Monday, December 31, 2018

Women Fleeing Venezuela Sell Sex To Survive

CUCUTA, Colombia – Although the sun has barely risen, this border city with Venezuela is already bursting with chaos. Thousands upon thousands of Venezuelans pour into Colombia over the crowded cross-country bridge, their faces gaunt, carrying little more than a backpack. Rail-thin women cradle their tiny babies, and beg along the trash-strewn gutters. Teens hawk everything from cigarettes to sweets and water for small change.

The young, the old and the disabled cluster around the lone Western Union office – recently established to deal with the Venezuelan influx – in the hopes of receiving or sending a few dollars to send home. Without passports or work permits, the Venezuelans – many with university degrees or decent jobs in what was once the wealthiest nation in Latin America – are now resorting to whatever it takes to survive.

“Hair, looking for hair,” an older man choruses through the crowd, turning to a group of women clutching their small children. Another man nearby holds a sign, “we buy hair.” More and more girls and women are turning to the cut the make ends meet, and feed their families for a few days.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Fuck The Facebook: Min Aung Hlaing Uses Own Site

MAH is a devout Buddhist hated by OIC Muslims, UN, & EU.
Senior General Min Aung Hlaing the famous chief of Burmese Army and my dear childhood friend had been using Facebook effectively for many years till the bloody Facebook unfairly closed his account early this year due to the relentless pressure from the OIC-Muslims-controlled UN, and EU.

Since then I’ve been wondering what his response would be? Ban the Facebook, or hack the Facebook since he has the whole Russian-trained Cyber Warrior Team equipped with latest Chinese softwares and hardware from Huawei and ZTE! But as a very successful strategy-driven combat warrior he chooses the best available and cheapest option, starting his own WWW site,, bravo.

I didn't even know the existence of his site till one Indian naval officer I know for many years when I was living in New York City sent me an email of Burma Navy 71st Anniversary news from his site this morning.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Moroccan Muslims Raped & Beheaded Two Tourists

 (Staff articles from The SUN UK, BNI, & JIHAD WATCH in December 2018.)

Maren Ueland was gang-raped &
Beheaded & her beheading video
was sent to her mother.
MOUNTAIN SLAUGHTER: Two young Scandinavian female backpackers found ‘raped & decapitated’ at popular tourist hiking trail in Morocco.

The Danish and Norwegian victims, who were students in their 20s, were discovered by other tourists near the foot of North Africa's highest peak, Mount Toubkad with what police say was 'evidence of violence on their necks' while unverified local reports say they had been raped and decapitated. THREE men have been arrested after two female backpackers were found with severe neck injuries in their tent at a popular trekking spot in Morocco.

The tourists from Denmark and Norway, who were in their twenties, were discovered yesterday near the village of Imlil in the High Atlas mountain range where they had set up their tent. Louisa Jespersen and her friend Maren Ueland had been camping when they were horribly attacked.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Reliving 1973 Kachin Christmas Eve in New York City

(Re-post of my "Reliving 1973 Kachin Christmas Eve in New York City" from 2011.)

New York City's Skyline.
The Big Apple or the New York City is a wholesomely overwhelming town for a simple jungle boy like me. Especially the enormous Romanesque facades of century old skyscrapers. And it hurts my neck so much that I’ve stopped trying to look up at their distinctive tops.

Like many other wide-eyed tourists from the Australian fringe of the mighty empire of USA I ended up wandering on the wide avenues leading to the Times Square brightly lit and filled to the rims by the excited crowd on the Christmas Eve.

I walked and walked and walked aimlessly on the near-zero freezing but still unbelievably crowded Fifth Avenue and ended up, fortunately of course as I wasn’t really looking for it, right in front of a beautifully grand Gothic-revival church. I walked in and realized this is the historic St.Patrick’s Cathedral   and the traditional Midnight Mass was just a few hours away.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Socialist Venezuela In Ruin: 1,400,000% Inflation

People of Oil-rich Venezuela are starving because of Socialism.
Inflation in the crisis-stricken country of Venezuela is on track to hit 1.4 million percent by the end of 2018, according to the latest report from the International Monetary Fund.

