Sunday, June 30, 2019

Obama Shadow Government Of Coup Potters

WASHINGTON: It used to be a truism of American politics that we only have one President at a time. That there was a strong tradition ensuring the ‘peaceful transition of power” from one administration to the other.

President Barack Obama is obliterating those quaint traditions of American democracy. Indeed he seems to have set up a government in exile, in Washington DC, while he seeks to undermine and sabotage the sitting President.  (Trump claims ‘Obama had to know about’ efforts to undermine the presidency)

His actions are unprecedented. The impact of his activities may well lead to a string of criminal indictments against a plethora of senior Obama Administration officials. Both in the senior levels of his cabinet. And in the upper echelons of the Obama White House staff and the Oval Office itself.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Barr-Durham Investigation: Obama Can Be Indicted

WASHINGTON, DC:  As British spy Christopher Steele finally agrees to be interviewed by US Attorney John Durham, the sordid truth about the Obama Clinton Russia Hoax begins to unravel.

It is only a matter of time before the long-running campaign of illegal spying on Americans and the criminal use of NSA surveillance programs is revealed. And laid at the feet of the Obama White House and Barack Obama himself.

The United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut, Durham has been on the case since at least October 2018. His first actions being conducting a criminal leak investigation of DOJ official James Baker. Baker is at the center of the FBI conspiracy with Comey and Andrew McCabe. (Ex-top FBI lawyer James Baker: DOJ inspector general FISA probe will find ‘mistakes’)

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Trump Decided Not To Kill 150 Iranians For One Drone

US Navy: Ready & Waiting to strike Iran.
Trump Calls Off Strike Against Iran; Here’s the Bigger Picture: President Trump called off a retaliatory strike against Iran after Iran shot down a highly sophisticated American drone flying over the Strait of Hormuz.

The president revealed that three strikes were planned against targets in Iran but before giving the U.S. military the go-ahead, the president asked the general in charge how many Iranians would be killed as a result of the strikes. After hearing that 150 would be killed, the president decided that such a price would be too high to pay and disproportional to the destruction of an unmanned drone.

The president reiterated that not only did the U.S. currently impose crippling sanctions on Iran, but that more were coming – and the military option was still on the table for the future. Most foreign policy experts agreed with the president, including on both sides of the political divide.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Sotomayor & Ginsberg: Anti-Cross Radical Justices

Supreme Court rules Peace Cross war memorial can stand: The Supreme Court has ruled that a Peace Cross war memorial on public land outside Washington, D.C., can stand; Shannon Bream reports on the 7-2 decision.

The Supreme Court ruled Thursday that a Peace Cross war memorial on public land outside Washington, D.C., can stand, determining in a 7-2 decision that it does not violate the Constitution. Residents of Prince George’s County, Maryland and the American Humanist Association (AHA) had sued to have the cross taken down, and the American Legion, whose symbol is also on the memorial, intervened to defend it.

While the residents (Muslims?) and AHA (a far-left group) claimed that a cross memorial on public land violated the Constitution, the Court determined that factors, including the history of the memorial, support the idea that it is not religious in nature.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

AH-64 Apache Longbow Attack Helicopter

Early in the morning of January 17, 1991, eight sleek helicopters bristling with missiles swooped low over the sands of the An Nafud desert in as they soared towards the border separating Saudi Arabia from Iraq. At 2:30 a.m., the choppers fanned out and set to work in teams of two. Rocket motors flashed as Hellfire missiles streaked towards two Iraqi radars powerful enough to potentially pick up the faint signature of a stealth plane.

Minutes after the radars had been reduced to rubble, Nighthawk stealth jets soared through the twenty-mile-wide radar gap, headed for Baghdad. But the Army’s Apache attack helicopter aviators they had struck first to “kick down the door” for the Nighthawks.

Nearly three decades later, the Apache’s status as the world’s premier attack helicopter remains largely unchallenged, and the type continues to see extensive action in the Middle East and in demand in countries as diverse as the UK, Egypt, India and Taiwan. Undeniably, the threats faced by the $35 million armored attack helicopter, which can pack as many as sixteen tank-busting missiles under its stub wings.

Monday, June 17, 2019

Operation Praying Mantis: Reagan Punished Iran (1988)

Iran navy attacked and captured 2 US naval boats and crew in
January 2016 and president Obama apologized to Ayatollahs.
Barack Obama The Muslim Apologized – But This Was What Great Ronald Reagan Did When Iran Attacked US Navy in 1988: “They must know that we will protect our ships, and if they threaten us, they will pay a price.”

