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9-11 Monstrosity, Free Money, And Pisslam

The early morning of September 11, 2001 in America was late night in Dee Why of Sydney where I had been living for many years since December 1988. In the year of 2001 I was already trading ASX-200 Share Price Index (SPI) at SFE (Sydney Futures Exchange) for nearly three years.

It was a Tuesday and that night I couldn’t sleep early and ending up lying comfy on the couch and watching a TV drama on ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) TV. Then just before midnight the TV screen suddenly started displaying “Breaking news: Passenger jet plane crashed into one of the World Trade Centre twin towers in New York City.” at the bottom of the TV screen.

Very soon the regular program was abruptly stopped and the horrific scenes of a large two-turbine-engine Boeing plane entering the North Tower like a hot knife into a block of butter was being repeatedly shown.

9-11: The History-changing Monstrosity committed by the Muslims

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing on the TV screen for nearly 20 minutes at first. But I soon realized that was not an accidental crash. While ABC the left-wing public-owned TV of Australia was still declaring the incident as a probable accident not a terrorist attack I had no doubt of it as the terrorist attack with no precedence.

Definitely in my opinion that was a deliberate attack by some suicidal-maniac terrorists who had hijacked a jet plane laden with hundreds of innocent passengers and used it as a WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction) to kill thousands more innocent civilians working inside the tall office tower.

Hijacked Flight-175 just before entering South Tower.
Just a couple of weeks before that night I saw a rerun-program on TV of Palestinian terrorists hijacking two or three passenger planes and eventually blowing up all in some abandoned airstrip.

Within half an hour I was confirmed by another attack. This time another but similar passenger jet plane flew directly into the remaining South Tower with such clarity that even the Muslim-friendly and politically-correct ABC had to concede now that both acts could be deliberate terrorist attacks.

No one organization or nation had ever mounted such blatant attack on the lives of thousands of innocent civilians deliberately in whole world’s view before. Not even Hitler the mad maniac did similar act during the Second World War. No one else but only Muslim extremists would be mad enough to commit such heinous crimes and let all the people of world see it with their own eyes. “Why?” I asked myself.

A thought suddenly entered my mind. The World Trade Centers all over the world are the most prominent commercial buildings of importance whether they are in New York or even in Bangkok. Especially the New York one and the Islamists simply wanted to destroy or shake the root of American Economy as the United States is the beacon of freedom and democracy for the whole world. The same human-world the mad Islamists have vowed to Islamize and enslave in the name of their paedophile-rapist and mass-murderer false-prophet Mohammad.

Jumpers from Twin Towers (September 11, 2001).
The tremendous effects on the world financial markets could be extremely devastating, I thought, and immediately remembered the two SPI contracts I left as LONGs overnight back at the SFE today. It sent a shiver through my spine as I could seriously be in a double trouble if US markets dropped significantly.

I picked up the phone and speed-dialled straight to the overnight dealer desk at my broker’s trading room which was being run continuously from Sunday night to early-morning Saturday every week covering the financial markets all over the whole world.

The duty-broker there confirmed my worst nightmare that all US financial markets didn’t even open that day after the early-morning WTC attacks and would be closed indefinitely.

That was how a jumper ended on the road below.
The duty-broker also told me the European markets were crashing down initially but were recovering now. And our Aussie overnight markets had also crashed down immediately shadowing the European markets but were now recovering.

He also advised me that probably the shorts would be coming back soon to test new lows. His advice basically matched with my reasoning that the recovery rally that night both in Europe and Australia could be just what they called as Dead-Cat-Bounces.

So I told him to close my two LONGs and I then sold a couple of SPI contracts short over the phone, then watched the TV some more, and later went to bed after planning to visit trading room early morning next day.

Free Money for every short on the SFE's SPI Trading Pit

I got up early next day the September-12 and went to the trading room on George Street near the SFE trading floor on Grosvenor Street heading onto the Harbour Bridge. Time was about 9 in the morning and the large room was already packed almost shoulders-to-shoulders with traders like me.

What surprised me there was that my SHORTs were winning only moderately by then as I had made only 10 points each on my two overnight SHORTs. Closing of the US markets on 9-11 had softening effects on the potential drops in other financial markets. Then to my horror I saw the SPI coming back up as the day-session of Australian Futures Markets opened at 9:50 that morning. Thus I took profits at 5 points below my entry and made A$ 250 at A$ 25 a point a SPI contract.

At ten sharp the ASX (Australian Stock Exchange) opened and the slow descent of stocks started and our SFE’s SPI (Share Price Index that mirrors ASX-200 index) started dropping rapidly again. Suddenly we heard the loud yells of “FREE MONEY, FREE MONEY, Sell, Sell!”reverberating inside the unusually-packed trading-room.