The report, entitled “Outlook on the World Economy,” predicts that inflation will reach 1.4 million by December 31, 400,000 percent higher than what they forecast in June this year and over a hundred times faster than the estimate of 13,000 percent in January.

Looking forward, the organization also believes that consumer prices will “increase by 10 million percent over the course of 2019,” explaining that “years of misguided policies coupled with a decline in production in the country’s vital oil industry to seventy-year lows have crashed the economy.”

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The Opportunity Costs Of Democratic Socialists

Final outcomes of Socialism.
Coincident with the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx’s birth, socialism is making a comeback in American political discourse. Detailed policy proposals from self-declared socialists are gaining support in Congress and among much of the electorate. It is unclear, of course, exactly what a typical voter has in mind when he or she thinks of “socialism.”

But economists generally agree about how to define socialism, and they have devoted enormous time and resources to studying its costs and benefits. With an eye on this broad body of literature, this report discusses socialism’s historic visions and intents, its economic features, its impact on economic performance, and its relationship with recent policy proposals in the United States.

We find that historical proponents of socialist policies and those in the contemporary United States share some of their visions and intents. They both characterize the distribution of income in market economies as the unjust result of “exploitation,” which should be rectified by extensive state control.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Muslim Sisters: The Clit-less Congresswomen

For the first time in US political history, two Muslim women joined the ranks of the US Congress with Western and Arab media widely reporting on their win during the first midterm elections under US President Donald Trump. Ilhan Omar, a Democrat, is the first Somali American to serve in Congress and Michigan Democrat Rashida Tlaib is a Palestinian American.

However, the Democrats’ battle against the Republican control of the US Congress, led to an alliance with Political Islamist movements in order to restore their control on government, pushing Muslim candidates and women activists of immigrant minorities, onto the electoral scene.

Around 90 Muslim Americans, the record number supported by massive funding from the Muslim nations through CAIR and Muslim Brotherhood, were running for office in 2018 midterm elections. In Minnesota, Ilhan Omar became the first Somalian-American and one of the first two Muslim women elected to Congress.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Trump Taunts Macron As Yellow Vests Clash With Police

PARIS - President Trump taunted French President Emmanuel Macron as France was burning in the wake of violent protests across the country on Saturday where an army of Yellow Vests demanded the president’s head.

“Very sad day & night in Paris. Maybe it’s time to end the ridiculous and extremely expensive Paris Agreement and return money back to the people in the form of lower taxes?” Trump tweeted after tens of thousands of people across France went to the streets to protest Macron’s government. “The U.S. was way ahead of the curve on that and the only major country where emissions went down last year!” he added.

The latest data suggests that the U.S. was leading the way in cutting its CO2 emissions, though the United Kingdom and Japan, among the developed countries, also cut their emissions.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Macron Is Fucked: French Yellow Vest Revolution

(Staff articles from The SBS, BLOOMBERG, & IRISH TIMES in December 2018.)

The fuel tax rise is dead so why are the 'yellow vests' protests escalating in France? And how did protests against fuel tax hikes turn into a "rebellion" against President Emmanuel Macron in France?

They began as demonstrations against fuel tax hikes, but the French government's decision to scrap the planned rise has done little to quell the "yellow vest" demonstrations. Thousands of protesters gathered in Paris on Saturday chanting "Macron resign" and "president of the rich".

So how did the crisis balloon into a mass movement against the embattled 40-year-old president and his perceived pro-rich policies? The withdrawal of French President Emmanuel Macron from implementing the Polluting Fuels tax, had very little to no effect on calming the tense situation.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

France Is Burning: Yellow Vest Revolution!

Bring back the guillotines!
France Is Burning! Thousands Riot as 89,000 Police Arrest Hundreds: What began as a mostly grassroots protest of the enraged working class is now far more than that. The barbarians have stormed the gate and taken the common man with them. Before we jump in with support, let’s remember how the first French Revolution went. It was nothing like ours despite what those who rewrite history like to say.

