Wednesday, July 30, 2014

New Thailand-Myanmar Quasi-Democracy Axis

General Main Aung Hlaing with Thai coup leaders.
The New Thailand-Myanmar Axis. With China’s backing, post-coup Thailand and Myanmar– ASEAN’s quasi-democracies– are moving closer together.

The Thai military staged a coup on May 22, claiming to restore peace and order after months of protests against the elected government of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra. In reality, it was a military scheme to take control of politics ahead of an uncertain royal succession. In the process, it destroyed democratic institutions and violated the people’s human rights.

Immediately after the coup, an army of Western countries voiced their concern about the disappearance of democratic space. Subsequently, they imposed “soft sanctions,” with the United States suspending its financial support for the Thai military and the European Union freezing all cooperation with the kingdom.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Electricity Supply Crisis In Burma By U Tin Latt (EPC)

(Translation of Tin Latt’s post from the MYANMAR EXPRESS on 26 May 2014.)

Ye-ywar Dam Hydro-Electric Generating plant.
Even though I’m a senior engineer from the EPC (Electric Power Corporation) I am not an official spokesperson of EPC. So this post is just to provide general public with basic information on present situation of electricity supply and demand in our country.

Obviously the city consuming most electricity in our country is Rangoon with about 600 MW annually. Second city in the rank of power consumption is Mandalay with nearly 120 MW last year. Behind Mandalay are Naypyidaw at third position with 50 MW, Taung Gyi at fourth with 25 MW, and Mon Ywar with 15 MW at fifth position.

Household wise, even in Rangoon, only two out of three households are electricity connected, that is only 66 percent. Kayar State currently stands at second position with about thirty-five percent of total households connected to main electricity grid, thanks to their close proximity to Lawpita Hydro-Generators at Bilu-chaung. Naypyidaw and Mandalay stand at third and fourth with thirty-four and thirty-three percent respectively.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Ne Win’s Swiss Billions Resurfaced Buying AGD Bank

(Compilation of news articles from Burmese Blogs and newspapers in July 2014.)

Late General Ne Win’s three grandsons have brazenly announced their secret multi-billion dollar purchase of Asia Green Development (AGD) Bank in their public interviews with Burma’s leading media organizations in last week.

AGD, one of the largest privately-owned banks in Burma, has been founded and solely owned by Burma’s richest man Tay Za and just last Monday he reportedly has agreed to sell sixty percent to the private holding company controlled by three grandsons of late dictator Ne Win.

Three brothers Kyaw Ne Win, Aye Ne Win, and Zwe Ne Win were released from their imprisonment only in 2012 after they were arrested and sentenced to death in 2002 for treason. Their grandfather who had fallen foul with the military junta that replaced him had died under house arrest in 2002. His body was unceremoniously burned and ashes thrown away somewhere no one knows.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Myanmar: Enter As Tourist, Exit As Devotee

Myanmar, land of pagodas that shares many similarities with India, is putting its past behind to catch up with modern world.

“Try to be happy. Happiness is important. Even birds and trees should be happy. Do not rush to do many things in the time that you are here for this conference. Then you will enjoy your visit,” advises Michael Chin, chairman of Chin Corp of Myanmar.

I am stunned. Most business leaders focus on enhancing productivity and multi-tasking in short bursts of time to boost sales and profits.

Here is an executive who is counseling his employees and the delegates at an international management conference to focus on being happy. I am flummoxed. True, happy employees produce great results. Yet, no business school or management expert teaches the importance of the happiness of employees or how to measure it.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Siam Cement Group’s Moulmein Cement Plant In Burma

(Compilation of news articles direct from the GLOBAL CEMENT NEWS in March 2014.)

Myanmar: Thailand's Siam Cement Group (SCG) aims to produce nearly 2Mt/yr of cement at its new plant in Myanmar once the US$400m plant starts operations in 2016.

"Our new plant in the country is expected to produce 5000t/day, which is about 2Mt/yr," said Chana Poomee, country director of SCG in Myanmar. "We see a lot of potential in Myanmar because we consider it an ASEAN 'mid-land.' There are very good opportunities here. We believe in the future of Myanmar, so we've decided to invest," he said.

He noted that construction had progressed well, with full support from the government and Mon State. A new 20km road is being constructed while the company repairs many roads in the state.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Freedom: English-speaking Peoples Made Modern World

The book "Inventing Freedom. How the English-Speaking Peoples Made the Modern World." by Daniel Hannan.

The fundamental incoherence of multiculturalism comes from its cultural relativism that posits no one way of life is better than another, but then singles out the West as a uniquely oppressive global villain.

Even more contradictory, at the same time that multiculturalists slander the West for its alleged crimes, they praise and promote political and social ideals––democracy, freedom, equality, and law-based justice–– that flourish only in the West.

