Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Myths Of So-called Religion Islam & Evil Muslims

Information Warfare: Islamic Myths - September 30, 2014: One reason for the continued Moslem hostility towards Israel is frustration at not being able to get more non-Moslems to agree with or at least understand the Moslem view of the world and Israel.

To most Moslems it’s perfectly natural to hate Jews and insist that Israel should not exist. These are indeed alien concepts to most Westerners and non-Moslems. To get a better idea of where Moslems are coming from consider the fact (based on opinion surveys of Moslems) that most Moslems see themselves as Moslems first, and feel that the non-Moslem world is out to get them.

The intense hatred of Israel is better understood if you keep in mind some key elements of Islamic history. First, Islam is a very intolerant religion. Their scripture calls for any Moslem who converts to another religion be killed.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Tanaka Masahiko: Can ‘A Big Push’ Accelerate Reforms?

Tanaka Masahico; Chief of JICA in Burma.
In January 2013, Myanmar’s arrears to the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the World Bank, and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) were cleared.

This has reopened the way for Myanmar to access large volumes of highly concessional financing from these development agencies, along with full-scale technical advice and capacity building support.

Behind all this was an extraordinary effort by Japan, such as arranging short-term loans to clear Myanmar’s overdue payments not just to JICA but also ADB and the World Bank, as well as forgiving a large portion of the total debt of about 500 billion yen (over US$5 billion) owed to Japan.

Since then, Japan has committed an equivalent of over $700 million (or about 1.3 percent of Myanmar’s GDP) in new assistance in the last fiscal year alone. Of that amount, about $500 million was concessional loans (at a mere 0.01 percent interest per year) that will support much-needed infrastructure investment in electricity generation, regional infrastructure, and the development of the Thilawa industrial zone. Another $200 million, in grant aid and technical assistance will support health, disaster prevention, and agriculture, among others. More is being planned for the new fiscal year, which started in April, and beyond.

Shin Wirathu In Colombo: Alarming Sri Lanka Muslims

Shin Wirathu's arrival at Colombo Airport.
Burma’s leading 969-Monk Shin Wirathu landed at Colombo Airport on midnight  September-26 and welcomed by Singapore Buddhist monks organization Bodu Bala Sena (BBS – Buddhist Power Force) amid Sri Lanka Government-provided tight security personnel.

For his very first overseas trip Shin Wirathu will stay in Sri Lanka for four days mainly attending BBS-organized Monks Congress held at Colombo’s Sugathadasa Indoor Sports Stadium on September-28.

Since Shin Wirathu has refused to stay at a luxury hotel he is accommodated at a Sri Lankan Buddhist monastery. Sri Lanka’s Muslims led by the Sri lank Muslim Council had tried unsuccessfully to block his visit by lodging bitter complaints to Sri Lanka President and Sri Lanka Immigration authorities.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Islamic State’s Muslims Beheaded Woman Rights Lawyer

(News article direct from the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS on 25 September 2014.)

ISIS publically executes Iraqi human rights activist for Facebook posts condemning terrorists' destruction: UN. Islamic State terrorists publicly executed a human rights lawyer after finding her guilty of apostasy, the United Nations said Thursday.

Islamic terrorists detained Samira Salih al-Nuaimi earlier this month after she allegedly posted messages on Facebook condemning the terrorists for destroying religious sites. She was convicted of apostasy in a self-styled Islamic court and publically executed, the U.N. confirmed Thursday.

BAGHDAD — Militants with the Islamic State group publicly killed a human rights lawyer in the Iraqi city of Mosul after finding her guilty of apostasy in a self-styled Islamic court, the United Nations said Thursday.

Samira Salih al-Nuaimi was seized from her home on Sept. 17 after allegedly posting messages on Facebook that were critical of the militants' destruction of religious sites in Mosul. Her Facebook page appears to have been removed since her death.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

George Soros Invests In Burma Through Serge Pun

(Feature article direct from the REUTERS on 24 September 2014.)