The yells were from a group of big traders who had similar experiences from previous crashes and their sinister plan obviously was to force the SPI down and thus crash the ASX-200 index. Each of them was also loudly selling 50 lots of SPI at market prices. Once having the clear knowledge of their intentions I rushed in with the selling mob and shorted 5 SPIs myself.

At first the ASX didn’t appear to be dropping as rapid as SPI which were basically more than 20 points down in less than ten minutes. But the cash market finally gave in and dropped like a stone. The discount-gap between SPI and ASX-200 was so big the arbitragers from big financial institutions had no choice but to sell the Australian equities short.

Within half an hour the SPI had dropped nearly 30 points and then rapidly bounced back up as the ASX-200 stopped dropping and then hovering at about 20 points below the opening level. And the big traders began to close their large SHORTs by buying back SPI contracts. So I took queue from them and bought back my 5 SPI contracts at 20 points gain giving me a handsome profit of A$ 2,500 in less than 30 minutes.

And believe it or not the loud yells of “FREE MONEY! FREE MONEY!” started again in less than half-an-hour and another bout of selling SPI began again. The Cash or ASX-200 followed the rapidly-dropping SPI again and repeated the steep-drop and dead-cat-bounce second time for that day September 12, 2001.

And believe it or not I made another 2,500 dollars again by selling 5 SPI contracts again. The same pushing-down-SPI process was repeated at least four times that morning and by 2 in the afternoon I had pocketed more than 10,000 dollars by shorting 5 SPIs five times that day alone. That day definitely is the best ever one day trading of my futures-trading life.
And the following was what happened drastically on the US equities and futures markets when the US markets re-opened a week later on September 17, 2001.
(INVESTOPEDIA: To prevent a stock market meltdown, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the Nasdaq did not open for trading on Tuesday morning, September 11, 2001. When American Airlines Flight 11 crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center at 8:46am, and American Airlines Flight 175 hit the South Tower at 9:03am, it was obvious that American was under attack. (For more, read Terrorism's Effects On Wall Street.)

The assumption that a coordinated terrorist assault by Islamic radicals had targeted some of the country's most iconic structures and institutions was confirmed some time later that morning when a plane hit the Pentagon, and a fourth hijacked plane bound for Washington, D.C., was brought down by passengers in Shanksville, PA.

Anticipating market chaos, panic selling and a disastrous loss of value in the wake of the attacks, the NYSE and the Nasdaq remained closed until September 17, the longest shutdown since 1933. 

Moreover, many trading, brokerage and other financial firms had offices in the World Trade Center and were unable to function in the wake of the tragic loss of life and collapse of both towers.

On the first day of NYSE trading after 9/11, the market fell 684 points, a 7.1% decline, setting a record for the biggest loss in exchange history for one trading day. At the close of trading that Friday, ending a week that saw the biggest losses in NYSE history, the Dow Jones was down almost 1,370 points, representing a loss of over 14%. The Standard and Poor's (S&P) index lost 11.6%. An estimated $1.4 trillion in value was lost in those five days of trading.)
That day was my very first day witnessing a more than 10% drop on Australian equities and futures market in a single day.

That day also was the very first day I heard and read about the awful terms “Political- Islam”, “Islamophobia”, and“Islamophobe” on US TV broadcasts and also the world’s financial websites like Bloomberg and Reuter as I spent the whole day making money in a trading-room well equipped with massive LCD screens broadcasting non-stop the world news and the movements of prices from the world financial markets all over the world.

Mohammad Atta.
The message of the day was loud and clear. We were to be fearful of political Islam as the crazy Islamists were going to destroy the Capitalism and the world economy and eventually the modern world as we knew of then. The 9-11 and the aftermath of it had basically scared the living shit out of us.

IMHO a major religion with nearly 1.5 billion followers -- many of them could behave exactly like that Saudi Arabian Mohammad Atta and 18 others suicidal Muslims flying passenger-laden planes into two office-towers filled with thousands of innocent people -- fanatically and blindly believing in that old book called Quran which promises a sexual paradise supposedly filled with sexy virgins to satisfy the Muslim suicide-bombers is much, much more than scary.

9/11 (9-11-01) Exactly Is Quran Verse 9:111  

QURAN (9:111): “Lo! Allah hath bought from the believers their lives and their wealth because the Garden (Paradise) will be theirs: they shall fight in the way of Allah and shall slay and be slain.” 

Promising the EVIL SEXUAL ISLAMIC PARADISE Quran verse 9:111 is the most evil, depraved, diabolical, immoral teaching in all of Islam. Verse 9:111 means what it means.

Any Muslim who is killed or who kills in the name of that false-prophet Mohammad is guaranteed accession to an evil sexual paradise filled with full-breasted and lustrous-eyed virgins who regenerates as virgins after every intercourse and whom these killers, murderers, and suicide killers can fuck for all eternity. What a load of shit!
    (72 black-eyed virgins waiting for every Muslim suicide-bomber in Allah's Heaven)

Political Islam (Pisslam) and Phobia of it (Pisslamophobia)

Since early 1990s well before 9-11 the widely-hated Islamists have a favourite term specially invented to scare off the bloody infidels who hated them the Islamists. The term is “Islamophobia”.