The days of guillotines are long gone but four have died and many have been injured as men 30 to 40 years of age march from their rural homes to storm Paris, burn some cars, vandalize the Arc de Triomphe with anti-government graffiti, and poke at and defile monuments while wearing Yellow Vests, Gilets Juanes in French.

It’s not only in Paris, but it’s also all over France for those who can’t make the trip. Across France, 89,000 police officers are on duty and armored vehicles are being deployed in the capital, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe announced.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Marine Le Pen On The Marrakesh Pact (Global Compact)

Marin Le Pen speaking about the Marrakesh Pact, November 27 2018: The video below contains the opening remarks made by Marine Le Pen on November 27 at a press conference about “The Marrakesh Pact, the Pandora’s Box of Migratory Submersion”.

The UN Global Compact will be signed next week in Marrakesh by an ever-decreasing number of countries. At this point it is essentially an agreement by Britain, France, Germany, Canada, the Netherlands, Sweden, and a few other European countries to take in any and all third-world migrants who want to enter.

Since the Schengen Agreement will allow those migrants to disperse to non-signatory European countries, the pact will have an effect on all of Western Europe. Mind you, the signatory countries are also the preferred destinations for migrants, generally speaking, so most of them will tend to stay in the Big Five.

Coup Saturday In Paris: Yellow Vest Revolution

 (Staff articles from The NATIONAL SENTINEL & The SBS in December 2018.)

The Yellow Vests Will Triumph.
France deploying 89,000 cops, security ahead suspected COUP attempt Saturday: A French newspaper is reporting that the so-called “Yellow Vest” demonstrators who have staged violent protests in Paris and around the country in opposition to the government’s imposition of massive fuel taxes related to universally-hated Paris Climate Accords could be preparing for a coup attempt on Saturday

As such, French authorities plan to deploy 8,000 police in Paris alone with another 80,000-plus riot police and gendarmes around the country, various reports have said. French intelligence services have reported to the Elysee Palace, the official residence of President Emannuel Macron, following “calls to kill” and “carry arms to attack” government officials, parliamentarians and police, according to Le Figaro.

“They are putschists. We are in a coup attempt,” said Le Figaro‘s sources. On Thursday, Yellow Vest leader Eric Drouet noted that “Saturday will be the final outcome. Saturday is the Elysee,” adding, “We all would like to go to the Elysee.” Le Figaro also reported that Saturday’s demonstrations may involve unprecedented levels of violence including “a hardcore radicalized” element from “both the extreme right and extreme left.”

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Burmese Pent-up Anger Against Bengali-Muslims

West and aggressive Muslim nations must gauge pent-up anger against Rohingyas: Of late, Myanmar State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi has been a punching bag for all leaders from the West and the East, the Christian and the Muslims.

The US Vice President Mike Pence could not let go of such an opportunity in a bilateral meeting with her on the sidelines of the 33rd annual summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in Singapore on November 14. The Myanmar leader rightly rebuffed criticism from Pence (and also other leaders) over her government’s treatment of ethnic Rohingya Muslims.

Pence was “anxious to hear about progress” in resolving the crisis stemming from a retaliatory military crackdown in Rakhine state that the United Nations (UN) has called ethnic cleansing.”The violence and persecution by military and vigilantes that resulted in driving 700,000 Rohingya to Bangladesh is without excuse,” Pence said and was eager to know how Myanmar will enable the Rohingya to voluntary return home.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Rich Lefties Making San Francisco The Poop Capital

A homeless man pooing in SF.
San Francisco's Wealthy Leftists Are Making Homelessness Worse: I recently had the opportunity to visit San Francisco for the first time. Coastal towns tend to be a bit more interesting in terms of cuisine (seafood being one of the more varied palate options) as well as architecture (steep hill structures are ever a testament to human ingenuity) and San Francisco scores high in both categories.

However one area where it currently scores quite low is in the aroma zone. At first I thought perhaps they had a very inefficient sewer system near the shoreline retail sector, but as we explored deeper toward the city center it became clear something was amiss. I learned shortly thereafter that San Francisco has a poop crisis.