Myanmar investment message undermined by politics, sanctions: (Reuters) - The rapid economic transformation of Myanmar, less than two years after transitioning from military control and opening itself to the world, is not without its rough patches, the nation's top economic minister said on Wednesday.

At the same time, George Soros, one of the earliest investors in Myanmar's economy and even more so its social reform, said he was troubled by the slowdown in reforms ahead of next year's elections. Still, he believes multinational companies must be involved in one of Southeast Asia's last untapped areas.

Soe Thane, Myanmar's Coordinating Minister for Economic Development, oversees roughly 11 different economic ministries. The former commander of the Myanmar Navy likened the reform process to driving along a potholed street.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Muslim Terrorist Shot Dead Stabbing Melbourne Cops

Sydney (AFP) - Police in Melbourne have shot dead a "known terror suspect" who stabbed two officers, a day after the Islamic State group called for Muslims to indiscriminately kill Australians, officials said Wednesday.

The 18-year-old, whose passport was cancelled a week ago on security grounds, was killed on Tuesday evening, having arrived at a police station on the outskirts of the city to attend a "routine" interview.

It came as tougher counter-terrorism laws were introduced to Australia's parliament on Wednesday to combat the threat of foreign fighters, with a proposal to criminalise travel to known terror hotspots without a legitimate reason.

Terror suspect Abdul Numan Haider was met by two members of the Joint Counter Terrorism Team and greeted them with a handshake before pulling out a knife and attacking both men, with one stabbed in the head, neck and stomach.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Korean Manufacturers Migrating En Masse To Myanmar

Manufacturers migrating en masse to Myanmar: (Photo) Workers make clothes at a Golden Shine Garment plant in Yangon, Myanmar. A growing number of Korean firms are engaging in mostly labor-intensive sectors and relocating to Myanmar for its cheap labor, abundant natural resources and foreign business-friendly policies.

According to the Korea International Trade Association (KITA), the Southeast Asian country will soon become Asia's largest manufacturing center and Korean firms should actively pursue investment opportunities there.

Myanmar has been attracting a great deal of attention these days from Korean manufacturers seeking to build plants abroad. The Southeast Asian nation, which was once isolated from the rest of the world under its decades-long military dictatorship, has recently opened its doors to the outside world.

Monday, September 22, 2014

The War Between The Judeo-Christian West & Islam

Crusaders are coming back?
In one of the great epics of Western literature, the hero, confronted by numerous and powerful enemies, temporarily gives in to weakness and self-pity. “I wish,” he sighs, “none of this had happened.”

The hero’s wise adviser responds, “So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide.” The old man continues, “There are other forces at work in this world … besides the will of evil.” Some events, he adds, are “meant” to be, “And that is an encouraging thought.”

Indeed it is. Perhaps, today, we are meant to live in these times. Perhaps right here, right now, we are meant to be tested. Maybe we are meant to have faith that other forces are at work in this world, that we are meant to rediscover our strength and our survival skills.

And so the question: can we, the people of the West, be brought to failure despite our enormous cultural and spiritual legacy? Three thousand years of history look down upon us: does this generation wish to be remembered for not having had the strength to look danger squarely in the eye? For having failed to harness our latent strength in our own defense?

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Muslim Inmates Riot In Australia’s Goulburn Jail

Guards storming the Goulburn Jail took over by Muslims.
Goulburn Jail: Allah is the cry in the worst riot for ten years. PRISON officers in riot gear have used tear gas to control maximum security inmates who tore apart Goulburn Jail in a racially fuelled riot ­described as the biggest in 10 years.

With shouts of “Allah Akbar”, prisoners armed with homemade weapons threatened guards and smashed through an internal fence at the state’s toughest jail, which was in lockdown yesterday.

Police investigations are continuing today. Tensions have been running high in the prison system as federal and NSW police step up their surveillance of suspected terrorists and any of their associates inside and outside prisons after the country’s terror alert was raised to high.