With those words, President Ronald Reagan justified his approval of Operation Praying Mantis, a day-long engagement in which U.S. Navy and Marine forces delivered a powerful response to the Iranian assault of the USS Samuel B. Roberts. A hidden Iranian mine had struck the frigate in the open waters of the Persian Gulf on April 14, 1988. No sailors died, but several were injured and the ship was severely damaged.

Operation Praying Mantis remains the largest surface battle engaged in by the U.S. Navy since World War II, and its outcome was decisive. According to official reports released afterward, using a combination of anti-ship missiles, naval gunfire, and aircraft launched from several ships, including the aircraft carrier the USS Enterprise, the Navy destroyed two oil platforms used by Iran for intelligence collection, sank 4 small Iranian Navy boats, sank an Iranian frigate, and severely damaged another Iranian warship.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Border Patrol Agents Exposed To EBOLA & Smallpox

Walking-Dead: Ebola Zombies are limping in US very soon.
EAGLE PASS, Texas — Border Patrol agents in Texas are somewhat concerned about being exposed to Ebola by a migrant fleeing the Democratic Republic of the Congo for the United States, but more agents are worried about other illnesses frequently popping up among detainees at stations across the southern border, according to union representatives.

Border Patrol’s holding facilities in the Del Rio and El Paso sectors, or regions, are inundated with sick detainees, as well as sick agents. Jon Anfinsen is a National Border Patrol Council vice president and based in Del Rio, which includes Eagle Pass, where most Congolese are arriving. Anfinsen represents approximately 1,000 agents who are based out of 10 regional holding stations. Anfinsen has been an agent 12 years and said the number of people in custody and subsequent illnesses among that population is “unprecedented.”

“Scabies, chickenpox — we had one case of the mumps here in Uvalde. I wanna say we had measles — plenty of the flu, plenty of colds, body lice, just assorted. And some of these things, they spread like wildfires when you get into a cramped holding cell. It happens,” Anfinsen said.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Iran Attacking Oil Tankers With Mines and Torpedos

IRAN has accused the US of lying about the "torpedo attack" on an American-linked oil tanker as tensions reach breaking point. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blamed Iran for the "blatant" attacks on two tankers which burst into flames in the Gulf of Oman on Thursday.

The Pentagon released images which it says shows Iranian involvement in the oil tanker attacks. But Iran has hit back at the "unfounded and reckless" claims and accused the US of “warmongering” as part of a “disinformation campaign”.

“The US and its regional allies must stop warmongering and put an end to mischievous plots and false flag operations in the region,” Iran's mission to the United Nations said. “Warning, once again, about all of the US coercion, intimidation and malign behaviour, Iran expresses concern over suspicious incidents for the oil tankers that occurred today.”

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Ilhan Omar Fined For Mis-using Campaign Funds

The Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board has ordered U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar to personally reimburse her own campaign account $3,469.23 and to pay a civil penalty of $500 for violating state campaign finance rules dating to her time as a member of the state House.

The amount that the Minnesota Democrat must repay represents what the board determined is the total amount of campaign funds that Omar used in 2016 and 2017 for purposes not permitted by state law.

That includes a payment of $1,500 to a law firm that, her lawyer testified, was related to some corrections made to her personal tax returns that were discovered as part of an inquiry into her financial records by a “crisis committee.”

That committee was set up to respond to never-proven allegations that Omar had married her own brother as part of an “immigration scheme,” in the words of the board’s report on the matter.

The balance of the reimbursement is for a handful of travel expenses: to a political rally for a Boston City Council candidate; a leadership conference for girls in Washington, D.C.; a young elected officials’ conference in New York; a human rights luncheon in Chicago; and to a fundraiser for the African Network of Southwest Florida.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Typhoid & Typhus: Medieval Diseases In Socialist LA

Many homeless people in LA has typhoid.
The Los Angeles Disease Renaissance: Typhoid And Typhus Make A Comeback. As the homeless population in Los Angeles grows, so does the unfortunate revival of many third world diseases.

Despite hundreds of millions of dollars flowing through Los Angeles to stem the rising tide of homelessness, a resurgence of medieval diseases has the city – and neighboring states – on edge. Typhoid fever and typhus, borne by fleas, body lice, and feces, are turning the once glitzy and glamorous city into a third-world worthy environment.