According to Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, a founder member of extremist U.S. Muslim Brotherhood network, “This loathsome term is nothing more than a thought-terminating cliché conceived in the bowels of Muslim think tanks for the purpose of beating down critics of Islam and Muslims.”

Widely wielded and frequently used as a political weapon the term Islamophobia is applied to any critic of Islam to silence them as there supposedly is a tremendous fear of being labelled a bigot or a racist or an Islamophobe which, by the way, applies to one whether one is inside Islam or outside Islam.

Before 9-11 I was basically not a Muslim-hater in any sense. In former-British-colony Burma where I was born and grew up Indian Muslims were everywhere as Burma used to be a part of British Indian Empire and poor Muslims from India were greatly encouraged by the British colonial masters to move into Burma en mass since 1826 the year our Burma lost First Anglo-Burmese War.

I used to live just across a huge Sunni mosque in Downtown Rangoon and I had Muslim childhood friends and I even dated and slept with Muslim girls and women all my young and free life back in Rangoon. Even though I had witnessed much odd behaviour of Muslims in Burma I had never really hated them Muslims.

Experiences like the coerced-conversion of Buddhist girls and young Buddhist women and verbally-abusing and physically-attacking of Buddhist monks by the Muslims in Burma have been frequently happening right in front of my own eyes but they never really bothered me till the 9-11 incidents shocked me to bones.

I used to see Islam as just another religion like our Buddhism or Christianity. Back then I was just a young and naïve Buddhist. But when I moved to Sydney in Australia I was shocked by very common hostile anti-Muslim attitude of white Australians. They see Islam as a rival political system not another religion.

They see Muslims as alien-invaders trying to destroy their ways of life from within like termites slowly eating away a wooden church building. They are eventually proven right as some parts of Sydney now are basically Sharia-controlled no-go Muslim-zones even for well-armed NSW police force. Muslim population of Sydney has well passed 5% the critical mass for serious Muslim disturbances in any non-Muslim nation.

Now I know very well what Islam is. Islam is a fully-politicized and totally-militarized uncompromising belief system that is fundamentally unable and not willing to accommodate or co-inhabit with other belief systems including any other religion and non-religious systems such as atheism or secularism of this rapidly shrinking world. By monstrous 9-11 atrocities the Islamist Muslims have shown the world their true self.

There is no religion Islam but PISSLAM (Political-Islam) and I believe I am a PISSLAMOPHOBE as I am truly fearful of PISSLAMISTs trying to destroy our belief, our freedom, our democratic-secular way of life, and ultimately our dear lives.

"Not every Muslim is a terrorist, but every terrorist is a Muslim!"

 (Secularist Egyptians rounding up Muslim Brotherhood's Pisslamists for execution later.)

At approximately 11.00pm Sydney time on September 11, 2001 the Australian financial markets received a substantial shock following the terrorist incident which resulted in the almost immediate closure of the US financial markets.

European markets already open at that time remained opened until their normal closing hours, which were not extended. With both European and the USA financial markets closed, SFE was, for a period of some hours, the only international financial market open for business.

SFE senior executives met in the immediate hours after the terrorist incident to consider an appropriate response to the event with the two initial options being to remain open, or to close.

Participants were contacted and their views as to the preferred course of action canvassed. On balance, Participants exhibited no preference to either close or remain open. Since SFE delivers risk management tools to a global customer base via an almost 24-hour market, whilst the market operates in a 'fair and orderly' manner, it is SFE’s view that there is prima facie no justifiable reason to close.

Despite the almost immediate change in the value of debt and equity instruments, trading activity was considered to be both fair and orderly. Given the market volatility, the effect of the likely increase in variation margins was immediately assessed for each Participant, with the main issue under immediate consideration being the potential consequence if pending margin calls were to increase in the event that the market did not stabilise but continued to decline.

Accordingly, trading activity and changes in debt and equity prices were monitored very closely throughout the early morning of the 12th and over the following days. In the event, the markets did not continue to decline but in fact stabilised before recovering some of the early losses.

Margin obligations did not deteriorate from initial levels and as trading continued to be executed in a 'fair and orderly' manner, SFE did not consider there to be a sufficiently compelling reason to close.

Accordingly, SFE’s market remained open until the normal close of the night session at 7.00am on September 12th, with SFE executives liaising closely with ASIC and the Reserve Bank of Australia throughout.

Upon the decision to remain open being made, executives advised other domestic and regional Exchanges – including ASX, HKSE, TIFFE, and SGX - as soon as possible.
    (Muslim-hijacked second plane entering the South Tower of WTC on 9-11 morning.)
                                                  (Tragic Jumpers of WTC Twin Towers on 9-11.)
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