Vampires Of Jihad: Evil Muslims Of Islamic State (ISIS)

"Rabie Shehada" The Vampire Of Jihad.
While the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) shocks and horrifies the world with videos of mass executions and beheadings, ISIS terrorist Rabie Shehada, also known as “the Palestinian slayer,” has stepped forward to give appalled onlookers a clearer insight into the evil that inspires him and his colleagues.

In a video he recently posted online, Shehada earnestly and quite proudly explained: “I swear we are a people who love death for the sake of God just as you love to live. I swear we are a people who love drinking blood. We came to slaughter you.”

Let it never be said that Shehada ever suppressed his charm. This particular ISIS vampire has come a long way from studying mechanical engineering at a college in Nazareth Illit in Israel.

Mosque & Slaughterhouse Burned Down In Pa-khoke-ku

The Myit-chay Mosque of the Pa-khoke-ku town in Middle Burma was burned down to the ground by enraged Burmese-Buddhist crowd in the dark night of September-20 after the Bengali-Muslim owner couple of the Myit-chay cattle-slaughter house had viciously beaten their Burmese-Buddhist maid and let their two German Sheppard dogs on her.

The slaughter house and Muslim couple’s own house was also burned down to the ground as the more-than-300 strong enraged Buddhist mob attacked the Muslim properties as the news of the vicious assault on Buddhist woman spread.

Myit-Chay is a town-like large village near the Pa-khoke-ku town. It has more than one thousand Burmese-Buddhist households but its economy is being controlled by about forty households of rich Muslims mainly thriving on illegal cattle slaughtering and beef wholesale businesses serving the Buddhist town.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Mohamad Baryalei: Evil Behind Sydney Beheading Plot

Evil Muslim behind foiled Sydney-Beheading plot.
Who is Mohammad Ali Baryalei, the man accused of conspiring to behead a stranger in Australia? The Afghan-born Australian Muslim accused of conspiring with a Sydney man to behead a random stranger is a former Kings Cross bouncer and part-time actor who now recruits young men to fight with terrorist groups in the Middle East.

Mohammad Ali Baryalei is believed to be the most senior Australian member of the terrorist group Islamic State, having travelled to Syria in April last year. Law enforcement authorities believe he has recruited at least half of the 60 Australians now fighting with Islamic State, also known as ISIL, in Iraq and Syria.

He is reported to have a trusted position in the operational command of the al-Qaeda-linked group. Police will allege that the 33-year-old was intercepted in a telephone conversation with Sydney man Omarjan Azari where plans were outlined to kidnap a stranger in Sydney, behead them on camera and post the footage online.

Before travelling to Syria, Mr Baryalei was a leader in the "Street Dawah" movement in which members proselytised on the streets of Sydney and tried to convert Australians to Islam. Former Street Dawah friend Abdul Salam Mahmoud, who is now in Syria undertaking humanitarian work, said Mr Baryalei was someone he looked to as a leader.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Evil Muslims’s Sickening Plot To Behead A Random Aussie On Sydney Streets

Largest counter-terrorism operation is underway in Sydney.
'Beheading plot' foiled: Claims terror accused plotted to snatch random person off Sydney street. Sickening allegations have emerged about Omarjan Azari, a Sydney man arrested and charged during the biggest counter-terror raids in Australia's history.

7News reporter Robert Ovadia has received information about an alleged plot to kidnap a random person from the streets of Martin Place in Sydney's CBD, execute them by beheading. The alleged intention was to film the act and then post it to social media, with the victim's body draped in an Islamic State flag.

The extent of that plot, whether that is just this individual put before the court this morning or whether it will include some of the other 15 arrested this morning remains to be seen.

Rape Rooms Of Christian Girls For ISIS Evil Muslims

U.S. President Barak Obama is set to reveal his strategy against the Islamic State (ISIS) tonight. Yet, for some, the expected announcement  of increased airstrikes, targeting safe havens in Syria and coalition building will not alleviate their suffering at the hands of this brutal group.

