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Malaysia Once Was A Buddhist Land Called Malayu

(News article and photos direct from Coral Arakan on November 29, 2013.)

A Burmese-Buddhist murdered in KL, Malaysia.
Lately I’ve been writing about all those brutal attacks and killings of Burmese-Buddhists working in Malaysia last few years.

First I thought the culprits were only the Bengali-Muslims (so-called Rohingyas) from Burma now taking refuge by thousands in Malaysia, and hell bent on revenging for their losses back in Arakan where the violent clashes between Yakhine-Buddhists and illegal Bengali-Muslims from Bangladesh have been raging for a while since 1942 when Bengali-Muslims invaded northern Arakan and wiped out the whole Yakhine-Buddhist populace there and took over Buddhist lands and properties illegally.

But I soon realised the real masterminds behind all those killings of Burmese-Buddhists in Malaysia have been the Malaysian Islamists with the co-operations from local authorities and Malaysian police itself. Why, I asked myself? Why do Malaysians need to kill Buddhists?

In 1995 a big Hollywood movie called “Beyond Rangoon” starring Patricia Arquette as Dr. Lawra Bowman – an incredibly bullshit story of an American tourist trapped in Burma during that failed 8-8-1988 Uprising -- was made in Malaysia. To create authentic scenes from Burma a large movie set including a mock pagoda and a Buddhist monastery was built in KL.

Immediately after the realistically-made movie set was revealed the site was surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of irate Malaysian Muslims violently demanding the set be taken down immediately.

The movie set created a near
riots by Malaysian Muslims.
Even though they knew very well the pagoda and monastery were just fake structures those Muslims didn’t want any of them in their strictly-Muslim neighbourhood. Some even physically attacked the flimsily-made plywood structure of the movie set and eventually the riot-police were called in to guard the set while filming was going on.

Every one there but only Malay Muslims were baffled at the strange and illogical and totally exaggerated reactions from Malay Muslims. How strange was it? When I read about it in a movie magazine a couple of years later I was completely shocked. I thought Malay Muslims were a tolerant lot as nearly 30% of Malaysian population are Chinese Buddhists. Why such an adverse reaction against just a fake pagoda?

Only now I realised the reason why the Malaysian Muslims are so jumpy about a fake movie set of Buddhist pagoda and monastery, and the recent brutal killings of Burmese-Buddhists in Malaysia.

Malaysia was once a Buddhist land called Malayu, but 15th century Arab Islamists took the fertile and resource-rich land from the native Buddhists by sword first and later by jack-rabbit like forced-breeding with native Buddhist women after those Arab Islamists massacred their Buddhist husbands, fathers, brothers, and sons in a genocide. And the Malaysian Muslims know very well that fact and they are so afraid of Buddhism taking roots again in Malaysia.

This post is the heart-wrenching story of “How Buddhist Malayu was swallowed whole by Arab Muslims” written by Burmese-Buddhist monk Shin Dhamawira Tayzaniya now studying in India’s Bodhagaya on his Face book page.

Once Was The Buddhist Land Called Malayu

King Parameswara of Malaysia (1400).
Today Malaysia is situated at the south-eastern tip of continent Asia and the near-north of Borneo or Kalimantan Island. Thailand and Indonesia are the immediate northern and southern neighbouring nations respectively. Malaysia’s land mass area is 127,316 Sq-Miles and its capital is Kuala Lampur and according to the 1992-July census its population is 22.2 millions.

Malaysia’s original inhabitants were Mongol tribes from western China. Ancient Malaysia was started in around BC 2,000 when migrating Mongol Chinese from the Yunan Province in south-western China reached and permanently settled the islands of Malay Archipelago.

The nation of Mongol Chinese back then were known as Malacca Kingdom as they built the Malacca City. Back then there was no Malaysia as a nation and the kingdom there was known as Malayu. 

Buddhism from India reached Malayu via Sri Lanka in BC 309 about 250 years after our Lord Buddha’s death in India. Plenty of Buddhist stone engravings written in India’s Thakatta language had been discovered all over present-day Malaysia. The Buddhist stone engravings in Malaysia were scientifically proven as engraved during the period between Buddhist years 900 and 1,000 (between 4th and 5th centuries AD).

