Monday, September 30, 2013

Ten Last Lives Of Our Lord Buddha - Introduction

Our Lord Buddha preaching 5 hermits into  Buddhism.
Ten last past lives of our Lord Buddha Goddama – reincarnated one after another – were the last ten past lives of our Lord Buddha’s 550 previous lives before he was born again last time in 563 BC as prince Theik-dart-ta (Siddhartha) and finally gained enlightenment in around 530 BC and died in 483 BC.

I still remember these memorable stories of our Lord Buddha’s previous lives being taught by old Buddhist monks when I was in Mawgyun National Primary School – known as the National School in Mawgyun because it once was part of the old National-Buddhist-Schools System which was parallel to the  missionaries-run Christian schools during the British colonial times in Burma.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Aussies Turning Back Muslim-Boats To Indonesia, Hooray!

Night-transfer of Boat-Muslims at sea to Indonesia.
Australian authorities send asylum seekers back to Indonesia after interception at sea. For the second time in 24 hours, Australian authorities are attempting to return asylum seekers to Indonesia after rescuing them at sea.

The Australian Customs ship, ACV Triton, is attempting to get permission to enter Indonesian waters to offload 31 asylum seekers rescued overnight. If permission is granted it will be the second time since yesterday that Australian rescue authorities have returned asylum seekers to Indonesia.

The latest group was rescued from a broken boat early this morning. The ABC has been told that the Triton is now sitting off Timor waiting for permission to enter Indonesian territory. The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) told its Indonesian equivalent Basarnas the "preference is for a transfer at sea" to Indonesian authorities.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bengali-Muslims In Burma Want To Go Home

(Compilation of translated articles from various Burmese and Bengali blogs last week.)

A resettlement-village for Buddhists fleeing Bangladesh.
The recent news coming from the Bengali-Muslim illegals in Burma’s Maungdaw District are indicating that many Bengali-Muslims originally from neighbouring Bangladesh now living in Ah-le-than-gyaw village in Maungdaw are preparing to go back into Bangladesh.

Formerly a Yakhine-Buddhist village the Ah-le-than-gyaw was brutally attacked by Bengali-Muslims from Bangladesh’s Teknaf District across the Naff River in May 1942 during the lawless chaos of Second World War.

Back then the large Yakhine-Buddhist village of Ah-le-than-gyaw, now the biggest Bengali-Muslim (so-called Rohingya) village with a large UNHCR supply depot and their area-HQ, was the main Buddhist village with a small police station in Maungdaw-South region.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Al Shabaab: Somali Muslim Terrorists

Ugandans killed in Al Shabaab's Kampala blast (2013).
In Nairobi, Kenya the fighting with Somali al Shabaab gunmen in a mall continues. The government says that most hostages have been freed and that troops are closing in on the remaining terrorist gunmen.

An Internet announcement said the terrorists in the mall were holding hostages, which they would kill if security forces continued attacking them.

Last night the government said the mall was being cleared and would soon be safe. The hostages have been used as human shields, complicating army and police efforts to eliminate the terrorists inside the mall. Al Shabaab describes the mall attack, which has left nearly a hundred dead and 200 wounded, as retaliation for Kenyan peacekeepers coming into Somalia to fight the Islamic terror group.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Rambo Maung Maung Khin’s Fighting Peacock (4)

(Maung Maung Khin, recently deceased, originally was a student warrior from the Battalion-701 of notorious ABSDF-North and he acted in 2008 Sylvester Stallone’s overly-exaggerated anti-Burmese movie Rambo-4 as the ridiculously-sadist Burmese-Army-Colonel Tint. This post is the translation of his article from KOZAN Blog.) 

My head was spinning and light-headed because of excessive bleeding from my wound, my lack of sleep, and all the cordite smoke I’d been inhaling. I also reckoned that Ba Nyar might be feeling the same as me.

After having sewed and bandaged our flesh wounds our men brought rice and curry for us. The curry was a beef curry. Once after the meals we began to feel sleepy. So they let us sleep and when we woke up we were told to go stay at the hospital. So we went to the field hospital and the Medic there took our names and then showed us a place to lie down.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Somali Muslims Slaughter Non-Muslims in Nairobi Mall

British nationals were last night ‘undoubtedly’ caught in the terrorist atrocity in the Kenyan capital Nairobi, which has left at least 43 people dead and 200 injured at a shopping centre, said Foreign Secretary William Hague.

It has now been claimed the terrorist organisation responsible for the horror was Tweeting updates while it carried out its attack on the Westgate Shopping Centre earlier today.