For the Yazidi and other minority girls and women who are being held in secret prisons in Mosul as well as in other locations, life has become an endless nightmare of rapes and beatings.

Cell phone calls the women have been able to make to their families have documented the horror of life for these women and girls as young as the age of 14 who have been abducted by militants from the Islamic State. Not only have these calls been the source of information about their dire condition, but they have been used as well as a form of torture.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Islam Is The Face Of Evil

(TPNN) – “ISIS is not Islamic”, said  Barack Obama as he gave yet another vapid speech to say what he will or will not do next about the threat of Islam. What he said is both idiotic and a lie. ISIS calls itself the Islamic State.

Obama used the word “war” only once, but ISIS is all about war—an Islamic holy war that has been waged since 632 AD. The one person neither named, nor blamed is the so-called prophet, Mohammad, yet everything being done by the jihadists today is being done in his name.

In his memoir, “Dreams from my Father”, Obama, in the preface to its second edition, wrote: “Nor do I pretend to understand the stark nihilism that drove the terrorists that day (9/11) and that drives their brethren still. My powers of empathy, my ability to reach into another’s heart, cannot penetrate the blank stares of those who would murder innocents with abstract, serene satisfaction.” And therein is the problem that he, as President, and we as citizens must address.

Monday, September 15, 2014

The First US Army Cyber Warfare Brigade

September 14, 2014: The first American Army Cyber Protection Brigade recently became active. This unit was created to provide quick and competent personnel for setting up and maintaining network defenses, as well as experienced personnel to investigate and deal with intrusions.

The core of the brigade are the twenty cyber protection teams. Each contains 39 military and civilian network security experts. To provide the military personnel the army has created a special MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) so qualified personnel can make a career of this work.

This MOS (25D, Cyber Network Defender) is open to all qualified military personnel. Currently there are 700 troops with the 25D MOS and more are being sought. The 25Ds are in high demand, and they are supplemented by qualified civilians, who are more expensive. Since highly skilled 25Ds will always be tempted to leave the army and take better paying civilian jobs the army will, as it does with other specialists (like Special Forces troops) offer big cash reenlistment bonuses to 25Ds they want to keep.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Monks Forming Buddhist Army & Declare War On Islam

(Translated articles direct from the SHIN WIRATHU BLOG in September 2014.)

A DKBA soldier of 969-Buddhist Militia.
On August-29 Wednesday, al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri announced in the video statement released that the group was establishing a new branch called "Qaedat al-Jihad in the Indian sub-continent", which would take the jihadist fight to India, Bangladesh and Burma.

In the video, Zawahiri singles out Assam, Gujarat and Kashmir, along with Bangladesh and Burma, as territories al-Qaeda's new organisation would target.

The credible threat alarmed Burmese authorities and Burmese people especially the dominant group of Buddhist monks informally known as 969 monks and formally known as Ma-Ba-Tha (Association for The Protection of Burmese Race and Buddhist Religion).

As an appropriate response leading Buddhist monks of Ma-Ba-Tha Central released following declaration against Islamist Jihad waging in Burma the land of Burmese Buddhist people.

Saudis Must Stop Exporting Islamic Extremism

Muslims Only traffic lanes in Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia Must Stop Exporting Extremism, for ISIS Atrocities Started With Saudi Support for Salafi Hate.

ALONG with a billion Muslims across the globe, I turn to Mecca in Saudi Arabia every day to say my prayers. But when I visit the holy cities of Mecca and Medina, the resting place of the Prophet Muhammad, I am forced to leave overwhelmed with anguish at the power of extremism running amok in Islam’s birthplace.