To be blunt — people are literally crapping on the sidewalks. Not the tourists, mind you, but the local homeless population. The situation has come to a head (or to the head to employ a nautical metaphor) primarily as a result of progressive conservatism primed with the power of centralized (governmental) authority.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

One Million+ Rohingyas Obtained Bangladeshi Passports

The large number of Rohingyas with Bangladeshi passports puts into focus the administrative weaknesses that allowed the Myanmar nationals to illegally obtain passports of another country.

Thousands of Rohingyas have used illegally obtained Bangladeshi passports to travel abroad for work. Although the government holds no data on the exact number of false passports in circulation, Expatriates Welfare Minister Nurul Islam said in April that about 250,000 Rohingyas had gone abroad with Bangladeshi passports.

The minister said Bangladeshi workers are facing an “image crisis” as a result. “The Rohingyas obtained passports by providing fake documents from local union council chairmen and other local government authorities,” he said. “Many of them are involved in criminal activities abroad.”

The large number of Rohingyas with Bangladeshi passports puts into focus the administrative weaknesses that allowed the Myanmar nationals to illegally obtain passports of another country. A local broker at Cox’s Bazar passport office told the Dhaka Tribune that an illegal passport costs between Tk60,000 and Tk100,000.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Inside The Tatmadaw’s Schools In Myanmar (Burma)

IT IS NOT widely known that throughout the country there are schools where the students gather regularly before class in their green and white uniforms to sing the National Anthem before a military officer. The officer is their headmaster.

Ministry of Education reports indicate that there are more than 20 of these cantonment schools, which offer classes from first standard to matriculation. The schools are funded by the Department of Basic Education and teach the standard state curriculum, but are run by military officers and overseen by the Tatmadaw.

Although it is difficult to determine exactly when the schools were launched or came under military administration, military and education sources say it was “probably” late in 1988, when the Tatmadaw seized power from the Ne Win regime and crushed the 8-8-88 national uprising.

Cuban Slave Doctors In Brazil: Refusing To Go Back

Slave Doctor: I’d Rather ‘Pick Up Garbage’ in Brazil than Go Back to Cuba. Unsalaried Cuban doctors in Brazil, now forced to return home after the Castro regime canceled an exchange program following demands by President-elect Jair Bolsonaro to pay the medical professionals a full salary, told Brazilian news outlets this week they have no interest in returning home.

Brazil hosts over 8,000 Cuban doctors through its “Mais Médicos” (“More Doctors”) program, established by former socialist President Dilma Rousseff. The doctors tend to work in poorer, more rural areas.

The Castro regime pockets at least 75 percent of their salaries, refuses to allow them to bring families or travel back to Cuba to visit relatives, and is estimated to have made $11 million in profits on the program last year. By canceling the program this month, the communist regime may lose up to $332 million in revenue.

Cuba canceled the program after conservative President-elect Bolsonaro announced that, upon the beginning of his tenure in January, the Cuban government would have to pay 100 percent of doctors’ salaries to the doctors and allow them to bring their families to Brazil with them.

Monday, November 26, 2018

US Troops Fires Tear Gas To Repel Invading Caravan

TIJUANA, Mexico (Reuters) - U.S. authorities shut the country’s busiest border crossing and fired tear gas into Mexico on Sunday to repel Central American migrants approaching the border after U.S. President Donald Trump vowed the asylum-seekers would not easily enter the country.

Traffic in both directions was suspended for several hours at the San Ysidro port of entry between San Diego and Tijuana, U.S. officials said, disrupting trade at the most heavily trafficked land border in the Western Hemisphere. Pedestrian crossings and vehicle traffic later resumed, officials said.

Tensions on the border had been rising in recent days, with thousands of Central American migrants who arrived in a caravan camped out in a sports stadium in Tijuana. On Sunday, Mexican police broke up the latest in a series of daily protests, triggering a rush toward the U.S. border.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Why Is Myanmar Angry? This Book Has Answers!

A few months after my trip to Rathedaung, I would return to Rakhine State, to the southern township of Kyaukphyu. There I would meet Bhojon Chakraborty, a thirty-six-year-old part-time temple priest. It is the only Hindu temple in town (Kyauk-Phyu), just as he is its only priest.

