Friday, July 30, 2021

I Survived COVID: Fourteen Days of Hell

              (Thein Htun Htun’s article from his FACE BOOK on July 24, 2021.) 

In the afternoons of both July-1 & 2 I worked out one hour each day on my treadmill machine at home with no problems at all. But on July-2 midday I had to go see my doctor at the Han-thar-waddy Hospital for my recurring back-pain.

I was in full PPE there, I washed my hands thoroughly with hand sanitizers, and I took a long shower when I got back home. Then on July-3 I went out to nearby Inya Lake and tried to jog a few laps on the lake-bank for the weather was fine with not a rain in that evening.

I usually jog three or four laps, but that day I was getting really exhausted after just one lap and so I decided to stop running and just walked in the Rangoon University Campus and came back home. On my way back home I noticed my fingers were slightly swollen and I immediately sensed that something was going wrong with me.

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Socialists want Harsher Fines on Protesters

                  (Tyrone Clarke’s article from the SKY NEWS AU on July 28, 2021.) 

NSW Labor has called for massive fines for planned anti-lockdown protests in Sydney: Growing reports of a second anti-lockdown rally in Sydney has spurred NSW Labor to demand the Berejiklian government slap protesters with massive fines.

Fines ranging from $5,500 to $20,000 have been pushed by the NSW Labor Opposition for protesters planning a second anti-lockdown rally on the weekend. NSW Shadow Police Minister Walt Secord and Shadow Attorney General Michael Daley have urged Premier Gladys Berejiklian to “throw the book at these idiots” who are planning another protest in Sydney on Saturday.

Thousands took to the streets on Saturday to protest the ongoing lockdown restrictions in reaction to Sydney’s growing COVID-19 Delta outbreak. NSW Police confirmed 60 people who attended last weekend’s rally had been arrested and charged with officers issuing 148 infringement notices.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

3,000+ COVID Corpses Today In Rangoon Alone

                  (Based on Burmese posts on the FACEBOOK on July 26-27, 2021.) 

Whole family of 5 died together.

The corpses of COVID victims are horribly overwhelming the crematoriums in Rangoon cemeteries and the ruling military junta is finally dumping the bodies in hastily-dug mass graves on any vacant cemetery grounds available.

Today the government ran MRTV also announced that the Rangoon City has stopped cremating the COVID corpses as the number of deaths reached well over 3,000 a day and the crematoriums are frequently breaking down from the overload due to 24/7 running. And massive fuel costs also are troubling the cash-strapped Military Junta.

Yesterday, large backhoe excavators were seen digging the long-deep trenches as mass graves to bury the COVID victims in Yay-way and Htein-Bin cemeteries on Rangoon outskirts. Government also stops announcing the daily official COVID death numbers due to overwhelming number of deaths in private homes instead of hospitals.

The declared rational behind that news blackout was that without official confirmation of COVID positive test results they will not accept that the home deaths are genuinely COVID-related. Poor people of Burma do not have a choice to die in a hospital for they are forcefully being turned away from the hospitals. Burma under that bastard Min Aung Hlaing is truly becoming hell.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Living Normally with COVID: Singapore Roadmap

           (Singapore Govt opinion post from the STRAITS TIMES on June 24, 2021.) 

Living normally, with Covid-19: Task force ministers Gan Kim Yong, Lawrence Wong and Ong Ye Kung on how Singapore is drawing road map for new normal.

With vaccination, testing, treatment and social responsibility, in the near future, when someone gets Covid-19, our response can be very different from now. We are drawing up a road map to transit to this new normal.

We are continuing with our efforts to control the worrisome Delta variant of Covid-19. Given its high transmissibility, it will be hard to bring infections down to zero. Instead, we are adopting an aggressive ring-fencing strategy - casting a wide net to isolate contacts of infected persons, and testing tens of thousands every day. The aim is to minimise the risk of large clusters forming.

Are Public Health Orders Legally Enforceable?

                 (Staff article from the MORRISSEY LAW on March 30, 2020.) 

Government powers: what makes the government’s COVID orders enforceable? 

While the news is giving us rolling coverage of government-imposed restrictions and closures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, very few have discussed the legality of such orders. 

This article identifies the sources and extraordinary extent of government power to issue the public health orders which have had such a major effect on our lives and businesses.

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Organizers of Sydney Freedom Rally 2021 July

      (Fergus Hunter’s article from the SYDNEY MORNING HERALD on July 25, 2021.) 

