Friday, February 28, 2014

MSF’s Statement On Its Shutdown By Burmese Govt.

Massive anti-MSF protests in Sittwe (Feb-24, 2014)
Amsterdam, 28 February 2014 - Médecins Sans Frontières Holland (MSF) has been ordered by the Union Government of Myanmar to cease all activities in the country. MSF is deeply shocked by this unilateral decision and extremely concerned about the fate of tens of thousands of patients currently under our care across the country.

Today, for the first time in MSF’s history of operations in the country, HIV/AIDS clinics in Rakhine, Shan and Kachin states, as well as Yangon division, were closed and patients were unable to receive the treatment they needed. TB patients were unable to receive their life-saving medicine, including drug-resistant TB patients.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

MSF-Holland’s Clinics Shut Down By Burmese Government

SITTWE – All MSF-Hoallnd (AZG) activities are officially shut down by both Union and State Governments, according to Yakhine Sate Governmetn’s Spokesperson Hla Thein today.

“We called in the MSF’s representatives in Sittwe just yesterday and told them to stop all their activities here in Arakan,”  declared Hla Thein today. 

The State government’s announcement came after five consecutive days of mass protests against MSF-Holland (AZG) by thousands and thousands of enraged Yakhine-Buddhists in Sittwe and Maungdaw.

When asked what were the reasons for shutting down MSF-Holland (AZG), Hla Thein who is also the Attorney General for Yakhine State Government refused to describe. But he explained that since both Health Ministry and Home Ministry of the Union Government informed the Yakhine Sate Government of their refusal to extend the MOU with MSF-Holland (AZG) his Yakhin State Government has to shut MSF’s operations down in Arakan.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

MSF-Holland (AZG) Kicked Out Of Burma Soon

(News articles translated direct from Myanmar Defense League on February 26, 2014.)

Anti MSF-Holland (AZG) protest in Sittwe (26 Feb 2014)
Notorious pro-Bengali-Muslim AZG or informally known as MSF-Holland is on the brink of being summarily kicked out of Burma. A reliable governmental-source told the Coral Arakan News Agency today that the announcement from either the President’s Office or Burma’s Ministry of Health is expected to be coming out soon.

The official also informed the Coral Arakan News that MSF-Holland the supposedly medical INGO has been operating in Burma with more than 30 foreigners but only 3 are medical doctors while the rest is pro-Muslim political agitators hell bent on promoting the rights of illegal Bengali-Muslims (so-called Rohingyas).

Last year MSF’s political staff actively co-operated with Qatar-funded Islamist TV Aljazebra in producing that highly inflammatory and anti-Burma documentary “Hidden Genocide”.

RNDP General Secretary Oo Hla Saw’s Paper On Arakan

Burma's Muslim-infested-Arakan.
Rakhine, formerly known as Arakan, is one of the seven ethnic states in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. It is a narrow coastal strip of land in western Myanmar bordering with Bangladash in the Northwest and the Bay of Bengal in the West. It is separated by Rakhine Roma Mountain range from Burma proper and by the river Naff from Bangladesh.

In ancient times, Rakhine Kingdoms were both economically and historically related with Eastern India. Thus, Indian civilization had great influence on the Rakhine people. For centuries, Arakan kingdom can maintain political independence but in 1784, it was invaded by the Burmese.

With the consequences of the first Anglo-Burmese war which broke out in 1824, Rakhine came under the British rule. When Myanmar gained independence in 1948, Rakhine became an integral part of the union of Myanmar; but, a statehood to represent Rakhine ethnic nationality was not recognized in the Independence charter.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Islamophobia Created By Extremist Muslims And Islamists

The debate as to who speaks for Muslims in the West has festered among the minds of the western intelleigentsia and politicians since Islamists have capitalised on this question.

There are hundreds of Islamic organizations in North America and each one wants to take ownership of it. Is it all about ownership? It shouldn't be. Is it all about portraying a better image of Muslims? I doubt it. Is it all about challenging the self-created fear of Islamophobia? Perhaps.

What do I mean by "self-created fear of Islamophobia"? Do I dare to say that Islamophobia actually doesn't exist at all? Yep, it didn't exist but some of our Islamic centres created the term and spread it around through their actions.

Bad Malaysian-Muslims Inciting Bengali-Muslims In Arakan

(Translated articles and photos direct from The MAPIM and The Narinjara News.)

The notorious Malaysian-Muslim proselytizing organization MAPIM (Majlis Penerbitan Ilmiah Malaysia -- Malaysian Islamic Organisations Consultative Council) has been instigating unrest among Bengali-Muslim illegals on Burma-Bangladesh border under the cover of providing so-called humanitarian assistance to the Bengali-Muslim refugees there.