I had stopped because I had seen Bengali script and the words “Hindu Temple Sri Sri Durga Bari”. The inscription, donated by Rebati Ranjan Dey of Chottogram (Chittagong), dated back to 1961.The temple itself is ninety years old.

Bhojon Chakraborty, who has renamed himself John Chakraborty, is a Hindu Brahmin. He was born in Yangon and lived there most of his life, before arriving in Kyaukphyu chasing a medical representative job. Even though there are few things that cry “Bengali” louder than “Bhojon” and “Chakraborty”, I don’t remark upon it. We converse in Hindi.

His pleasure turns to delight when he discovers I speak Bengali. We had both been tentative at the beginning. Kyaukphyu is even more trenchant than Sittwe in its hostility to “Banglis” and therefore a safety concern.

Amnesty International Was Wrong To Strip ASSK Honor

Why Amnesty was wrong to strip Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi of top honour: ‘Speaking up’ will make her look good with the international Press, but it will do nothing for the challenges Myanmar faces. The international community needs to strengthen her hands, not weaken them.

The vilification of Aung San Suu Kyi continues unabated. Whether it is Amnesty International or United States vice-president, Mike Pence, no one, it seems, can wait to signal their virtue by throwing an egg at her face. The gravest charge against Suu Kyi is that she does not speak up, she does not issue condemnations against the Myanmar’s military, who stand accused of brutalities.

Amnesty, in a letter to Suu Kyi (informing her that they no longer thought she was an ambassador of conscience), wrote: “Our expectation was that you would continue to use your moral authority to speak out against injustice wherever you saw it, not least within Myanmar itself.”

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

FGM Is Legal In US: Judge Ruled Clit-Chopping Is Okay!

Okay to chop clits off baby girls in US of A, a judge ruled.
DETROIT (WJBK) - A federal judge has dismissed six charges of female genital mutilation against an Indian Muslim doctor, declaring the nation's female genital mutilation law as unconstitutional.

The federal judge in Detroit ruled in the historic case on Tuesday, ruling the law that prevents female genital mutilation (FGM) is unconstitutional. U.S. District Judge Bernard Friedman ruled that congress does not have the authority to make FGM illegal, which it had been classified as illegal under the Necessary and Proper Clause or the Commerce Clause. Doctor charged with female genital mutilation could face life in prison.

The case involved Dr. Jumana Nagarwala who had been awaiting trial on female genital mutilation charges. She was arrested in the summer of 2017 and was released on a $4.5 million bond.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Socialist-Democrats Allow Islamist Hijabs In Da House

Omar swore oath by a fucking-giant- koran.
House Lifts 181-Year-Old Ban for Ilhan Omar: The House of Representatives just lifted a 181-year-old ban against wearing hats on the floor of the House. The ban was instituted in 1837 as a pushback against the British custom to wear hats in parliament.

That tradition will now be changed to allow newly-elected Somiali-Muslim congresswoman Ilhan Omar to wear a hijab when she assumes office as the Democratic representative from Minnesota and appears on the floor of Congress. Sources in the Democratic party confirmed the ban will also be lifted to allow others with religious or medical considerations to wear headgear on the floor of the House.

Commenting on the new policy, Omar said, “There are those kinds of policies that oftentimes get created because people who have blind spots are in positions of influence and positions of power. I think it will be really exciting to see the stuff that we notice within the rules that don’t work for a modern-day America.”

Monday, November 19, 2018

Most Foreign-Born Immigrants Voted For US Democrats

Report: Booming Foreign-Born Population Handing Over Electoral Dominance to Democrats. House Democrats are dominating in districts across the United States that are heavily populated with foreign-born residents, a new report reveals.

An analysis by Axios’s Chris Canipe and Andrew Witherspoon shows the overwhelming trend of foreign-born populations voting Democrats into office over Republicans. For example, in New York’s 15th District, the region goes strongly to Democrats, with a foreign-born population that is near almost 40 percent. Likewise, California’s 34th District, which has a foreign-born population of 46.5 percent, is a Democrat stronghold.

