Thursday, September 19, 2013

KIA Executed ABSDF-North's Rambo Maung Maung Khin?

Min Htay (a) Rambo Maung Maung Khin with Sylvester
Stallone while filming Rambo-4. He is rumored to have
been executed by KIA insurgents in Laiza.
Since August 28 this year KIA (Kachin Islamist Army - or - Kachin Independence Army) Kachins have disarmed their puppet army the ABSDF-North and put most of them in KIA jail in Laiza and their three leaders under house arrest.

According to an escaped-member of ABSDF-North the nasty conflict was triggered by recent peace negotiations between Burmese government and ABSDF (All Burma Student Democratic Front) the mother organization of ABSDF-North.

“Our ABSDF-North had been defunct for many years till late 2012 when KIA regrouped us and rearmed us to gain political advantage during Burma Army’s huge offensive against KIA as their HQ in Laiza almost fell into the army’s hands.

KIA gave us guns and ammo to fight on their side against army. But since our ABSDF-North tried to participate - without KIA’s permission -  in recent peace talks between ABSDF and the government KIA has been very angry at us and taking back all our arms. All our leaders are now under house arrest and the rest in KIA jail at Laiza,” said he the ABSDF-North man.

Maung Maung Khin killed by Stallone in Rambo-4.
This year ABSDF met Burmese government’s peace negotiation team three times. Once in May, once on July 11, and once on August 4. In August-4 meeting ABSDF Chairman Than Ge met with President-office Minister Aung Min and both managed to sign a cease-fire agreement.

That triggered a stern reaction from angry KIA and the KIA Kachins disarmed and arrested the whole ABSDF-North army. ABSDF-North military-commissar Min Htay (a) Rambo Maung Maung Khin, political-commissar La Saing, and military-chief Aung Swe Oo have been detained in their houses since August 28.

KIA has accused three ADSF-North leaders as traitors cooperating with their former comrades from ABSDF without letting their puppet masters from KIA know of their plan.

Rumours in Laiza are that three top leaders of student army ABSDF-North were already executed last week while ABSDF Chairman Than Ge has been in Laiza and begging desperately the recalcitrant KIA for their release.

(Min Htay alias Rambo Maung Maung Khin originally was a student warrior from the Battalion-701 of notorious ABSDF-North and he acted in 2008 Sylvester Stallone’s overly-exaggerated anti-Burmese movie Rambo-4 as ridiculously-sadist Burmese-Army's Colonel Tint.)

Victims of ABSDF-North Massacre in 1992.
ABSDF-North was originally formed on January 4, 1989 as All Burma Student Democratic Front (Kachin State) with the ethnic Burmese students fleeing to KIA camps after the failed 8-8-88 (Four-Shits) uprising.

Organization-wise ABSDF-North was under the ABSDF (Central) but armed and trained wholly by KIA and fought together with KIA insurgent troops. In 1992 the ABSDF-North’s field forces had stage an internal coup and sadistically tortured and brutally executed hundreds of its own members including the ABSDF-North Chairman Htun Aung Kyaw.

ABSDF-North then collapsed and only a handful of its ethnic-Burmese remnants led by Min Htay (a) Rambo Maung Maung Khin were recently regrouped and rearmed by KIA as a propaganda ploy in resisting the advancing Burmese army last year.
ABSDF-North insurgent soldiers parading in Laiza (2012).
Victims of ABSDF-North massacre in 1992.
Min Htay (a) Rambo Maung Maung Khin (far left) at Rambo-4 filming in Thailand.
             (Bloodied ending of steroid-addict Sylvester Stallone's stupidest movie Rambo-4.)

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