Mr Hague said a British rapid deployment consular team was on its way to Kenya and the Government will chair an emergency Cobra committee meeting.

But he could not confirm if any British nationals were killed or injured. The Foreign Office confirmed that British consular staff were already at the scene and were visiting hospitals where the dead and injured were taken.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hezbollah: The Lebanese Muslim Terrorist Group

Hezbollah has helped turn the tide of civil war in Syria. What makes the Lebanese Shiite militia such a deadly fighting force?

This briefing article “Hezbollah:The Middle East’s Wild Card” from the US-based “The Week” news magazine published on July 13, 2013 answers that question precisely.

What is Hezbollah?

It's a Shiite political movement, terrorist organization, and now, freelance army dedicated to the destruction of Israel. Launched as a small terrorist group specializing in suicide bombings and kidnappings, Hezbollah now operates a state-within-a-state in Lebanon.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

KIA Executed ABSDF-North's Rambo Maung Maung Khin?

Min Htay (a) Rambo Maung Maung Khin with Sylvester
Stallone while filming Rambo-4. He is rumored to have
been executed by KIA insurgents in Laiza.
Since August 28 this year KIA (Kachin Islamist Army - or - Kachin Independence Army) Kachins have disarmed their puppet army the ABSDF-North and put most of them in KIA jail in Laiza and their three leaders under house arrest.

According to an escaped-member of ABSDF-North the nasty conflict was triggered by recent peace negotiations between Burmese government and ABSDF (All Burma Student Democratic Front) the mother organization of ABSDF-North.

“Our ABSDF-North had been defunct for many years till late 2012 when KIA regrouped us and rearmed us to gain political advantage during Burma Army’s huge offensive against KIA as their HQ in Laiza almost fell into the army’s hands.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

U.S. Humongous Debt, Commie China, and Printing Money

United States owes more than combined national debts carried by all other nations of the world, period. According to the US Treasury Department the humongous national debt of United States is now standing at $16,867,519,018,967 (nearly $17 trillion) at this moment and still growing rapidly.

There is a common knowledge that China is the largest holder of US national debt which basically is all outstanding US securities such as Bonds and Notes issued by the United States Treasury.

That common knowledge is not correct as the largest holder of US national debt is the United States Federal Reserve, not Communist China. Out of more than $16 trillion debt Federal Reserve holds $1.66 trillion while China holds only $1.276 trillion as of June 2103.

China is only the larget foreign holder of US National Debt not the largest holder of US National Debt. So why is the Federal Reserve the largest holder of US National Debt or the largest owner of US Treasury Securities? The answer is quite simple. United States is madly printing money left and right and recklessly spending it.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Islamic Genocide Of Christians In Iraq

(Translated article direct from Al Monitor on August 13, 2013: Decade of Violence Threatens To Uproot Iraq's Christians By Bassem Francis Hanna Translated from Al-Hayat Pan Arab.)

Christian deaths of Our Lady of Salvation Church attack.
This fall, Rafael Aichoa, an Iraqi Christian in his 40s, will emigrate to Australia, joining the rest of his brothers and relatives. Aichoa realized that his connection to his ancestors' land had completely come to an end late last year, when he discovered his parents' mutilated bodies.

Violence and the Rise of Extremist Currents Threaten to Empty Iraq of Its Christians in 10 Years. With the rise of internal disputes and religious extremism, Iraqi Christians are fleeing Iraq at alarming rates.

Only four months earlier, Aichoa had found the body of his brother Edmond dumped in a trash pile in Baghdad's southern Doura district. Unlike Aichoa's parents and brother, Saad Touma, a young Christian Iraqi, succeeded in escaping from his captors in the winter 2008. Now, along with the rest of his family, Touma is preparing to leave the relatively safe Iraqi Kurdistan Region for Turkey as a prelude to permanent migration to Europe.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Islam’s Ongoing Jihad In S.E. Asia Since 1441

Borobudur in Indonesia: The largest Buddhist
pagoda in SE Asia till Islam killed off all
Indonesian-Buddhists and turned it
into just a pile of brick ruins.
This is the history of the Jihad against Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines (and Burma lately) since 1441 till these days, and how the Malaysians fought against the Jihadists in the 15th century to finally succumb to the Jihad, and how today the Malaysian Jihadists are plotting to transform Malaysia into an Islamic Caliphate and fomenting trouble in Southern Thailand.

Thailand’s western neighbor Burma or Myanmar has also been fighting against Bengali-Muslims’ Jihadist tide coming relentlessly through Bangladesh for more than hundred years since 1826 the year imperial Burma lost First Anglo-Burmese War.

