Thursday, February 6, 2014

Buddhist Monks Against Amending Burma's Constitution

Nationalist Buddhist monk Shin Pyin-nyar-wara.
One big political party (NLD – Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy) has recently declared on VOA (Voice of America) Burmese Program that they will kill the 1982 Citizenship Act and give all Bengali-Muslim illegals Burmese citizenship (once they control the Parliament and Government) after 2015 elections.

Millions of them illegal Bengali-Muslims on the Bangladeshi border waiting just for that to happen. Waiting patiently to invade our nation Burma and destroy our religion Buddhism and ultimately exterminate our Bamar race!

So what exactly is 1982 Citizenship Act?

Right now everyone and anyone who were Citizens or Guest-Citizens or who had rights to become Citizens of Burma before 1948 (the year Burma got independence from the Great Britain) and their descendants are entitled to become the full-fledged citizens of our Union of Burma.

But not the Bengali-Muslims who illegally entered our country after 1948.

The Act that strictly prohibited the Bengali-Muslims who had entered our country illegally after 1948 from gaining citizenship of our country is called the 1982 Burma Citizenship Act.

If that 1982 Citizenship Act is destroyed every Bengali-Muslims illegal coming into our country after 1948 will become the citizens. Millions and millions of them. Then they are to be given all legal rights of a citizen.

Repealing 1982 Citizenship Act Will Destroy Buddhism in Burma

Warning: Destroying 1982 Citizenship Act is same as
destroying our religion. If 59-F is removed Muslims
will also remove 59-B eventually.
Then what will surely happen is that OIC the Islamic Mafia organization of 57 Islamic countries will enter Burma and support their Bengali-Muslims with a lot of money. With a lot of OIC’s petrol dollars in their hands they will hit the heads of our Buddhists with their money bags.

And our Buddhists will collapse with horrible headache. And that’ll be the end of our religion Buddhism. That’s why destroying 1982 Citizenship Act is exactly same as destroying our Thar-tha-nar (religion). Isn’t it the same? Yes it’s the same!

So I’m asking you all again. Is the 1982 Citizenship Act the act to be changed? Or is the 1982 Citizenship Act the act not to be touched at all? No it’s not an act that requires to be changed!

This is one thing you all have to keep in your minds. Just don’t foolishly follow others who (Aung San Suu Kyi and her NLD fools) are foolishly shouting that the 1982 Act needs to be changed. There definitely are many other laws that need to be changed. But not the 1982 Citizenship Act.

One other thing is changing the 59-Sa (59-F) of the 2008 Constitution. Just recently those NLD fools of Aung San Suu Kyi have been protesting all over the country calling to rid of that 59-F. So what exactly is the 59-F of our constitution?

Changing Constitution’s Clause 59-F Will Also Destroy Buddhism

Pro-ASSK Muslim Mural depicting mosques as her future.
Clause 59-F of our Constitution simply demands that our President must not be a lackey of a foreign nation, President’s parents or spouse or children or the President himself must not be citizen or paid-employee of a foreign nation, and President must not be loyal to a foreign nation. 

Why was that Clause 59-F inserted in our Constitution? Because we do not want our country to become a puppet of foreigners.

If a man becomes president and if his wife is a foreigner her country will definitely influence him through his wife. If a woman becomes president and if her husband is a foreigner his country will definitely influence her through her husband.

We could lose our sovereignty again like our forefathers had lost to English in 19th Century by making a man or woman our president who is loyal to foreigners (like this presidential-hopeful Aung San Suu Kyi who is loyal to England her husband and sons’ country).

Just to prevent that scenario our Bo-gyoke (General)  Aung San himself wrote a similar clause into his 1947 Constitution. Because it was so important to him and his Burma that General Aung San himself, while he was fighting the British for his Burma’s independence, wrote that clause similar to 59-F prohibiting a foreign loyalist from holding an elected office.

ASSK and Her NLD Fools have been Lying to the People of Burma

NLD's Muslim Leader Ko Ni calling for Constitution-rewrite.
In that clause similar to our 59-F General Aung San prohibited any foreigner from becoming a Member of Parliament. Now many from NLD are saying that 1947 clause didn’t apply to the President and so it was totally different from our 59-F. Believe me, they are all lying!

Like now, the president back then was also chosen from among the elected members of Parliament. So in reality that 1947 Clause and our 59-F is exactly the same. So why are the so-called democracy’s media are saying that 59-F is a nasty clause written by the military just to restrict Aung San Suu Kyi from becoming the president?

So those obviously are their lies about our history or they are so ignorant that they don’t know what they’re really talking about.

And just because I’m saying these please do not think this Phone-gyi (monk) is ordered by the government to say these things. I have nothing to do with the government. I’ve been saying so many times that I am not a government-sponsored monk. I guarantee that I have nothing to do with the Government.

So people can ask if I have nothing to do with the government why I keep on saying not to amend our Constitution especially that Clause 59-F? Because I have a valid reason to do just that. And that reason will come out later.

So if Aung San Suu Kyi manages to rid of that Clause 59-F it would be like our old saying “What father wrote with his hand was erased by his daughter with her foot,” isn’t it?