Joel Jammal
The organisation of an anti-lockdown protest that turned violent in Sydney on Saturday began in fringe online communities teeming with COVID-19 conspiracy theories, anti-Semitism and debunked views on vaccines.

The widely-condemned protest was linked to a “worldwide rally for freedom” and NSW Police said they were not taken by surprise by the event, having monitored plans as they developed in groups on encrypted platform Telegram and spread further on Facebook and Instagram.

Police on Sunday said they had received more than 5500 tip-offs about attendees and identified more than 200 people involved. More than 350 officers policed the event and a dedicated strike force of 22 officers has since been launched to investigate public health order breaches and any other offences.

Great Barrington Declaration: Lockdowns Do Not Work

             (The Declaration from the GBDECLARATION.ORG on October 4, 2020.) 

The Great Barrington Declaration – As infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists we have grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing COVID-19 policies, and recommend an approach we call Focused Protection.

Coming from both the left and right, and around the world, we have devoted our careers to protecting people. Current lockdown policies are producing devastating effects on short and long-term public health.

The results (to name a few) include lower childhood vaccination rates, worsening cardiovascular disease outcomes, fewer cancer screenings and deteriorating mental health – leading to greater excess mortality in years to come, with the working class and younger members of society carrying the heaviest burden. Keeping students out of school is a grave injustice.

Sydney Freedom Rally: 15,000 Marched & Fought Police

                      (Staff article from the WASHINGTON POST on July 24, 2021.) 

SYDNEY — Thousands of people took to the streets of Sydney and other Australian cities on Saturday to protest lockdown restrictions amid another surge in cases, and police made several arrests after crowds broke through barriers and threw plastic bottles and plants.

The unmasked participants marched from Sydney’s Victoria Park to Town Hall in the central business district, carrying signs calling for “freedom” and “the truth.” (Police declared 3,500 participants, but many participants boasted there were at least 15,000 in the largest protest rally ever in Sydney.)

There was a heavy police presence in Sydney, including mounted police and riot officers in response to what authorities said was unauthorized protest activity. Police confirmed a number of arrests had been made after objects were thrown at officers. (NSW Police admitted they used only 400 police this time and declared that if protests repeat again next Saturday as the organizers has promised there would be 4,000 police to quell them.)

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Fight for Freedom: Anti-Lockdown Protest in Sydney

                  (Staff article from the GUARDIAN UK  on July 24, 2021.) 

Anti-lockdown protests across Australia as Covid cases surge to record levels in Sydney: Anti-lockdown protesters have marched in major Australian cities, as Covid cases spiked to record numbers in Sydney and authorities warned of a “continuing and growing problem”.

Thousands of angry, unmasked people marched through the Sydney central business district on Saturday afternoon demanding an end to the city’s lockdown, which is entering its fifth week. After protesters were dispersed, the New South Wales police minister, David Elliott, announced the formation of a strike force to identify each of the 3,500 protesters at the “super spreader” event.

Elliott said 57 people were arrested and several police officers had been assaulted. “If we don’t see a [Covid] spike in the areas these protesters came from in the next week I’ll be very, very surprised,” Elliott said. “It was just a whole lot of halfwits.”

Friday, July 23, 2021

“Tumee Rebellion”: Chin People Vs Burmese Army

                  (Staff article from the RADIO FREE ASIA on June 4, 2021.) 

Hunting Traditions, ‘Spirit of Resistance’ Give Myanmar’s 'Tumee' Rifle Militias Edge Over Military: The volunteer militiamen of Myanmar’s Chin state have outgunned their better-equipped antagonists in the military in recent weeks of fighting with little more than decades-old rifles and say their hunting traditions and natural “spirit of resistance” will lead them to victory over the junta.

Members of the Chinland Defense Force (CDF), based in the poorest of Myanmar’s 14 states and regions, have squared off with troops loyal to the regime since late April in response to brutal military repression of peaceful protests that erupted soon after the Feb. 1 coup d’état that toppled national leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s civilian government.

The network of ragtag fighters has reported killing some 100 junta soldiers and torching at least 10 military vehicles since then, shocking observers with their record of success against Southeast Asia’s second largest army using only slingshots and the same crude flintlock “Tumee” rifles their forefathers used to fight off British colonizers in the 1880s.

