a lot of foreign money from the likes of Saudi Arabia and they could fight back tooth and nail if they needed to. Burma is too important for the whole Muslim world to be handed back to the native Buddhists. And they’ve got a lot of petrol dollars.

We lost a Battle now but we must win the War

What I want to emphasize is in that battle of buses in Moulmein we lost because we Buddhist-Burmese could not look beyond that 2,500 kyats cheaper bus ticket.

While the Buddhists from Moulmein consider that 2,500 kyats saving as a personal gain the Muslims see it as a negligible price to pay for their Islamic existence or expansion in our nation, Burma.

But the war of the Buses in Moulmein is not over yet. Even though their Saudi-subsidised fare is far too cheap to fight back our side is still looking a way to match their much-reduced fare. But without peoples’ cooperation we’re gonna lose this battle. But we must fight on!

Buddhist people from both Rangoon and Moulmein must behave like real nationalists and avoid the Muslim buses from Yarzarmin at any cost. We Buddhist should have the attitude that that 2,500 is just a fair donation or a small sacrifice for the survival of our race, our religion, and ultimately our nation.

(Burmese nationalist monk Shin Wirathu calling for the boycott of Muslim businesses.)

Following photos are of the Buddhist-owned businesses displaying 969 Buddhist symbol.