In addition to inciting Bengali-Muslim refugees living in Malaysia to commit violence against Buddhist-Burmese and Yakhines working in Malaysia the Malaysian MAPIM has also been building illegal mosques all over Arakan and inciting racial-religious violence among the Bengali-Muslim populace now living in the make-shift refugee camps in Arakan.

Burma’s Federal Government and Yakhine State Governent have so far co-operated with MAPIM agents and allowing them free movement in Burma and Arakan (Yakhine State) despite knowing very well their intention to spread Islam violently in predominantly-Buddhist Burma.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Suu Kyi’s NLD Making Peace With Nationalist Monks

NLD's Patron Win Tin Meeting Monk Shi Wirathu.
At 2:30 pm on February 22 the NLD’s wise old man Win Tin, the Patron of Aung San Suu Kyi’s NLD (National League for Democracy) party paid a visit to Burma’s most famous nationalist-Buddhist monk Shin Wirathu at his abode the New-Masoeyein Teaching Monastery in Mandalay.

After providing the monk with ceremonial robes and substantial cash donations NLD Patron Win Tin was said to have openly asked Shin Wirathu to advise him frankly on whatever NLD’s actions and policies Shin Wirathu disagrees with.

According to Shi Wirathu’s Blog this was Shin Wirathu’s exact reply to Win Tin’s frank question.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

We’re Still In Ice Age: Global Warming Is Socialist Scam

(My thoughts on that Global Warming Scam now wreaking havoc on our Earth.)

40 million-year-old fossilized stump in Arctic.
In 1985 a Canadian Arctic-bush pilot Paul Tudge, during a chopper run over bleak Arctic landscape, noticed something odd on the ground below. He was seeing blackened tree stumps on the ground where nothing was supposed to grow.

Out of curiosity he set down his chopper and there he found not just fossilised tree stumps out of solid bed rock but also fossilised piles of branches, logs, and other tree parts jutting from the ground. He dutifully collected samples and shipped them to Dr. James Basinger of the University of Saskatchewan.

Dr. Basinger, one of the leading Arctic’s fossil plants experts, immediately inspected and analysed the samples and concluded that the samples came from a forest over 40 million years old.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Pork Missing From Socialist Europe & Progressive USA

(My thoughts on becoming so hard to find pork on the restaurant menus in West.)

Does anyone living in either Europe or USA notice the alarming fact that nowadays it is nearly impossible to find pork in the restaurant menus? Even in Bangkok it is getting harder and harder to order a delicious pork dish in expensive restaurants.

Even the so-called Isarn Thai restaurants in Bangkok serving northeastern-Thai cuisine specializing mainly on pork and beef are now quietly ditching the pork and using halal beef instead. What the fuck is going on? Are Muslims already controlling Thailand to such extent that Buddhist Thais do not dare to eat pork no more as Buddhist monks are being slaughtered one after another by the Thai Muslims in Southern Thailand?

If you don’t believe me just walk into any popular Thai restaurant in such big city like New York or London or Frankfurt and ask for a pork dish. You’ll be lucky if they don’t throw you out instead of usual disgruntled answer that they do not serve pork at all and all the meat there is halal.

British University Legitimizing Islamist Extremists

British Academia Legitimizes Extremist Speakers: What chance do Muslim and non-Muslim students -- who oppose the incitement to hatred against non-Muslims and the subjugation of women -- have of exposing extremists such as Al-Kawthari, if he is pronounced a "representative voice of Islam" by academics who claim to be experts on the British Muslim community?

Extreme Islamic preachers do not only appear on university campuses at the request of radicalized students; increasingly, extremists are afforded a university platform, with all the credibility that comes with it, by the academics themselves.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Boat-Muslim Groped Blind Woman On Sydney Train

Bangladeshi Boat-Muslim Rubel Sheikh groping the
blind Aussie woman in Ashfield Station elevator .
Man jailed for indecent assault on train. A Bangladeshi asylum seeker has been sentenced to at least 15 months in jail for stalking and indecently assaulting a blind woman on a Sydney train.

Rubel Sheikh, 26, followed the 23-year-old woman to Ashfield station in July last year before boarding a train with her. There he touched her breast twice, told her she was "sexy" and repeatedly asked for a "goodbye kiss", the woman said.