A Horrible Death in COVID Hell Rangoon

                  (Based on Thet Su Su’s posts from her FACEBOOK  on July 19, 2021.) 

I should not have trusted that China-made Finger-Tip-Oximeter. I only later found out it was defective. By then it was too late. My grandpa had already passed away today.  He was horribly suffering the whole of last night.

We could not go to a hospital as all the public hospitals including the military hospitals have refused to accept any COVID patient. And the rich private hospitals are now charging US$80,000 initial deposit just to admit, in addition to at least US$200 daily charge. The largest private hospital, Kan Thar Yar International Specialist Hospital, in Rangoon is owned by Dictator General Min Aung Hlaing’s family.

I was watching his Oximeter constantly but the bloody thing was reading 95, never below. My cousin a doctor once told me he needs Oxygen once the Oximeter reading drops below 70 or 80. So I thought he was okay and I didn’t even think of borrowing another Oximeter from our neighbors. We already had asked an Oxygen cylinder from a friend and they were sending it to our house.

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

1,200+ COVID Corpses Today In Rangoon Alone

(Based on Burmese posts from the FACEBOOK on July 19-20, 2021.) 

As in 2019-Wuhan crematoriums running 24/7
Rangoon currently is a COVID hell. Even the ruling military junta announced today that there are more than 1,200 corpses to be cremated at three big cemeteries in Rangoon and the crematoriums are to be running 24/7 to meet the demand.

Army is obviously so happy that they could kill the recalcitrant people of Burma (who would not surrender to their dictatorship) without wasting expensive bullets and endangering the lives of rapidly dwindling security forces. Finally the dreaded COVID is doing their jobs and making their lives much easier.

According to Dr. Aung Myint Maw the Deputy Head of Rangoon City’s Health and Sanitation Department the normal cremation load at all Rangoon cemeteries was between 100 and 150 every day and the crematoriums were running only one 8-hour-shift.

Socialists Love Lockdowns!

                  (Jim Cegielski’s article from the LEADER-CALL on May 8, 2020.) 

COVID being used as socialist tool: I’m amazed at the number of intelligent people who are taking what the government and media is telling them about the coronavirus at face value. In what alternate universe has the federal government and mainstream media earned your trust, especially in the past 10 years?

It is nothing but lie after lie, and most of these lies are designed to ram a global socialist agenda and system of government down our throats. And most certainly the steps taken by the federal government and media during this coronavirus “crisis” has furthered that specific agenda.

Don’t get me wrong. I fully believe that China released a dangerous global pandemic, lied about it, hoarded medical supplies and put the lives of hundreds of thousands of people worldwide at risk. The disease itself is definitely not fake. However, our response to it has been nothing short of a communist’s wet dream.  

Let’s run through this step by step and see exactly how the coronavirus has been used to advance the global socialists’ agenda, and make no mistake about it, the current Democrat party in America is a global socialist party, whether Bernie Sanders is its nominee or not.

Monday, July 19, 2021

Sydney Woman Found Dead of COVID at Home

                   (Staff article from the SKY NEWS AUS on July 19, 2021.) 

A woman in her 50s found dead in her southwestern Sydney home on Monday morning was a confirmed COVID-19 case, NSW Health has announced.  

She is the fifth death linked to the current outbreak of the Delta variant and the 61st COVID-19 death recorded in NSW since the start of the pandemic. The woman is believed to be the mother of twin 27-year-old removalists who were charged by police over the weekend after they allegedly worked while infectious with the virus.

"NSW Health today sadly reports the death of a woman in her 50s who was a confirmed COVID-19 case," NSW Health said in a statement. "She was a resident of southwestern Sydney and a close contact of a COVID case. "This is the 61st death in NSW related to COVID-19 and the fifth of the current outbreak. NSW Health extends its sincere sympathy to her family and friends."

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Anti-Lockdown Protests in Sydney

                 (Heath Parkes’s article from the WEEKEND AUSTRAIAN on July 18, 2021.) 

Police charge two people following lockdown protest in Sydney’s southwest: Two people have been charged following a protest against additional lockdown measures in Sydney’s southwest.

A large group of people gathered at Paul Keating Park in Bankstown just after 4pm on Saturday, as tensions grew in the Covid-19-riddled region. Police handed out fines to people who allegedly refused to leave, and arrested a man and a woman. 7 News reported about 100 people attended the event, with footage from the scene showing many wore masks while congregating at the park.