The chart’s most revealing aspect is how congressional districts with a foreign-born population larger than 20 percent swing enormously for Democrats over Republicans. The research, though, does not explain why House Districts with small foreign-born populations continue to be Democratic strongholds.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

OIC-57 and Islamic Canada Condemn Myanmar In UN

OIC Muslims want Burma to be islamized ASAP.
NEW YORK – A United Nations committee on Friday endorsed a resolution turning up the heat on Myanmar over the persecution of its Rohingya Muslim minority.

The measure, pushed by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC-57 Muslim Nations) and Trudaeu’s Islamic Canada to the U.N. General Assembly’s Third Committee charged with human rights, won backing from 142 nations. In addition to Myanmar, China and Russia, seven other countries voted against it and 26 nations — including Japan — abstained.

Myanmar’s representative voiced objections to the resolution, defending the country’s handling of the Rohingya crisis including the setting up of an independent panel to investigate allegations of human rights violations against the Rohingya people.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Islamic Republic Of Iran Is A “Crazy State”

Iran as a 'Crazy State': In 1971, Israeli political scientist Yehezkel Dror identified ideologically-aggressive nations in pursuit of irrational or counter-rational goals as “crazy states.”

Impulsive decision-making and a propensity for Yehezkel Drorextreme risk-taking, Dror believed, made the crazy state one of the most dangerous and misunderstood problems looming in the future. Less than a decade later, the Islamic Republic of Iran, as founded by Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, came to embody precisely the crazy state.

Crazy states pursue their interests in defiance of accepted standards. Like Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, their capricious behavior inspires “stylistic innovations” that Dror claims exceed the ability of rational states to understand, much less predict.

Within months of Khomeini’s revolution on February 1, 1979, completely unforeseen by policy makers, he defied all diplomatic standards by seizing the U.S. embassy in Tehran. Likewise, no one predicted his other innovations—the human wave attack and suicide terrorism.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Online Poker, Pokkies, & Damn Stupid Aussie Pollies!

In August 2016, after being voted on multiple times in both chambers of the Australian legislature the Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill 2016 passed and became law at last. The bloody stupid law basically killed the thriving online poker community in Australia. I was one of them poker players.

Why those motherfucking pollies tried to kill our Aussie online poker community is completely understandable if one is living in Australia especially in Sydney as long as I do, more than thirty years. The Aussie pollies are in the deep pockets of Gambling Mafia (Casinos, Clubs, & Pubs Industry) which wants to kill fledgling online poker industry before it becomes their serious competitor.

I was once a pokkie addict and I managed to rid of my stupid addiction by switching to online poker and along the way making decent living playing online poker without having a permanent job. Four years ago I started on 888 Poker and then Full Tilt Poker and eventually ended with Poker Stars after they took over Full Tile Poker in 2015 or 2016. I was making decent income playing online poker tournaments and I was very happy.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Kyaukphyu: Chinese Deep Sea Port In Indian Ocean

Kyaukphyu Port will be owned by China for next 75 years.
China, Myanmar sign port deal after years of negotiations: China and Myanmar signed an agreement on Thursday to move forward a multi-billion dollar deep sea port project in Kyaukphyu, a strategic town along the coast of the Bay of Bengal, after negotiations dragged for years due to financing and other issues.

At a ceremony in the Myanmar capital of Nay Pyi Taw, the Chinese consortium led by State-owned conglomerate Citic Group signed the framework agreement with the Kyaukphyu Special Economic Zone Management Committee on the development of the deep-sea port.

Under the framework agreement, China will fund 70 percent of the investment for the project and Myanmar will pitch in the remaining 30 percent. The initial phase of the project will include two berths with a total investment of $1.3 billion, according to the agreement. A joint venture will be set up to construct and operate the port.

Trudeau To Let 350,000 Somali-Muslims Into Canada

GUESS WHAT HAPPENS when a leading Western country, our Canada, puts a Somali Muslim in charge of immigration?

With the blessing and backing of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Somali Muslim Immigration Minister, Ahmed Hussen, plans to  increase annual immigration admissions to Canada to 350,000 by 2021…with as many as possible of those immigrants being uneducated, unskilled Somali Muslims who will live off the generosity of Canadian taxpayers for the rest of their lives.