She could become president only if that 59-F is destroyed. So the 59-F must be destroyed. She even declared if 59-F was not removed she would not contest the 2015 elections. Only later she denied saying exactly that. What a liar?

Aung San Suu Kyi taking her seat above the local Abbott Shin San-dar-ti-ka at an NLD function.
(Burmese generals including late Ne Win  never dare to insult a Buddhist monk that way.)
They Will not Stop at Changing just 59-F as Clause 59-B is Next

ASSK accepting an award from Qatar Govt.
(Qatar is financially supporting her NLD.)
She will even lie through her teeth by claiming removing 59-F will not adversely affect Buddhism. My reasoning is by removing crucial 59-F and making her the President our nation will become foreigners’ puppet. And then she will remove another crucial clause 59-B.

The 59-B stated “The president and his or her parents must be all Burmese nationalities born of ethnic nationalities born in the Union territories.” You see the 59-B allows only ethnic nationalities of our nation to become a president.

So who are the ethnic nationalities of Burma? There are only 135 ethnic groups and Bengali-Muslims definitely are not one of them. In Burma now there are millions of Bengali-Muslim-illegals who sneaked into our country after 1948 and became Burmese citizen by buying National-Registration-Cards from corrupt Immigration officials. 59-B prohibited these Bengali-Muslims from becoming a president, period.

But once 59-F is removed and we become a foreigners’ puppet that 59-B will also be quickly removed to pave the way for a Bengali-Muslim to become our president. I can’t even imagine the horror of us Buddhists living under Muslims’ rule. I like to recall this horrible past of our nation for your benefits.

If a Non-Buddhist Rules Us Our Buddhism Will Surely be Destroyed

Young ASSK and her British husband.
Way back hundreds and hundreds of years ago, well before our King Aloung-pha-yar (The founding king of Kone-boung Dynasty the last royal dynasty of Imperial Burma) and well after the collapse of Pagan Empire our Burma was once broken into many small kingdoms for some considerable time.

There was a Shan Nation for Shans, Myanmar for us Bamars, and Mon Knigdom at lower Burma. Shans during those trouble times were not devout Buddhists like now. Now our Shans are more Buddhist than us Burmese and they even donate at least 10% of what they earn for the benefits of Buddhism.

But during that period in 16th Century around 1530s our Ava Kingdom was being ruled by a non-Buddhist Shan King named Tho-han-bwar and he was a real bad man and he was a pagan. You know what he infamously did?

As soon as he became the ruler of Ava Kingdom he invited all the Buddhist monks and learned-men to his palace for a big banquet. Soon after the Banquet he overpowered all his Buddhist guests and cut their throats from ear to ear. He then looted the buried-treasures of Buddhist pagodas and destroyed Buddhist monasteries.

ASSK's first BF was a Pakistani-Muslim at the Oxford.
You see, once a Closet-non-Buddhist like Aung San Suu Kyi becomes the ruler our religion will be doomed. So once 59-F is removed for Aung San Suu Kyi to become the President she and her Bengali-Muslims will eventually remove 59-B and surely destroy our religion.

Even before she is becoming the president in 2015 she is already talking of to compromise (Give-and-Take) with her Bengali-Muslims. She is always sitting above our Buddhist monks wherever she goes. She will try to destroy us and our Buddhism like that pagan-bastard Tho-han-bwar did in the 1530s.

Buddhists Need to Unite against Her otherwise We Will be Doomed

In my opinion Clause 59-F must not be touched. Think seriously of it before you vote for her and her NLD fools. Removing 59-F first and later 59-B is an existential danger to our Buddhism.

There are other laws to be fixed or completely removed. But that task is for the politicians not for us Monks. I do not want to get involved in politics. So you should ask me why is this Monk repeatedly saying of not to remove 59-F and 59-B?

Patriotic Buddhist youths against constitution-rewrite.
I’m saying that because preserving our religion and race and culture is too important for our generation and also for future generations too to leave it in the hands of politicians especially anti-Buddhist ones like Aung San Suu Kyi and her NLD fools.

We monks had never said what we are saying now never before. But now is the right time we say these things before it is too late for our race, religion, and culture. Dangerous Muslims are now among us and many more millions are waiting on our western-border to breakdown the door and smoother us by their enormous numbers. Like cockroaches they are breeding too much and too fast.

They had done it before too many times in world’s history which was never kind to the Buddhists. Look at Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Indonesia, and Malaysia. All former Buddhist nations now all gone to the dogs, Muslims.

They are using same tactics on us now and we Buddhists need to be united against them and also their lackeys like that infidel woman and her NLD fools. Defend your Race and Religion and Culture before too late. Danger is just around the corner.

NLD's prospective presidential candidate Muslim Ko Ni (a) Abdul Ismai Billah?
(Once 59-F and 59-B are removed and with OIC's massive financial backing
NLD's Ko Ni will have a good chance of becoming Burma's President .)
Aung San Suu Kyi's eldest son Michael Aris Myint San Aung has
recently converted to Islam at a Seattle Mosque in USA.
(Please watch the video of  Shin Pyin-nyar-wara's sermon at this Face book link.)