The man, 57, was charged with failing to comply with a public health order, not complying with directions given by police, and having custody of a knife in public. He was refused bail to appear at Parramatta Bail Court on Sunday.The woman, 36, was charged with failing to comply with a public health order and granted conditional bail to appear at Bankstown Local Court on September 2.

Friday, July 16, 2021

Six Deadly Lockdown Sins!

                  (Ramesh Thakur’s article from the Japan Times on May 29, 2020.) 

CANBERRA – The debate over the stringency of and exit from the lockdown measures is usually framed as a choice between public health outcomes and the economy. The erosion of liberal democratic freedoms is another component of the tradeoff equation.

Yet it’s possible that in the fullness of time, economies might rebound but the cascade of lockdowns across the world will be shown to have killed more people than it saved, and also more people than died of COVID-19 itself. The lockdown-created non-COVID Grim Reaper comes creeping down six pathways.

First, lockdowns could have a profound and pervasive impact on mental health and lead to more suicides. U.S. experts are warning of an approaching “historic wave” of mental health problems caused by the prolonged “daily doses of death, isolation and fear.”

Dr. Mike deBoisblanc is head of trauma at John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek, California. On May 22, an affiliate of ABC TV reported him as saying “we've seen a year’s worth of suicide attempts in the last four weeks.”

754 COVID Corpses Today in Rangoon Alone

                   (Rupa Singi’s post from her FACEBOOK pages on July 15, 2021.) 

Today alone in Rangoon at three main cemeteries there are 754 COVID corpses waiting to be cremated. 95% of all those deaths were killed by severe Oxygen shortage in Burma as a whole.

There are 231 corpses at Yay-way Cemetery, 103 at Kyi-zuu, and 420 at Htain-bin for cremation. Most of the dead bodies are wrapped in Blankets and bed-sheets and Thin-byu mats as the coffin shortage also is happening in parallel to the Oxygen shortage. 

According to unconfirmed rumors even the neighboring Thailand had to send 26-vehicle-convoy of 20-tons liquid-oxygen tankers to Burma to alleviate the fatal oxygen shortage in the country.

During the CIVID second wave last year Yangon had more than 9000 oxygen cylinders and also a few oxygen generators supplying liquid oxygen to hospitals to fill 4,500 oxygen cylinders per day for ICU patients. The COVID positive rate then was around 2000 a day and only 20 % of the positive patients needed oxygen.

Plan then was to provide 400 cylinders per day for 10 days continuous supply nationwide. Back then that was more than enough and there was no oxygen shortage. But now was different situation especially with the military junta running the country and most of the senior health beaurcrats and doctors in either jail or exile.

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Massacre at Kani: 15 Men Tortured and Killed

                         (Staff article on the MYANMAR NOW on July 13, 2021.) 

Locals in the Sagaing Region township of Kani discovered the disfigured bodies of 15 men in a forest on Sunday and Monday after soldiers detained a group of residents from nearby villages.

The men were among 26 who went missing on Friday and Saturday as junta troops raided homes in the villages of Yin, Kone Thar and Kyauk Hlay Khar, several residents told Myanmar Now.After the raids, neighbours and relatives who had fled went looking for the missing people, and found the bodies strewn across the forest floor on a hillside east of Yin village.

Photos and videos obtained by Myanmar Now showed the victims had been stripped naked or half naked. Some were blindfolded with their own clothes and some tied to each other. Injuries on the bodies, including knife wounds on their necks and faces, suggested the men were severely tortured.

The deceased included a father and his two sons, as well as three brothers and one of their nephews, locals said. Most were aged between 30 and 50, and one was 60 years old. “They were all murdered together right after they got caught. I think they all got caught together. They literally massacred them all,” said a resident from Yin village, who was among those who found the bodies.

No Lockdown in DeSantis’s Florida: Sydney Sucks!

               (Emily Crane’s article from the DAILY MAIL UK on March 18, 2021.) 

It's clear. Florida got it right': DeSantis boasts he was RIGHT not to lock down booming state as it records 8% fewer COVID deaths than US average (despite packed and mask-less beaches and bars) - and same death toll as lockdown-loving California.

Florida's Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has hit out at those who have previously criticized his no-restriction approach to the COVID-19 pandemic, defiantly telling them: 'Florida got it right'.

The state hasn't had any statewide restrictions for at least six months after DeSantis allowed businesses, including bars and restaurants, to open at full capacity. He also prohibited municipalities from fining people who refuse to wear masks.

