Sunday, June 5, 2011

KNLA Ambush Video (Mount Takwee - 2010)

KNLA Flag.
One fine day in February 2010 KNU/KNLA Third Brigade successfully ambushed a patrol from LIB 390 of Burmese Army. The whole platoon of 18 Burmese was wiped out by more than 100 Karens at the area called Mount Ta-kwee in Nyaung Lay Bin Township of Karen State in South-eastern Burma.

The exact ambush site was between the Karen hill villages of Kaw-lay-koh and  Mu-teh on the long strategic road linking Pe-nwe-gone in Proper Burma to Saw-Hta on the Thai Border, through the town of Kyauk-kyi.

I have to warn the readers and viewers about Graphic Images though. This video is the third part of a series of four videos and this part mostly covered the scenes where the Karens were systematically stripping the guns and equipment belts and the backpacks off Burmese soldiers as the Burmese lay dead or dying on the dirt road after the devastating ambush. It also shows the executions of wounded Burmese soldiers by the Karens.

But it is a very rare footage depicting how brutal the civil war really in Burma is. Both Karen and Burmese have no qualms at all about killing each others brutally. What a shame?