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Afghan Teenage Refugee Raped & Killed German Girl(19)

19-Yr old German rape-murder victim Maria L.
It was last Friday 02 December morning in Freiburg, the idyllic Black Forest town in Germany, when Martin Jäger (Christian Democrats), Secretary of State in the Ministry of the Interior in Baden-Württemberg, announced that 25 additional police officers were being sent to the city, which has been shaken by two sex killings of young white German women.

At 12.30 pm on the same day, the police were able to arrest the alleged rapist and murderer of the 19-year-old medical student Maria L. in the Freiburg district of Littenweiler. A 17-year-old Afghan refugee living with a family; he had come to the student town in southern Baden illegally as a so-called “unaccompanied minor refugee” (UMA) in 2015.

On the night of October 15 or the early morning of October16, the medical student Maria L., the daughter of a high-ranking German EU official, was raped near the Black Forest Stadium, and was found drowned shortly thereafter in the River Dreisam. It remains to be clarified by further investigation whether she was unconscious and thrown into the Dreisam after the rape, or if the murderer drowned her violently.

German Girl Brutally Raped & Killed By Muslim Afghan

The young woman was on her bicycle on her way back from the “Big Medi Night”, a party for medical students, and was assaulted on the illuminated bicycle lane around 3am. And her naked body was found floating in the River Dreisam later on October 16.

Police searched the crime scene thoroughly and had the branches of a blackberry bush on the banks of the River Dreisam cut and analysed. In the hedge, the investigators found a hair approximately 18.5 centimeter (7.3 inches) long. “It was this optically striking hair in the thorn bush that caught our attention,” says Müller.

Victim Maria Ladenburger.
The dyed hair was the basis of further research. Over several days, criminal investigators analysed the video recordings from the street tram line 1, which leads to the vicinity of the crime scene. Video recordings with a volume of 13 terabytes had to be sifted.

The officers noted a young man with an “undercut hairstyle”, who had dyed one braid. “After the technical review of the video recordings, the man could then be screened and checked on December 2,” said Müller.

It is still unclear whether the refugee met his later victim accidentally at the River Dreisam, or whether he already knew the medical student. It still needs to be ascertained whether there is a connection to the murder of the another German woman the jogger Carolin G., who was raped and murdered in broad daylight on a path in the vineyards at the beginning of November in the town of Endingen, Kaiserstuhl.

Until now, the investigators cannot see any connection, the course of events are said to have been very different, and there is currently no utilisable DNA material. In the region — and especially in the social networks — rumors are circulating that it could be a serial killer. There is no proof of this.

Crime Scene and make-shift Memorial tributes.
Politicians have been demanding more police in Freiburg for years

The murders in Freiburg have also led to a political discussion about the understaffing of the police and impediments placed on investigation in the analysis of DNA traces. Police have been demanding a better staffing of the police in Freiburg for almost ten years. The situation in the Dreiländereck has the city suffering from a high degree of criminality, although no serious crimes.

Justice Minister Guido Wolf (Christian Democrats) is campaigning to have the criminal code changed, so that the color of the eyes, skin or hair, can be determined based on DNA samples. Because of the narrow restrictions in paragraph 81g of the Criminal Procedure Code, the use of DNA traces by the police is limited; it is not allowed to draw conclusions about the ethnicity of perpetrators, which would constitute a serious interference with fundamental rights.

The 2004 Criminal Procedure Code states: “In the investigation, it is not allowed to draw any findings other than those required to identify the DNA identification pattern as well as the sex.” Justice Minister Wolf advocates utilizing “all constitutional approaches” in the future. The German Confederation of Criminal Investigators (Bund Deutscher Kriminalbeamter) also considers the existing regulation to be no longer up-to-date.

Problems with young refugees for some time now

For quite some time there have been problems in Freiburg with unaccompanied minor foreigners, who are cared for by the youth services of charitable institutions. There has been occasional sexual harassment. This group of refugees has been repeatedly conspicuous with battery and drug dealing at the Stühlinger Kirchplatz near the train station. Also in this respect, the case will provide material for debate.