Non-Muslims are forbidden to enter this part of the kingdom, so there is no international scrutiny of the ideas and practices that affect the 13 million Muslims who visit each year.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Australia Raises Threat Level To “HIGH” Very First Time

Australian Army Black Hawk flew over Sydney Harbour
during a counter-terrorism drill.
SYDNEY (Reuters) - Australia on Friday raised its terror threat level to 'high' for the first ever time, citing the likelihood of terrorist attacks by Australian citizens radicalised in Iraq or Syria, despite stressing there was no knowledge of a specific attack plan.

Australia is concerned over the number of its citizens believed to be fighting overseas with Islamist militant groups, including a suicide bomber who killed three people in Baghdad in July and two men shown in images on social media holding the severed heads of Syrian soldiers.

David Irvine, the director general of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO), flagged the prospect of lifting the threat level on Tuesday, citing the growing risk posed by the returning fighters.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

9-11 Monstrosity, Free Money, And Pisslam

The early morning of September 11, 2001 in America was late night in Dee Why of Sydney where I had been living for many years since December 1988. In the year of 2001 I was already trading ASX-200 Share Price Index (SPI) at SFE (Sydney Futures Exchange) for nearly three years.

It was a Tuesday and that night I couldn’t sleep early and ending up lying comfy on the couch and watching a TV drama on ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) TV. Then just before midnight the TV screen suddenly started displaying “Breaking news: Passenger jet plane crashed into one of the World Trade Centre twin towers in New York City.” at the bottom of the TV screen.

Very soon the regular program was abruptly stopped and the horrific scenes of a large two-turbine-engine Boeing plane entering the North Tower like a hot knife into a block of butter was being repeatedly shown.

British Muslim Bitches Running Brothels Filled With Captured Iraqi Christian Women And Girls

False-prophet Mohamad sanctioned rape and murder of girls.
British female jihadis running ISIS 'brothels' allowing killers to rape kidnapped Yazidi women. Members of the all-women al-Khanssaa Brigade in Raqqa, Syria, are running brothels for evil Islamic State murderers.

British Muslim female jihadis are running brothels full of Christian women kidnapped and forced into sex slavery by Islamic State militants. It is understood they are members of an ultra-religious IS ‘police’ force tasked with looking after girls captured from the Yazidi Christian tribe in Iraq.

As many as 3,000 Iraqi women have been taken captive in the last two weeks by the terror group. Sources suggest that members of the all-women al-Khanssaa Brigade in Raqqa, Syria, are running brothels to satisfy the fighters’ desires.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Ali Baryalei: Afghan Refugee, Sydney Criminal, ISIS Boss

(Compilation of articles direct from the Australian Media in August-September 2014.)

Sydney ISIS Boss Mohamad Ali Baryalei.
ABC 7:30 Report: 
Mohammad Ali Baryalei: Australia's most senior member of Islamic State funnelled fighters onto the frontline of Syria, Iraq wars. Police say in April 2013 Mohammad Ali Baryalei travelled to Syria to fight with Islamic militants.

A 7.30 investigation has uncovered Australia's most senior member of the Islamic State militant group, who authorities say has funnelled scores of Australian fighters onto the frontline of the wars in Syria and Iraq.

Australian authorities say 33-year-old jihadist Mohammad Ali Baryalei, from Sydney, has a trusted position in Islamic State (IS) operational command and has facilitated the recruitment of at least half of the 60 Australians currently fighting in the wars.

7.30 has been told Baryalei, an Afghan refugee and former Kings Cross nightclub bouncer, recruited a who's who of Australian IS fighters, including Khaled Sharrouf and and Mohamed Elomar, boys as young as 17, and at least seven Australians who would go on to be killed in Syria and Iraq.

George Soros’s Socialists Defending Evil Islam

Soros's Tides Foundation behind anti-Islamophobia campaign.
Imagine Holocaust victims’ families sponsoring an ‘anti-Naziphobia’ campaign 13 years after WW2?

Mull that over for awhile as you try to get your head around the announcement that a group of 9/11 families is sponsoring an ‘anti-Islamophobia’ campaign. Family members of September 11 victims are taking a stand against Islamophobia with a new bus ad campaign designed to promote religious ‘tolerance’ (an idea virtually non-existent in Islam).

