Sunday, October 10, 2010

My First Post

Hello and good day to all my readers!

I have been writing about my birth country Burma for the New Mandala blog hosted by ANU in Australia for almost 3 years and many people often asked me to start my own blog. I believe one reason was some of my writings are too personal and thus not really appropriate for a serious academic blog like New Mandala. And also my writings have become controversial because of the political contents.

For example my current ongoing series - Burma in Limbo - attracts so many adverse critics because of my attempt to correct the widely but wrongly accepted history of modern Burma. So I've created my own blog and I think I should re-post all my writings from New Mandala first and then the continuation of current Burma in Limbo series.

I don't really know how long  that series will go as I am also learning and evolving while working on the series. Thanks for reading my work and please accept my apology for not allowing the comments as my writings are too controversial and also I hate to see negative and hateful comments. Also because of the time constraint as I'm still working to earn my living. My email is if you want to contact me, seriously.

Thanks and you all are welcome! Here are the links to some of my posts on the New Mandala.

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1974 U Thant Uprising
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