At the Sydney Central Local Court on Wednesday, Sheikh was sentenced to 20 months' jail, with a minimum term of 15 months, for aggravated indecent assault and stalking. In sentencing, Magistrate John Andrews said Sheikh had preyed on the vulnerable woman and exploited her disability.

Monday, February 17, 2014

So-called Progressives Destroying New York City & USA

(My thoughts on how badly someone would feel if he or she is on Socialists’ Target-List.)

Pro-Muslim and Socialist Mayor Bill de Blasio.
New York the Big Apple has a new mayor this year and his name is Bill De Blasio and he is an openly Socialist. And he has a list many New Yorkers are now calling it “De Blasio’s List” not unlike “Shindler’s List” as almost all people on that list could exclusively be rich Jewish New Yorkers.

Unlike Schindler's List the people on De Blassio's List will not be saved from Nazis but they'll be slugged out of their existence with a heavy tax by the New York Socialists led by new mayor Bill De Blassio who in 1983 deliberately changed his German name "Wilhelm" to Italian name "De Blassio" for political purposes.

To be eligible for that list one must be a New Yorker earning a yearly income of US$ 500,000 or more. No one except the federal, State, and City income-tax authorities knows who are on that list. Of course the ones on the list themselves know they are on the dreaded list.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Bengali-Muslim Child-Rapist Caught In Burma’s Pinlong

Four child-rape victims (age 11, 10, 9, and 9).
This case was the biggest multiple child-rapes committed by a Bengali-Muslim paedophile rapist so far in Muslim-infested Buddhist Burma. The vile villain is a 58-year-old Bengali-Muslim illegal and the place was Tha-byay-gone Village in Pinlong Township of Taunggyi District in Southern Shan State.

The village has more than 150 households all devout Buddhists except one Bengali-Muslim household of Hla Shwe (58) and his converted Shan-Buddhist wife Than Than Aye.

Ten years ago Bengali-Muslim Hla Shwe convinced the village elders that he wasn’t a real Muslim and promised not to practice Islam and then moved into the small Shan-Buddhist village and started a halal-butchery and became later the richest man of the village.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Army Captured KIA’s Illegal Teak-Logs Heading For China

Chinese log-truck convoy  in Laiza the KIA-HQ Town.
For three days from 10 to 12 February various advancing columns from Burma army violently clashed with armed insurgents from KIA (so-called Kachin Independence Army) guarding and protecting the illegal loggers from neighbouring China and captured more than a thousand tons of illegally-felled logs and logging machinery and equipment.

All clashes were within the territories controlled by KIA and more than 1,500 tons of valuable teak logs, 41 logging-trucks, heavy logging equipment, and various assault weapons with tons of ammunitions were so far captured. The army operation is still going on.

According to reliable intelligence sources two notorious Chinese-Kachin timber billionaires Naw-Taung and Kyoun-Si from the bordering Yunan State of China had recently visited KIA-HQ town Laiza on China border and demanded KIA General Gun-Maw to defend their Chinese loggers and their illegal logging operations inside Burma.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Nationalist Monks Fought Muslims On Burma's Union-Day

(News articles and photos direct from The MEG & Narinjara on February 13, 2014.)

Cancelled NLD's Union-Day literary talk in Rangoon.
A literary talk on the celebrated Union Day on February-12 in a Rangoon’s Township was forced to cancel after local Buddhist monks rejected the planned participation of two prominent Muslim leaders as primary speakers.

The literary talk held by Aung San Suu Kyi’s NLD (National League for Democracy) party in North Oakkalapa Township was cancelled by the organizers just few hours before the talk.

NLD’s so-called constitutional-scholar lawyer Ko Ni and George Soros-sponsored Myanmar Open Society’s former-student-leader Mya Aye -- both are prominent Muslim leaders from Rangoon -- were previously announced as part of 4-writers team to lecture a large audience at the outdoor Union-Day ceremony.

Anti-Quintana Protests In Sittwe The Capital Of Arakan

UN’s so-called Special Rapporteur on Human Rights In Burma Tomas Ojea Quintana arrived Rangoon Airport unannounced at 9:20 am on February 13  a day earlier than his official schedule announced by UNHCR just last week .

In early afternoon same day he visited the Offices of Myanmar Human Rights Commission at No-27 Prome Road and met the Commission Chairman Win Myaing and other members of the Commission.

Later in the afternoon Quintana visited the Thingangyun offices of George Soros-sponsored Myanmar Open Society run by so-called 88-Generation Students and had a cordial discussion with former student leaders and their boss Min Ko Naing there.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Burma’s Buddhists To Protest UN’s Quintana’s Final Visit

Quintana not welcomed in Burma.
GENEVA (11 February 2014) – The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the human rights situation in Myanmar, Tomás Ojea Quintana, will undertake his final official visit to Myanmar from 14 to 19 February 2014 to assess the current situation in the country and follow up on his previous recommendations.