This cognitive dissonance is made possible by massive historical ignorance of just where such ideas originated and developed. The great value of Daniel Hannan’s Inventing Freedom lies in its recovery of that history, and the role that the “Anglosphere,” the English-speaking countries, played in recognizing and nurturing those ideals for over 1500 years.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Malaysian Passenger Jet Shot Down Over Ukraine

A Malaysian airliner was shot down over the Ukraine on Thursday — killing all 295 aboard, including 23 Americans — and a top US official blamed Russia’s military.

Rep. Michael McCaul, (R-Texas), the Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, said the passenger jet “was caught in the crossfire” between Ukraine and anti-government rebels and “was shot down by Russians,” who are supporting rebels.

“Clearly that had to have been accidentally [and] not intentionally because it’s a commercial airliner. I don’t know what the motivation would be for it to be intentional,” said McCaul, who said he had been briefed on the crash by government officials. “In either event, it’s going to cause a real international incident.”

Burmese Trafficked Into Slavery On Thai Fishing Trawlers

Burmese slaves on a Thai fishing trawler.
Thousands and thousands of Burmese men and boys are trafficked into slavery on Thai fishing trawlers to catch food for prawns. The Thai fishing industry is built on slavery, with men often beaten, tortured and sometimes killed - all to catch 'trash fish' to feed the cheap farmed prawns sold in the west.

There is nothing but a jagged line of splinters where Myint Thein’s teeth once stood – a painful reminder, he says, of the day he was beaten and sold on to a Thai fishing boat. The tattooed Burmese fisherman, 29, bears a number of other “reminders” of his life at sea: two deep cuts on each arm, calloused fingers contorted like claws and facial muscles that twitch involuntarily from fear.

For the past two years, Myint Thein has been forced to work 20-hour days as a slave on the high seas, enduring regular beatings from his Thai captain and eating little more than a plate of rice each day. But now that he’s been granted a rare chance to come back to port, he’s planning something special to mark the occasion: his escape.

Using a pair of rusty scissors, Myint Thein chops off his long, scraggly locks. He rinses himself down with a hose, slips on his only pair of trousers and, peering out at his surroundings, remembers not to open his mouth too wide. A man with no teeth is easy to remember.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Burmese-Buddhists Victims Of Mandalay Muslim Riots

(Compilation of translated posts from Shin Wirathu’s Blog in July 2014.)

Htun Htun; Burmese-Buddhist killed by Muslims.
Only two men -- one Burmese-Buddhist and one Bengali-Muslim -- were killed but more than 20 Burmese-Buddhists were seriously injured by the Muslim rioters in Mandalay in July one and Two.

For Burmese-Buddhists the particularly alarming aspect of this Muslim riot is that unlike previous anti-Muslim riots all over Burma the perpetrators of this riots mostly were Bengali-Muslim mobs not the usual Burmese-Buddhist mobs.

The Muslim-riots-affected area by the Saudi-Funded giant “Joon Mosque” occupying the whole city block bounded by 27th, 28th, 81st, and 82nd streets in downtown Mandalay have been a Bengali-Muslim stronghold for many years now.

And once the news of Buddhist-Muslim confrontations broke out all those Bengali-Muslims armed with swords and spears and other home-made weapons had come out in force from that area and attacked any Burmese-Buddhist they found on the streets of Mandalay those two days.

And this is the compilation of background crime facts and direct interviews with the victims of Bengali-Muslim rioters in this July Muslim riots in Mandalay the second largest city in Burma now known as Myanmar.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Thuya Thwin: Communist-Turned-Christian Businessman

(Thuya Thwin’s short autobiography from Ko Zaw Aung’s email on 25 January 2014.)

This is the autobiography of my strange or extraordinary life as I recalled it recently. My parents were devout Buddhists and I grew up as a devout Buddhist boy. But I ended up with CPB (Communist party of Burma) in the jungle of North-East Burma after being imprisoned for involving in the student uprisings in late 1970s.

Only when CPB suddenly and unexpectedly imploded in 1991 I became a businessman on the China border and later back in Rangoon and I did start a new life again. To make the long story short, I passed my matriculation in 1974 and got admitted into famous RIT (Rangoon Institute of Technology).

As the only son my parents really wanted me to become an educated one. My original aim too was to study hard at RIT, become a graduate engineer, and get a high-paying job in a foreign country like Singapore or Australia like many of RIT graduate engineers have been doing for years now. But everything changed after that infamous U Thant Uprising in December 1974.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Two Burmese-Buddhist Leaders Murdered In Malaysia

(Compilation of Blog Posts direct from various Burmese Blogs in July 2014.)

Slain Burmese-Buddhist leader Aung Khin "Tony". 
On Seven July one of most prominent Burmese-Buddhist activists working in Malaysia was brutally murdered by the Bengali-Muslims hell bent on killing off all Burmese and Yakhine Buddhists living in Malaysia.