Yes, Typhoid Mary is back, in a sense, living on the streets and wreaking havoc on unsuspecting people in the Golden State. These diseases, along with an uptick in tuberculosis, hepatitis A, and staph, are easily and rapidly spread and have wide-reaching consequences. They’re highly contagious and can infect anyone through casual contact.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Kiwis Rebelling: No To Jacinda Arden’s Gun Ban

Only 530 surrendered out of a million guns.
Kiwis Just Say No To Gun Ban: In the wake of the Christchurch mosque massacres, gun confiscation fizzles as Kiwis ignore new law.

New Zealand politicians who rushed to enact nationwide gun confiscation following the Christchurch mosque massacres are befuddled by the lack of enthusiasm from citizens who have yet to comply with the new law. The so-called “gun reform” was expected to rid the vast New Zealand countryside of most semi-automatic firearms, magazines over a specified limit, and shotguns.

Two months ago, Reuters breathlessly reported, “New Zealand police expect tens of thousands of firearms to be surrendered by a guns buy-back scheme.” Law enforcement authorities averred that “it could be more.” Pregnant with the expectation that gun owners would trade their firearms for cash, the political class is nonplussed by the results. Only 530 guns have thus far been turned in to the authorities.

Fat Kim Executes His Generals In Piranha Tank

Kim Jong-un executes general by throwing him in piranha-filled fish tank: Notorious Fat Kim has become a real-life Bond villain after executing one of his generals by throwing him into a piranha-filled fish tank.

North Korea’s tyrant ordered his death after he was accused of planning a coup. Kim had a giant fish tank built inside Ryongsong Residence, one of his presidential palaces, after ordering aides to develop new methods of execution. The victim’s arms and torso were cut open with knives before he was thrown into the tank. Sources said it was unclear whether the general was killed by the fish, died from his wounds or drowned.

The researchers are believed to have come up with several execution methods designed to scare potential plotters. It is believed they got the idea from the 1977 James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me, in which the villain Karl Stromberg executes opponents by dropping them into a shark-filled aquarium.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Joe Biden The Vietnam-Draft Dodger: Fake Asthma?

Young Joe Biden dodged the draft
5 times with Asthma excuses
On top of his old, white plagiarism and serial young-girl-touching problems, Creepy Joe Biden also has a draft evasion problem, according to an InsideSources report. Naturally, the outlet also attacks President Trump over his own Vietnam-era deferment, but comparing Trump to Biden in this regard, as you will see, is like comparing a gun to a tomato.

According the report, after he graduated college in 1968, Biden became eligible for the draft, which could have landed him in combat in Vietnam. What saved him, what earned him a 1-Y draft deferment, was asthma… Asthma, y’all. Asthma.

Don’t get me wrong, asthma can be debilitating. Chronic asthma is the worst; it can disable a person. If Biden legitimately suffered a serious asthma problem, his draft deferment is perfectly legitimate.

Here’s the problem, though… While Biden was scoring a deferment for “asthma as a teenager,” he was — get this — also scoring touchdowns as a teenager. Biden played football in high school and once went so far as to lie about playing football for the University of Delaware — even though he didn’t, but Biden is the kind of liar who lies about such things.

Friday, June 7, 2019

D-Day: World Leaders Honour Veterans & The Fallen

D-Day: Veterans and world leaders mark 75th anniversary: Hundreds of veterans gathered in France to honour the sacrifice of those who died in the D-Day landings, drawing to a close two days of commemorations.

World leaders attended ceremonies honouring Allied forces who fought in the largest combined land, air and naval operation in history. Wreaths were laid, a minute's silence was held and veterans linked arms and sang, before watching an RAF flypast.

Theresa May and Emmanuel Macron thanked veterans who took part in June 1944. President Donald Trump called former US soldiers "the pride of the nation". Throughout the day, key events were marked from the wartime operation at the start of the campaign to liberate Nazi-occupied north-west Europe.

Pro-Trump Briton Stabs Baby-Trump Blimp

(Staff articles from the WASHINGTON TIMES &  the DAILY DOT  on 04 June 2019.)

The British “Trump is a baby” balloon is no more — stabbed to death on a London street. A pro-Trump Briton identified as “Based Amy” took a sharp object to the small blimp in Trafalgar Square and watched it quickly deflate as she took a video selfie of her case of Direct Action.