Before being overrun by Islam, the people of Malaysia and Indonesia were overwhelmingly Hindu and Buddhists. In fact what are today the ASEAN countries had one religion (a mix of Hinduism-Buddhism-Animism) and one culture till the 15th century. They did not look upon themselves as different countries.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

KIA Insurgents Beheaded Alive Captured Army Lieutenant

Executed Burmese soldiers of IB-137 from Machanbaw.
Since first of June this year, after KIA (the so-called Kachin Independence Army) has willingly agreed to work with the notorious Muslim Brotherhood, more than two hundred Bengali-Muslims and Arab-Islamists led by Bengali Imam Ar-sut from the Bangladesh-Burma border have joined forces with Burma’s notorious KIA  insurgents-turned-terrorists in Northern Burma.

Christian KIA is clearly taking advantage of present racial and anti-Islam troubles in Burma by recruiting Islamist fighters from both inside and outside of Burma and also accepting large amount of funds and arms from OIC and other Islamist groups. According to local sources in Laiza a few Al-Queada Arab fighters have set up camp in Laiza and KIA is providing them with pretty Kachin female soldiers to service them.

KIA’s absorption of Bengali and Arab Islamists into their ranks and files is drastically changing KIA tactics on the battle fields as the Islamists are now teaching KIA Kachins their brutal treatment of enemy. The foreign Islamists have brought their brutal, sadistic practices from Iraq and Afghanistan and Syria into Burma.

Friday, September 13, 2013

A Million Bikers Drowned Out Million Muslim March

More than a million bikers most of them war veterans
roar into Washington D.C. to counter the Muslims.
(Washington Times) – A few dozen demonstrators attending a rally on the Mall once billed as the Million Muslim March were vastly outnumbered Wednesday by a Christian group objecting to their event and a counterprotest consisting of one million motorcycle riders honouring Sept. 11 victims.

The noon rally, called the Million American March Against Fear took place between 13th and 14th streets in Northwest and was sponsored by the American Muslim Political Action Committee (AMPAC).

Speakers — among them author and Princeton University professor Cornel West — struck mainstream themes, calling for social justice for Muslims while promoting peace and condemning violence. Attendees also held a moment of silence to honour Sept. 11 victims.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

KIA And SSA Still Running Yaba Factories In Burma

Yaba pills produced in factories run
by KIA and SSA in Burma.
Dhaka, Sept 4: The Bangladesh government will urge the Myanmar government to shut down the 37 Yaba factories located there, which are run by some of the country’s extremists or militia groups.

The government wants to hold bilateral meeting with Yangon officials for this purpose. This was decided at a meeting with Home Minister Dr Mohiuddin Khan Alamgir in the chair.

“We asked the ministry of foreign affairs to communicate with the Myanmar government for stopping the yaba factories, established near the Bangladesh border,” a high official told The Independent after the meeting.

Monday, September 9, 2013

9-11 Monstrosity, Free Money, and Pisslamophobia

(Recalling my experiences of the infamy known as 9-11 Monstrosity and Political-Islam.)

The early morning of September 11, 2001 in America was late night in Dee Why of Sydney where I had been living for many years since December 1988. In the year of 2001 I was already trading ASX-200 Share Price Index (SPI) at SFE (Sydney Futures Exchange) for nearly three years.

It was a Tuesday and that night I couldn’t sleep early and ending up lying comfy on the couch and watching a TV drama on ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) TV. Then just before midnight the TV screen suddenly started displaying “Breaking news: Passenger jet plane crashed into one of the World Trade Centre twin towers in New York City.” at the bottom of the TV screen.

Very soon the regular program was abruptly stopped and the horrific scenes of a large two-turbine-engine Boeing plane entering the North Tower like a hot knife into a block of butter was being repeatedly shown.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Tony Abbott Is Newly-Elected Prime Minister Of Australia

Tony Abbott the newly-elected conservative PM.
CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — Australia's conservative opposition swept to power Saturday, ending six years of Labor Party rule and winning over a disenchanted public by promising to end a hated tax on carbon emissions, boost a flagging economy and bring about political stability after years of Labor infighting.

"I know that Labor hearts are heavy across the nation tonight, and as your prime minister and as your parliamentary leader of the great Australian Labor Party, I accept responsibility," Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said in a speech to supporters, after calling opposition leader Tony Abbott to concede defeat. "I gave it my all, but it was not enough for us to win."