Heydays of Buddhism in Malayu

An ancient mud-brick engraved with three verses from the sacred Buddhist scripture Ahbidama was discovered and also a large stone plate recording the building of three monasteries and five pagodas by the donations from all walks of Malayu people and supervised by the king and Sanghas (Buddhist monks) was also discovered by archaeologists.

The existence of a large pagoda called Nakhun-shri-dammah-ritz or known today as the Nakhun-si-thammarat Zedi also proved undeniable fact that Buddhism had been thriving all over Malayu the present day Malaysia since 5th Century AD.

Present day Muslim-Indonesia known back then as Thiri-wizaya Nation was also a thriving Buddhist nation in the 7th Century AD and it was even supporting the Buddhism in Malayu.

Famous Chinese Buddhist monk and a Buddhist scholar I-Chin recorded in his end-of-seventh-century travel diaries that Buddhism had been thriving in Thiri-wizaya Nation (Indonesia) and the neighbouring nation of Malayu (Malaysia) with the assistance from the Thiri-wizaya Nation.
Buddhist Mongol king of Malayu (Malaysia).
Cultural and Religious Relationship Between Malayu and Bagan

Undeniably, our Buddhism had been thriving brightly in Malayu nation the present day Malaysia till the brutal spread of Islam by sword in 15th Century AD. Also there had been a strong cultural and religious relationship between the Buddhist people of Bagan Kingdom (present day Burma) and the Kingdom of Malayu (today’s Malaysia).

In early 11th Century AD Ahshin Sappada Mahtay the Burmese Buddhist monk from Bagan finished his ten-year-long Buddhist studies in Thiho (present day Sri Lanka) and came back to Bagan with four senior Sri Lankan Buddhist monks Ahshin Thiwali, Ahshin Tarmaleinda, Ahshin Arnandar, and Ahshin Yarhuular.

Later the Sri Lankan monk Ahshin Yarhuular visited Malayu Kingdom and taught the King of Malayu the Khudah Theikkhar Dammah scripture. In return King of Malyu had given Ahshin Yarhuular a ruby-studded alms-bowl as a token of gratitude. That period was during the Buddhist year 1,700 when King Nara-pati-sithu was ruling Bagan in Burma.
Ancient Bagan City of Burma.
Arrival of Evil Islam and Genocide of Buddhists in Malayu

Arab marauders brought Islam to Malaysia by sword.
Arab Muslim traders started arriving at Malayu in late 15th Century AD. At the beginning the Islamists treated the Buddhist natives with respect and slowly befriended the royal families and ruling class and the wealthy.

And they managed to convert many of the ruling class including the vulnerable King and started dividing the rulers and the people of Malayu. Eventually the Arab traders and their newly converted cronies brought in various Muslim armies via India and brutally occupied Thiri-wizaya (Indonesia) and Malayu.

Once the Arab Islamists had conquered two Buddhist nations they followed exactly what their so-called prophet Mohammad had done during his proselytising time and also instructed words by words in his Quoran to his followers.

They rounded up all the Buddhist men of conquered land and chopped their heads off like Mohammad had brutally done to the men of Jewish tribes in Medina in 627 AD. And they divided all Buddhist women and girls of the conquered land and distributed among them and started forced-breeding to expand the Muslim population so fast that Buddhism could never rise again in Indonesia and Malayu.

In today Malaysia Buddhism has survived only among the Chinese Malaysians. Successive Islamist governments of Malaysia have always wanted to eradicate Buddhism and uproot all the archaeological remains of once thriving Buddhist society in Malaysia. But the local Chinese together with UNESCO have managed to successfully defend their ancestral heritage.

Even though 32% of population is non-Muslims Islam is the state religion of today Malaysia and an apostate abandoning Islam faces death penalty.