“That’s a disgrace, it’s a national disgrace, the president of the United States, the best president ever,” she says on her video. After she had stabbed the balloon, which has graced protests at both of President Trump’s visits to Britain last summer and this one, she exulted that it was “going down, baby.” She held up her hands and noted that one was “bleeding quite badly though.”

The video, which runs a little less than two minutes also shows “Based Amy” being arrested and escalated into screams as police try to control her body while she is trying to hold up the phone and tape everything. “Hey America, help me. People are assaulting me,” she says.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Muslim Cabbie Killed 250 Hindu Pasengers: 2-3 A Day

Muslim Taxi Driver admits to 250 murders of Non-Muslims around Meerut. Muslim Taxi Driver in Meerut admits to 250 murders of Non-Muslims in last four months; on an average two murders per day.

In a shocking confession, a Muslim man arrested on charges of murder has claimed to having killed about 250 people in the past four months, police said on Thursday, adding that the matter was being investigated.

The accused, identified as Salim, is a middle-aged taxi driver in this Uttar Pradesh district who, along with an accomplice, used to murder his passengers and pocket away all valuables, according to police. The murdered passengers are mostly non-Muslims and obviously from Hindu community.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

China So-Called Growth Miracles Last Three Decades

China’s growth miracle over past three decades underlines strategic choice at critical moment: The Chinese economy has experienced a period of unprecedentedly rapid growth over the past three decades. China's GDP skyrocketed to 90 trillion yuan ($13.25 trillion) in 2018 from 1.72 trillion yuan 30 years ago, with an amazing average annual growth rate of about 9 percent.

The 30-year period also saw remarkable improvement in Chinese people's living standards, with the per capita disposable income of urban residents soaring from 1,374 yuan to 39,251 yuan. Such an economic miracle was never  seen before, not only in China's history, but also in world history.

By comparison, due to a variety of reasons, none of the former Eastern European socialist countries has recorded any sustained strong economic growth, even after drastic political changes. Moreover, China's economic achievement also is incomparable to the developed economies, whether the UK during the Industrial Revolution, the US during the Civil War, or Germany and Japan after World War II.

LA is A Giant Trash Receptacle: A Medieval City!

A swath of Los Angeles has devolved into a wasteland with rats scurrying among piles of decaying garbage and squalid tent cities, according to a series of stomach-churning photos that the Los Angeles Times says depict the “collapse of a city that’s lost control.”

“The city of Los Angeles has become a giant trash receptacle,” columnist Steve Lopez complained on Sunday. The decay covers large chunks of Skid Row, a sprawling 50-block area that is believed to be the base for around 4,200 homeless people. One LAPD officer is believed to have contracted Typhoid from the miasma.

“What century is this?” Lopez asked. “Is it the 21st century in the largest city of a state that ranks among the world’s most robust economies, or did someone turn back the calendar a few hundred years?” He described someone even dumping “a fat load of poop” in the streets among the rest of the dirt and depravity.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Trump In London: Mayor “Shorty” Khan A Stone-cold-loser

LONDON — President Trump met Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace on Monday, beginning three days of royal feting and carefully calibrated diplomacy. The royals had lunch and a tea with Trump. They showed him old paintings of George Washington and an honor guard in scarlet tunics.

But first, Trump mocked the relatively popular London mayor as a “stone cold loser” — and short in stature. And then Trump complained at length on Twitter about CNN news coverage of his trip, which had only just begun.

The president and first lady Melania Trump were greeted at the satellite Stansted Airport by Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt — but not by Prime Minister Theresa May, who is being ousted over Brexit. President Trump’s official state visit coincides with a furious contest to replace May. It is all a bit awkward. Not that the British will mention it, much.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

US-China Trade War: Clash Of Civilization?

For the U.S. and China, it’s not a trade war anymore — it’s something worse: What started out two years ago as an effort by President Trump to wring better terms from China on the nuts and bolts of foreign trade now threatens to become a far wider and more ominous confrontation.

The conflict continues to be framed as a “trade war” between the world’s two biggest economies — as Washington and Beijing pursue an escalating series of tariff hikes and other retaliatory measures. Even as Trump moved Thursday to open a new, potentially damaging trade war with Mexico, however, the conflict with China has widened beyond the original trade-based issues.

Beneath the surface, a new tone has begun to emerge since trade talks broke down in early May and Trump ratcheted up tariffs on imported goods from China, an action met with retaliatory duties from Beijing. Officials on both sides of the Pacific have begun to portray the U.S.-China relationship in nationalistic and emotion-charged terms that suggest a much deeper conflict.