Mr. Ojea Quintana plans to visit Rakhine State, Kachin State, the Monywa copper mine in Sagaing Region, and the Thilawa Deep Sea Port near Yangon in his final mission, prior to the end of his six-year mandate as Special Rapporteur and the appointment of a new independent expert by the UN Human Rights Council. He has also requested a visit to Kayin State.

“In Rakhine State, I hope to be able to assess what steps the Government has taken to improve the human rights situation there, including in Maungdaw township,” said the human rights expert, who will meet with members of the state and central Government, and with members of the Rohingya Muslim and Rakhine Buddhist communities.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Leb-Muslim Married & Raped 12-Year Old Australian Girl

Lebanese-Muslim Rapist
Ahmad Chamma at Court.
A Lebanese-Muslim man living in Australia on a student visa will spend his first night in jail after allegedly "marrying" a child bride in a religious ceremony.

The man, 26, allegedly met a 12-year-old girl in the Hunter region in 2013 and became involved in an ongoing sexual relationship with her. The pair then allegedly moved to a house in Sydney's southwest, where they continued the relationship.

Police claim the man and child were married in an Islamic ceremony in NSW earlier this year and the girl is now 13. He was charged with 25 counts of sexual intercourse with a child between 10 and 14 years.

The sexual assaults took place between January 1 and February 4. Wearing a striped polo shirt and a black beard, the man made a brief appearance at Burwood Local Court on Friday and spoke via an Arabic interpreter.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Naval Confrontation On Burma-Bangladesh Border

A Bangladeshi Corvette off St. Marten Island.
On February 8 the whole day three Bangladeshi warships played a threatening naval war game using live rounds right on the disputed maritime Boundary between Burma and Bangladesh while a flotilla of Burma Navy’s warships nearby were watching them closely.

Burma Navy believed that the Bangladeshi naval exercises were the retaliation for Burma Army establishing four military outposts at only about 300 yards from the borderline. Bangladesh strongly protested last week against Burma army outposts being right on the border.

And within few days Bangladesh navy announced the live-rounds exercises and issued a public warning to the maritime traffic to avoid the so-called restricted area between  the Chittagong Port and St. Martin Island right on the disputed Burma-Bangladesh maritime boundary.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Rohingyas Shot At Yakhine Leaders Visiting Malaysia

(News articles and photos direct from various Burmese blogs on February 6, 2014.)

Dr. Aye Maung former RNDP Chairman
is bitterly hated by Bengali-Muslims.
ANP (Arakan National Party) Chairman Aye Thar Aung and General-Secretary Dr. Aye Maung had narrowly survived the assassination attempt by Bengali-Muslim gunmen in Kuala Lumpur the capital city of Islamic Malaysia on February-5 last Thursday night.

ANP is the unified Yakhine-Buddhist political party in Burma’s troubled Arakan after the successful merger of two leading Yakhine political parties Dr. Aye Maung’s RNDP (Rakhine Nationalities Development Party) and Aye Thar Aung’s ALD (Arakan League for Democracy) in January 2014.

ANP delegation comprising Aye Thar Aung, Dr. Aye Maung, Tin Htoo Aung, Hla Myint, San Kyaw Hla, and Khaing Kaung Zan was visiting Malaysia since January 28 and meeting tens of thousands of Yakhine-Buddhists working and living in Malaysia.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Malaysia Once Was A Buddhist Land Called Malayu

(News article and photos direct from Coral Arakan on November 29, 2013.)

A Burmese-Buddhist murdered in KL, Malaysia.
Lately I’ve been writing about all those brutal attacks and killings of Burmese-Buddhists working in Malaysia last few years.

First I thought the culprits were only the Bengali-Muslims (so-called Rohingyas) from Burma now taking refuge by thousands in Malaysia, and hell bent on revenging for their losses back in Arakan where the violent clashes between Yakhine-Buddhists and illegal Bengali-Muslims from Bangladesh have been raging for a while since 1942 when Bengali-Muslims invaded northern Arakan and wiped out the whole Yakhine-Buddhist populace there and took over Buddhist lands and properties illegally.

But I soon realised the real masterminds behind all those killings of Burmese-Buddhists in Malaysia have been the Malaysian Islamists with the co-operations from local authorities and Malaysian police itself. Why, I asked myself? Why do Malaysians need to kill Buddhists?