Who cares that just 6 per cent of Canadians want immigration increased,according to an Angus Reid poll from August? Who cares that 90% of Trudeau’s Syrian Muslim refugees don’t have jobs, don’t want to learn the language, and likely will remain on welfare all of their lives?

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Adolf Hitler Was A (National) Democratic Socialist!

Actually, Yes, Hitler Was a Socialist Liberal: A favourite tactic employed by leftists is to describe the Nazis as “right wing,” with Adolf Hitler, their leader, as the grand leader of this “right wing” movement.

Rewriting history is pretty common for leftists, as their history is littered with injustice (the KKK was founded by Democrats, did you know?). Injustices they claim to fight against today. Awkward. But thanks to this nifty thing called “history” in combination with “the internet,” we can bust this myth once and for all. Thoroughly. Or until a leftist insists on ignoring it.

Then we’ll hold them down and tape their eyes open. Just kidding, that’s only what a leftist would do. Adolf Hitler wasn’t “right wing.” If you take nothing else from this post, just remember Hitler was a socialist. With terrible facial hair. There’s an easy way to remember it, too. NAZI stands for National Socialist German Workers’ Party. Associate it with blunt mustaches.

What does National Socialist German Worker’s Party mean? Glad you asked. Is it different from “Democratic socialism”? Only in semantics. A Democracy is mob rule, which is why America is actually a constitutional, representative republic, NOT a democracy. A representative republic protects the minority from the majority, whereas a democracy is the rule of the majority.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Murdoch’s Fox News: Bitterly Hated By Crazy Lefties

 (Staff articles from The VOX and The BLOOMBERG NEWS in November 2018.)

A Financial Times editor calls for a Fox News advertiser boycott: The US editor of the Financial Times is calling for a boycott of companies that advertise on Fox in the wake of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting and the pipe bombs sent to leading Democrats.

“The most effective thing Americans can do is boycott companies that advertise on Fox,” Edward Luce tweeted Saturday. “They bankroll the poison that goes from the studio into Trump’s head. The second is vote.”

The call was an unusual one for a journalist. But Luce — who had tweeted on Friday that Trump “has normalized the language of violence in US politics” — was one of a growing number of prominent voices, including former conservatives who oppose Trump, speaking out against Fox News and Fox Business.

Max Boot, a conservative columnist and former Christian Science Monitor editor, appeared on CNN this morning urging investors to “boycott Fox News until they pull back from the hate.” Earlier last week, the New York Times and NBC News reported that Cesar Sayoc — who is charged in connection to the pipe bomb packages — had a Twitter feed full of “clips from Fox News broadcasts,” while the Pittsburgh shooter was upset by a conspiracy theory, alluded to by Fox News and Fox Business hosts, that Jewish billionaire George Soros was linked to the migrant caravan traveling to the US.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

US Troops Welcoming The Caravans With Razor Wire

US troops lay down barbed wire along border ahead of caravan: As three separate migrant caravans slowly made their way north through Mexico on Saturday, newly arrived US troops worked to lay a barbed-wire fence along the Texas side of the Rio Grande.

The soldiers worked with US Customs and Border Patrol officers to lay about 1,000 feet of fencing along the river, the Defense Department said. The makeshift barrier was installed underneath the McAllen-Hidalgo International Bridge, which crosses into Mexico. The overpass is in the small town of Hidalgo, about 250 miles south of San Antonio.

“I saw that beautiful barbed wire going up,” Trump said at a Saturday campaign rally in Montana. “Beautiful sight.” A Border Patrol spokesman said in an email to The Post the fencing was part of “necessary preparations” for the caravans.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Pre-Paid Master Cards From UN & Soros To Illegals

(Staff articles from The VOICE OF EUROP & MASTER CARD in November 2018.)

UN, EU and Billionaire George Soros provide illegal migrants with prepaid debit cards to fund their trip to and through Europe: How illegal migrants cope financially during their long journeys to and through Europe has been revealed by the Slovenian site Nova24.