A victory for the conservative Liberal Party-led coalition comes despite the relative unpopularity of Abbott, a 55-year-old former Roman Catholic seminarian and Rhodes scholar who has struggled to connect with women voters and was once dubbed "unelectable" by opponents and even some supporters.

Janelle Saffin Defeated In Australian General Elections

Janell Saffin has just lost her seat
in Australian Parliament.
Kevin Hogan wins the seat of Page formerly held by Janelle Saffin the chief Australian Socialist meddler in Burma’s political affairs. Kevin Hogan and his family are now celebrating his appointment to sitting member for the federal seat of Page.

(Followings are the live updates of vote counting for the electoral seat of Page in the state of New South Wales for the 2013 September General Elections in Australia.)

UPDATE 10:27: Kevin Hogan has comfortably taken hold of the federal seat of Page. At last count, Mr Hogan had defeated Janelle Saffin by 6,053 votes with a swing of 6.85% for Nationals.

Greens candidate for Page Desley Banks managed to wrangle just 6.26% of the vote. While the Palmer United Party gained 4.82%. The Christian Democratic Party trailed behind with just 1.62% of the votes in Page.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Chinese Container Ship Ambushed In Suez Canal

An Islamist firing RPG at COSCO-ASIA in Suez Canal.
Egyptian Islamist terrorists fired rockets at a giant COSCO container Ship in Suez Canal. The image captured from a Sept. 4 video alleged to show members of the Islamist terrorist group Al-Furqan firing a rocket propelled grenade at a merchant ship in the Suez Canal.

An Islamist terror group has taken responsibility for a Saturday rocket propelled grenade (RPG) attack on a merchant ship transiting the Suez Canal, USNI News has learned.

A video posted on YouTube Wednesday September 4 — alleged to have been issued by the group Al-Furqan along with a letter of responsibility — show two men with rocket propelled grenades fire at least one RPG round into the side of a cargo ship bearing the markings of the Chinese merchant shipper Cosco. Previous press reports said the ship in the Saturday incident was the Panamanian flagged cargo ship, Cosco Asia.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Bangladesh Per Capita GDP Swells To US$ 1,000?

The size of the economy, its growth rate and per capita income have increased in Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics’ new estimates using 2005-06 as the base year. Under the new base year, fiscal 2012-13′s gross domestic product (GDP) in current prices stood at $153.58 billion, whereas it came to $134.17 billion using the existing 1995-96.

The new estimate also shows an increase in fiscal 2012-13′s growth rate: the economy grew by 6.18 percent in constant prices as opposed to 6.03 percent under the existing base year of 1995-96.

Per capita income, which stands at $923 in the existing base year, rose to $1,044 in the new estimate. In addition, the new base year shows a reduced gap in savings and investment in the economy.

The estimates were presented yesterday at a meeting attended by Finance Minister AMA Muhith, Planning Minister AK Khandker Food Minister Muhammad Abdur Razzaque, and Fisheries and Livestock Minister Abdul Latif Biswas.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Magwe On The Brink Of Another Muslim Riots

(Direct translation of news articles from Shin Wirathu’s Blog this week.)

Magwe City the capital of Magwe Administrative Division in Middle Burma is on the brink of another Muslim riots after the horrible news of a 50-year old Muslim Kalar man raping a very young Burmese Buddhist girl multiple times.

The 9 year old girl and her mother were working as the cleaners for the Muslim man’s dairy on the outskirts of Magwe Town when the multiple child rapes were horribly committed. The rapes were in last August but the frightened child did not tell anyone till she was physically ill of the horrible injuries from repeated rapes and she had to visit a free-clinic opened and managed by local Buddhist monks.

The doctors at the clinic discovered the rape injuries and finally she told them of her horrible rapes by the Muslim boss then living at 19th Street of Ywar-thit Ward in Magwe.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hurt Deep Down Bangladeshi-Buddhist Heart!

When Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina visits Ramu today, she can expect to see some happy faces, as the government has rebuilt 19 Buddhist temples that were torched and vandalised in Ramu and Ukhia in September last year.

But the question remains how safe do the victims feel when the main culprits behind the attacks on the Buddhist community are moving freely. Ramu’s roads and alleyways are swarmed with huge banners and festoons showing portraits of several of the men, whose involvement in the attacks was confirmed by two probe bodies, to welcome the prime minister.

Banners in Stadium Gate area of Ramu to welcome Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina carry names and photos of Nurul Islam Selim, president of local Press Club and ex-chief of the upazila unit BCL, and Yunus Rana Chowdhury, general secretary of local Sramik League. Circled red, they are among the 12 persons whom two probe bodies found to have been involved in last year’s attacks on Buddhist community.