What Happened in Malaysia could Happen in Burma Too

Bengali Imam Hussein with his 4 wives and 30 children.
Historically Muslim’s proselytizing is not by soft Christian-missionary tactics like education and healthcare, but by brutal warfare and forced-rapid-breeding.

Normally the Muslims conquered the land, killed off all the men, took over women and girls, and started rapid breeding. But in this modern age their proselytizing by warfare is not possible anymore even though the extremist militants like Al-Qaeda and Taliban are still doing it in places like Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Somalia.

So today Muslims are forced to concentrate only on forced-breeding rabidly. In places like our Burma they have tried and actually managed to marry as many vulnerable Buddhist women and girls as they could and forced them to have as many babies as humanly possible. Proselytizing by jack-rabbit-like breeding, remarkable in deed.

The way the Muslims proselytize basically is this. When times are not in their favour they just keep quiet and try desperately to get along with non-Muslim majority while also collaborate with the authorities and non-Muslim ruling class. One does not need to study world history to know their tactics as looking back at our Burma’s history alone is enough.

In our Burma the Muslims (hated Kalars imported from India by British colonial masters) sided with the British and oppressed native Burmese-Buddhists during the dire colonial period. And they took the opportunity presented to them in 1948 when the lawless chaos overwhelmed the newly-independent Burma.

They took arms and erupted as “Mujahid Insurgency” trying to break Northern Arakan away from the Union and join Islamic Pakistan. When their Jihadist Insurgency was squashed by Burma Army they changed tactic and started their total collaboration with the military dictatorship. And they are the only group of people who had prospered in Burma under a brutal military dictatorship.

Mosques are being built right next to the pagodas.
At present time in newly-democratic Burma they are now running a new form of Jihadist rebellion to Islamize Buddhist Burma. This time their Islamist insurgency is worse than the failed one before in 1948.

This time they are aiming to convert the whole country not just Northern Arakan as in 1948. And they are using enormous resources of global Muslim power like that of OIC the Multinational Muslim mafia and their mouthpiece United Nations and their collaborator United States.

They expertly exploited the long-running feud between the ruling party USDP and the opposition party ASSK’s NLD. They are basically running powerful NLD execuetive since their leader is a pro-Muslim non-Buddhist woman having so many sexual relationships with Muslim men while she had been living most of her youth and adult life outside of Burma in India, Pakistan, and England.

World History Never Was Kind To The Buddhists

Some historians especially the Muslim ones have been saying that “we Burmese Buddhists are extremely paranoid for worrying of Bengali-Muslims swallowing us Buddhists alive soon” without really studying the past conflicts between the Buddhists and the Muslims.

History is providing us with all the evidence that once-great-Buddhist nations such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, and Cashmere had all been devoured by Muslim aggressors in the recent past.

Once Buddhists were roughly 80% of Greater Asia and Muslims were only 20%. But now that ratio is reversed as nearly all Buddhist nations have been forcefully converted into Islam.

Muslims had also tried their violent proselytizing on Christian nations during the middle ages. But the Christians fought back with their equally violent crusades and repelled the Muslim aggressors.

But the gentle Buddhists did not fight back then and the sad result was all Buddhist men were butchered and their wives and daughters were raped and converted into Islam just to serve as Muslim-breeding sex-slaves for invading Muslim warriors.

Bengali-Muslim bastrads from neighbouring Bangladesh are doing exactly same to us Buddhist in Burma now. They are raping our women and girls. They are killing our men and monks. They are encroaching on our hard-fought lands. And believe it or not they are even accusing us of violating their so-called human rights and sacred Islamic rights by not letting them swallow us all.

If we do not fight back now our Burma will end up like Malaysia and Indonesia and our Great Shwe Dagon Pagoda will end up like Boro Buddha just a place for the crazy Muslims to desecrate or like Giant Bamiyan Buddhas just to be blown up into pieces by the mad Muslims.
The Greatest wonder of the Buddhist world the Great Shwe Dagon Pagoda in Rangoon, Burma.
(Stupid Muslims want to replace our Gentle Buddhism with Brute Islam that chop clitoris off little girls.)

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