HUFFINGTON POST:  Sponsored by September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows, the ad’s launch coincides with a symposium on gun violence and hate crimes taking place on September 6 in New York City. The symposium will encourage dialogue between panellists and audience members with the intention of discussing solutions to religious intolerance.

Friday, September 5, 2014

20 Years Jail & Caning For Malaysian Gays And Lesbians

The Malaysian states of Penang and Malacca, which retain a colonial-era penal code criminalizing sodomy, are considering even stricter laws against the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender communities, allowing them the authority to punish offenders twice.

A man or woman convicted of homosexuality could be sentenced to caning and up to 20 years in jail, according to current laws. The two states are proposing changes by which a Muslim homosexual could be punished under both federal and religious charges, meaning that jail terms could increase, a Reuters report stated.

Mohd. Ali Rustam, the chief minister of Malacca, explained that as an Islamic nation, they could not allow homosexuality in the name of human rights. So many people like to promote human rights, even up to the point they want to allow lesbian activities and homosexuality, Ali told Reuters, In Islam, we cannot do all this. It is against Islamic law, adding that Muslim homosexuals would also be required to attend counseling.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

The MYTH Of The Tiny Radical Muslim Minority

His grandfather, father, and stepfather
were all Muslims, he must be one.
Over the weekend, former President Jimmy Carter attended the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) conference in Detroit. There, he assured Muslims that the “principles of Allah” were designed to “bring peace and justice to all.” ISNA’s ties to terror-supporters are quite deep.

But Carter isn’t alone. For years, American leaders have lectured Muslims on the nature of Islam, in the fruitless hope that pooh-poohing Islamic extremism as a fringe element will somehow convince Muslims all over the world that America is more of a friend to them than Islamic radicals are.

This week, Barack Obama said, “ISIS speaks for no religion” -- which comes a shock to those who live in the world of reality, given that ISIS certainly speaks for a certain segment of a religion. Eric Holder has said that radical Islam is not consistent with the teachings of Islam.

For years, George W. Bush assured Americans that Islamic extremists represented but a tiny minority of Muslims. Hillary Clinton wrote in her new memoir Hard Choices that “Not all Islamists are alike…it is in America's interest to encourage all religiously based political parties and leaders to embrace inclusive democracy and reject violence.”

President Thein Sein In Germany For European Visit

(Press releases direct from direct from the Office of the President of Myanmar.)

Nay Pyi Taw, 1 Sept: President U Thein Sein and party left Nay Pyi Taw at 5 p.m. on Monday to pay official visits  to  Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

The President and party were seen off at Nay Pyi Taw Airport by Vice Presidents Dr Sai Mauk Kham and U Nyan Tun, Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, union ministers, senior military  officers,  deputy  ministers and officials.

The president was accompanied by union ministers U Wunna Maung Lwin, U Ye Htut, U Soe Thane, U Ohn Myint, U Nyan Tun Aung and U Khin Maung Soe, deputy ministers Dr Win Myint and U Than Swe and officials.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sotloff: American-Jew Lover Of Islam Beheaded By ISIS

Latest victim of ISIS Steven Sotloff was Jewish grandson of two Holocaust survivors who had joint Israeli citizenship - and a deep love for the Islamic world. Sotloff's mother Shirley is the daughter of two Holocaust survivors who moved to Florida

Friends say he developed a deep love for the Islamic world, Kept Judaism secret from captors by feigning illness when he had to fast, Reported for Time, World Affairs and the Christian Science Monitor, Was based in Libya before he began reporting from Syria.

Steven Sotloff was the grandson of two Holocaust survivors who was fully aware of the risks of reporting from Middle East - and made it his career anyway. The Jewish journalist - who held joint American and Israeli citizenship - spoke fluent Arabic and had a showed a deep love for the Islamic world before he was captured by ISIS militants in Syria in 2013. He was executed by them on Tuesday.