According to the site, UNHCR and the EU, in cooperation with MasterCard and Soros, generously hand out prepaid debit cards to the illegal migrants. The cards are equipped with both EU and UNHCR logos. No identity documents are required to obtain or use the cards – instead of the name of the cardholder, “UNHCR” and a number is printed on the card.

According to Nova24, the information comes from a source within the Croatian police, which states that the migrants are well-equipped with newly purchased, high-quality boots, hiking clothes, smartphones and even weapons. During the stopover in the Eastern European countries, they withdraw cash from ATMs to stock up on supplies.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Let Rohingya Refugees Stay Permanently In Bangladesh

(Azeem Ibrahim’s articles from The CENTER FOR GLOBAL POLICY.)

Rohingyas just want to stay in their ancestral
homeland, Bangladesh.
(CNN) The Rohingya crisis in Myanmar is now widely described as ethnic cleansing. But the situation has been evolving. And now, it seems, we can no longer avoid the conclusion we have all been dreading. This is a genocide. And we, in the international community, must recognize it as such.

Article II of United Nation’s 1948 Genocide Convention describes genocide as “any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such: Killing members of the group; Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.”

Though the Rohingya situation has met most of the above criteria for being described as a genocide under international law for a number of years now, the label has been resisted until now because we think of genocide as one huge act of frenzied violence, like the machete insanity in Rwanda or the gas chambers of Nazi Germany.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Maine Democrats Quash Bill To Criminalize FGM

Mass FGM of  baby girls in US of A?
A bill to criminalize female genital mutilation (FGM) in Maine was squashed by House Democrats due to political correctness and misplaced concerns about Islamophobia. The vote ironically came during the “Week of the Young Child.”

The bill would have held the mutilator, consenting parents and/or guardians and the transporters accountable for their part in perpetrating the FGM and exacted penalties from each of these parties. Instead of passing the bill, all the House Democrats save for one, voted against the bill amid ad hominem cries against one of the bill’s sponsors, Republican legislator Rep. Heather Sirocki.

Specifically, the Southern Poverty Law Center published emails between Sirocki and a Maine member of ACT for America, which the law center bogusly claims is “the largest anti-Muslim hate group in the United States.”

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

No More Anchor-Babies: Ending Birthright Citizenship

President Trump Readies Plan to End Birthright Citizenship Via Executive Action: President Donald Trump is moving forward with a plan to end birthright citizenship via executive action, he said in an interview with Axios released on Tuesday.

“On immigration, some legal scholars believe you can get rid of birthright citizenship without changing the Constitution,” Axios’ Jonathan Swan asked President Trump in the video interview. “With an executive order,” Trump replied. “Exactly,” Swan followed up. “Have you thought about that?” “Yes,” Trump replied.

“Tell me more,” Swan implored. “It was always told to me that you needed a Constitutional amendment–guess what? You don’t,” Trump said. “Number one, you don’t need that. Number two, you can definitely do it with an act of Congress. But now they’re saying I can do it with just an executive order. Now, how ridiculous–we are the only country in the world where a person comes in, has a baby, and the baby is essentially a citizen of the United States for 85 years with all of those benefits? It’s ridiculous. It’s ridiculous–and it has to end.”

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Trump: Tent City Detention For All Asylum Seekers

 (Staff articles from The BRIEBART NEWS & NEW YORK TIMES in October 2018.)

A tent city detention camp in West Texas near Mexico border.
Trump: We Will Hold All Asylum Seekers in Tent Cities Until Their Trial. During an interview broadcast on Monday’s edition of the Fox News Channel’s “Ingraham Angle,” President Trump stated that asylum applicants will be held in tent cities until their hearing takes place, and people with rejected asylum applications will “get out.”

Trump stated, “If they apply for asylum, we’re going to hold them until such time as their trial takes place.” He added, “We’re going to put up — we’re going to build tent cities. … We’re going to have tents. They’re going to be very nice, and they’re going to wait, and if they don’t get asylum, they get out.”

There are two paths to asylum in the United States:

First Path To Asylum: In "affirmative asylum" cases, an individual is in the U.S. or has arrived at a point of entry and has declared his or her application for asylum to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services within one year of their arrival in country. A decision can be made by a USCIS asylum officer.