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Crimes Soar In New York City Under New Socialist Mayor

Murder rate is rising rapidly in the New York City (2014).
33% Rise in NYC Murders Under Bill “Soft on Crime” de Blasio the pro-Muslim, former Sandinista activist, and newly-elected Socialist mayor.

Who could have predicted that electing a Dinkins aide whose only calling card was viral videos made by his obnoxious son and junkie daughter would backfire running on a 1970s platform of class warfare, racial tensions and empowering criminals would backfire?

As his first month as police commissioner under Mayor de Blasio winds down, Bill Bratton is already facing some sobering news — a 33 percent spike in murders across the city.

Buddhist Monks Against Amending Burma's Constitution

Nationalist Buddhist monk Shin Pyin-nyar-wara.
One big political party (NLD – Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy) has recently declared on VOA (Voice of America) Burmese Program that they will kill the 1982 Citizenship Act and give all Bengali-Muslim illegals Burmese citizenship (once they control the Parliament and Government) after 2015 elections.

Millions of them illegal Bengali-Muslims on the Bangladeshi border waiting just for that to happen. Waiting patiently to invade our nation Burma and destroy our religion Buddhism and ultimately exterminate our Bamar race!

So what exactly is 1982 Citizenship Act?

Right now everyone and anyone who were Citizens or Guest-Citizens or who had rights to become Citizens of Burma before 1948 (the year Burma got independence from the Great Britain) and their descendants are entitled to become the full-fledged citizens of our Union of Burma.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Burmese Smugglers Milking £13 Billion Thai Rice Subsidies

 Burmese smuggling rice into Thailand at Maesot.
Burmese smugglers are getting rich quick on Yingluck Shinawatra's £13 billion Thai rice subsidies. A populist subsidy on rice by Thailand's ruling party is enabling smugglers from neighbouring Burma to make a quick buck at the expense of Thai taxpayers.

For the rice smugglers of Myawaddy, business has never been better. A scrappy, dusty Burmese border town, Myawaddy has long been notorious as an illicit trading hub for drugs, guns and precious gems.

Now, Myawaddy has become a centre for the trafficking of a more nutritious but scarcely less profitable product, as rice smugglers take advantage of the substantially higher grain prices on offer in neighbouring Thailand.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Aus Sending Rohingya-Bangladeshis Back To Indonesia

Australia's new LIfeboat Solution
for Illegal Boat-Muslims problem.
AUSTRALIA has a hot new fleet of bright orange lifeboats which will be used to send Muslim asylum seekers back to Indonesia and beyond.

A group of Bangladeshi asylum seekers heading for Christmas Island say they were tricked by the Australian navy and told they would be taken to Christmas Island. But they were transported back towards Indonesia, and left on a small lifeboat-style vessel close to the Indonesian shore. Oh, Boo Hoo!

Good on Yer, our conservative PM Tony Abbott, for sending the illegal alien Muslim invaders back in style on an air-conditioned, unsinkable 90-seat lifeboat, filled with enough food and water for the trip, and accompanied by an armed escort to make sure they get there.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Dee Why Mosque Leader Groping Girls On Sydney Beach

Dee Why Mosque on Dee Why's South Creek Road.
A Muslim prayer leader charged with touching the breasts of two teenagers and a grandmother on the northern beaches believes he is the victim of a misunderstanding.

Ahmed Alkahly, a 59-year-old Egyptian national who is a well-known qari, or prayer reciter, in his homeland, is visiting Sydney to lead evening prayers at the Dee Why Masjid (mosque) for the month of Ramadan.

Police will allege that, in two separate incidents on Wednesday afternoon, he approached a 16-year-old girl and a 57-year-old grandmother, who was pushing her grandson in a pram, and indecently assaulted them by touching their breasts along Dee Why Beach.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

No More Muslims In Denmark: Danish People’s Party

Muslim women protesting in Copenhagen.
No more Muslims, say DF leaders. Senior members of Dansk Folkeparti espoused the opinion that there are enough Muslims in Denmark and border controls should be established to stop more from entering the country.

DF’s defence spokesperson Marie Krarup said that the time has come to completely halt Muslim immigration. “We should limit the size of the Muslim minority in Denmark,” Krarup wrote in a blog for Berlingske newspaper.

Anders Vistisen, number two on DF’s list of candidates for the European Parliament, agreed that the number of Muslims in Denmark should be limited. DF’s citizenship spokesperson, Christian Langballe, couldn’t see how a total ban against Muslims could be put into place.