Forty-year-old Burmese-Buddhist “Aung Khin” affectionately known in Buddhist circles in Malaysia as “Tony” was living and working in Penang last twenty years. And he was famously active in helping thousands and thousands of Burmese and Yakhine-Buddhist living and working without documents in Malaysia.

He had been particularly active in helping many undocumented Burmese-Buddhist workers to go back home to Burma by various underground routes known as “Out-Lan” by boat on sea or by foot through jungle borderland.

He even brought in his own mother seventy-four year old Daw Myin Myint Win to Malaysia’s Penang Island so that she could help Burmese-Buddhist community especially many Burmese-Buddhist monks doing religious work there.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Burma’s Muslim Media Playing A Very Dangerous Game

(Compilation of various posts from Myanmar Express & Opposite Eyes in July 2014.)

Aung San Suu Kyi forming the interim government.
So-called Muslim Media in Burma is a large scale propaganda machine financed heavily and solely by Multinational-Muslim-Mafia OIC to rapidly achieve the Islamization of Burma. It comprises a few prominent print journals like “Moon-Te-Nay” or Midday Sun and a few internet and video-broadcasting outfits like “Ka-Mar-Yut Media”.

OIC’s aim basically is, believe it or not, to incite Burmese Buddhists to commit large scale genocide against the Bengali-Muslims or so-called Rohingyas in Burma and then using that genocide as a reason to bring in international forces to secede Arakan from Burma and join  Islamic Bangladesh.

OIC and International Islamists-appeasers like US President Barack Hussein Obama are willing to sacrifice a million Bengali-Muslims in Burma for their bigger goal of claiming the rich land and sea of Burma as part of their ever expanding Islamist Caliphate.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Weapons Captured From Mandalay’s Militant Mosques

(Compilation of news article direct from various Burmese blogs on 7 July 2014.)

Armed Bengali-Muslims of Mandalay.
Caches of assorted weapons were captured from the militant Joon Mosque in Mandalay where a five day long riots killed one Buddhist and one Muslim and severely wounded twelve Burmese Buddhists.

Htun Htun the Buddhist from Nan-shay Ward was killed when his motorbike was violently stopped by a group of armed Bengali-Muslims on 83rd Street between 33rd and 34th streets. His pillion rider Ko Htwe was seriously wounded and now recovering at Mandalay Hospital.

Before Htun Htun was fatally cut down by their swords the attacking Muslims had asked them whether they were Buddhists or Muslims to make sure that their victims were Burmese-Buddhists.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Race Riots In Mandalay After Muslims Raped Buddhist Girl

(Compilation of news article direct from various Burmese blogs on 01July 2014.)

Police confronting the crowds in Mandalay.
(Two were killed and several injured.)
Anti-Muslim race riot is going on since 8 pm last night of July-1 in Mandalay City after the disturbing news of two notorious Muslim brothers widely known as the Mandalay-Mafia kidnapping and violently raping a Burmese-Buddhist girl who works for them broke out on June-30.

The wealthy Bengali-Muslim brothers who own a string of teashops and restaurants in Mandalay City as a cover for their illicit drug trafficking operations are Ne Win and San Maung. After the disturbing news of their violent rape of a young Burmes-Buddhist girl breaking out yesterday more than a thousand Buddhist crowd led by monks gathered at their flagship teashop Sun-Café at the intersection of 82nd Street and 28th Street and demanded justice.

Meanwhile a large group of Mandalay Muslims worrying about the severe impact on their businesses and their lives were already gathering at the Sun-Café to demand the Muslim-Mafia brothers behave or they themselves would kill their fellow Muslims. Situation was so explosive a whole battalion of Burma-Security-Police has taken a position between two large crowds.

Will Aung San Suu Kyi Ever Be Burma’s President?

ASSK rudely sitting beside Buddhist monks.
(That was extremely offensive in Burma
and she calls herself a Buddhist.)
Will Aung San Suu Kyi be president? Odds are lengthening. A year ago, a Lowy Institute panel was asked whether Aung San Suu Kyi would become president of Burma (Myanmar). The question was also raised on The Interpreter.

The answer on both occasions was that such an outcome was far from certain. Powerful forces in Burma were working hard to prevent it. Few informed observers were optimistic about her future. Since then, the odds on the charismatic opposition leader becoming president have lengthened considerably.

When writing about Burma, it is always prudent to begin by saying that its internal affairs are difficult to read, and the country has always had the capacity to surprise. That said, there have been increasing signs that a decision has been made to extend the period of 'disciplined democracy' beyond President Thein Sein's term, and that steps are being taken to ensure that Aung San Suu Kyi cannot contest the presidency after the 2015 general elections.