As reported before, the politically restrictions placed on the use of DNA evidence by the German police has impeded any number of criminal investigations, especially where migrants are involved. The report specifically mentioned the rape and murder of a young woman in the city of Freiburg back in October.

The following report from JungeFreiheit TV describes the way multiculti laws on the use of DNA evidence prevent the solution of cases in which victims are raped and murdered. In the interview the ever-outspoken Rainer Wendt, the head of the German police union, weighs in on the degree to which police are hobbled by politically correct laws in their investigation of crimes.

Girl Who Volunteered At Refugee Home Raped & Killed By A Refugee

The dead girl's father is Dr. Clemens Ladenburger, a lawyer who works as the right hand man to the legal director of the European Commission. On October 26 he and his wife Frederika placed a memorial notice for Maria in the Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper.

It read: "Maria was for 19 years a singular ray of sunshine for our family, and that she will remain. We thank God for this gift, that he made you with us.  We are sure that she is safe with him." 

A funeral requiem was held for Maria on October in Notre Dame des Graces Church in Brussels. On December 6 this year Maria would have been 20.

One German woman sarcastically wrote down this comment: “It’s the girl’s fault. She should have been wearing a black garbage bag outfit instead of showing her stuff in public. Plus females shouldn’t be allowed to go outside unless accompanied by a male relative. When will Europeans learn that they must convert to Islam and model their society on 13th century Afghanistan? That will solve the refugee crisis, since Europe will become a hellhole just like the rest of the Islamic countries and thus nobody will want to emigrate there. Problem solved!”

Crazy Socialist youths of Angela Merkel's Germany.

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The first picture has since emerged of Hussein K., the 17-year-old Afghan asylum seeker who was arrested on suspicion of the rape and murder after a hair matching the alleged perpetrator was found at the crime scene.

Maria, 19, worked in her spare time in the ancient university city of Freiburg helping out the migrants in various shelters and homes. But in October, as she cycled home after a party, she was ambushed, raped and then drowned in a river. Hussein K., 17, has been linked by his DNA to the murder of Maria Ladenburger (pictured), 19, a medical student whose father is a legal adviser to the European Commission in Brussels

The killing has sparked frenzied new waves of hatred and fear of refugees. Even the boss of the country's police union said her death would have been prevented had the open door asylum-seeker policy of Chancellor Angela Merkel been less lax than it is.

There has been little or no vetting of refugees pouring into the country. The killing is the biggest jolt to Mrs Merkel's plans for integration since the frenzied sexual assaults of New Year's Eve in Cologne when mobs of immigrant men sexually molested and robbed hundreds of defenceless women.

The anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD) party has been quick to piggyback on Hussein K.'s arrest to highlight what it says are the dangers of unregulated immigration. It calls Maria a 'victim of Merkel's welcome culture.'

Hussein K. was born in Ghazni in Afghanistan and came to Germany as an illegal unaccompanied minor in November 2015. In numerous posts on the Internet he liked to present himself in the guise of a gangsta rapper: hair slicked back with gel, jogging pants and training shoes.

On Facebook, before the killing of Maria on October 16, he wore his hair long but it was cut back after the crime. A single strand of it was found at the crime scene but he left other traces of his DNA behind too. Another disturbing photo he posted on his Facebook page in June shows a wolfman clutching a young maiden in his arms

Detectives on the 60 strong murder squad are still probing the possibility that he knew Maria through her work with refugees. Her family, in an obituary notice after her cruel death, asked for people to donate money to charities, including those which work with migrants.

At the time of her murder Hussein K. was still 16. Her body was found in the Dreisam River less than one mile from the student accommodation where she lived. Intensive scrutiny of CCTV cameras in the town coupled with the DNA evidence at the scene led to his arrest on Friday last week.

He is on remand in a juvenile jail where he will be held until his trial expected early next year. There were conflicting reports at the weekend that he had confessed to the crime but the prosecutor now says: 'He has remained silent. He has demanded a lawyer before he says he will say anything.'