Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Hundreds of Sri Lankan Refugee Boats Are Coming!

                                 (Staff article from the ABC NEWS on 14 June 2022.) 

Sri Lanka is on the verge of 'humanitarian emergency', with hundreds boarding boats set for Australia: Asylum seekers are trying to escape a worsening economic crisis, with the UN warning Sri Lanka is on the verge of a humanitarian emergency.

More than 300 Sri Lankans have tried to get to Australia in the past few weeks as the country's economic crisis has worsened, with people smugglers claiming those on board will be allowed into the country under the new Labor government.

Most of the boats were intercepted by the Sri Lankan navy, but two managed to make it to Australian waters. The country is facing economic collapse, and as its people struggle with dwindling supplies of medicine, food and fuel, it is expected more will attempt the journey.