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

How AstraZeneca Lost The Vaccine PR War

                     (Jacqui Wise’s article from the BMJ on April 14, 2021.) 

Developing the AstraZeneca vaccine was a triumph, but then things went wrong: AstraZeneca’s covid-19 vaccine has rarely been out of the news—and the headlines show no signs of abating. Jacqui Wise explains how miscommunication and politics created a nightmare for the company and the global vaccination effort.

Hailed as a “vaccine for the world” with its low price and easy storage requirements, AstraZeneca’s vaccine candidate has faced a string of setbacks in 2021 with questions over effectiveness, possible side effects, and long running disputes about supplies.

It’s not clear why the Anglo-Swedish company and its vaccine have been singled out for so much criticism, but poor communication seems to be at the heart of the problem.

Monday, July 12, 2021

“AstraZeneca-Hesitancy” is not “Vaccine-Hesitancy”

              (My thoughts on the so-called VACCINE HESITANCY in Australia.) 

The worsening Sydney COVID outbreak is getting crazier and crazier as the bloody politicians keep on blaming the people of south-west Sydney for the rapid spread of Indian COVID there for they are the poor multi-ethnic people mainly from Arabic and Islamic backgrounds.

Despite the fact that this outbreak was started in rich white suburbs in the wealthy Sydney East by the stupidity of Barejiklian NSW Government. She and her stupid health-bureaucrats let the highly-contagious Indian COVID escape from a FEDEX foreign crew through a stupid limo driver who frequently ferries them to a quarantine hotel from Sydney International Airport.

Rules governing the quarantine drivers were so unbelievably relaxed, despite the extremely-dangerous nature of their job, NSW police couldn’t even find a legal justification to charge the bloody limo driver while the bloody cops have been generously fining the Sydney people left-and-right $1,000 each for not wearing a facemask and $5,000 for each lockdown-violation.

Saturday, July 10, 2021

Meth-King Tse Chi Lop: Chinese El Chapo (Part-4)

                         (Tom Allard’s article from the REUTERS on October 14, 2019.) 

Kaung Kha People Militia Force.
METH PARADISE: During his time in Myanmar, Cai is suspected of traversing the country, testing drug samples, organizing couriers and obtaining a fishing boat to transport the illicit cargo to a bigger vessel in international waters, according to police and the Myanmar PowerPoint document.

His phones contained pictures of the vehicles to be used to transport the meth, the spot where the meth was to be dropped off, and the fishing boat. The police reconstruction of Cai’s dealings in Myanmar led to another major revelation: The epicenter of meth production had shifted from China’s southern provinces to Shan State in Myanmar’s northeastern borderlands.

Operating in China had provided the Sam Gor syndicate with easy access to precursor ingredients, such as ephedrine and pseudoephedrine, that were smuggled out of pharmaceutical, chemical and paint factories in the Pearl River Delta Economic Zone. Shan gave Sam Gor the freedom to operate largely unimpeded by law enforcement.

Friday, July 9, 2021

Putin & Xi Jinping: Brute Thugs of This World!

              (Staff articles from the WASHINGTON POST & RT in June & July 2021.) 

China’s Xi promises the world ‘heads bashed bloody.’ He should be taken seriously. Those who worry that hawks in Washington are drumming up an unnecessary and dangerous new cold war with China ought to take the time to read the address delivered in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square on Thursday by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

As military jets flew overhead and a large crowd roared its approval, Mr. Xi boasted of the “great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation”; he said China had “created a new model for human advancement” that it intended to spread through the world, while raising its armed forces to “world-class standards.”

In short, Mr. Xi made it clear that China under his dictatorial rule will present an escalating threat to the democratic world and to China’s neighbors — especially Taiwan, the capture of which he termed “a historic mission and an unshakable commitment.”

One More Aussie Died from AstraZeneca Vaccine

                   (Staff article from the ABC NEWS AUSTRALIA on July 8, 2021.) 

Death of 61-year-old WA woman last month likely linked to AstraZeneca vaccine: Health authorities have concluded the death of a 61-year-old woman in hospital last month was likely linked to the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine.

The West Australian woman received the vaccine in early June and was admitted to Royal Perth Hospital later that month, where she died of a blood disorder. The federal government's Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) investigated the woman's death, with an external vaccine safety investigation group of experts deeming the vaccination the likely cause.

It based that conclusion on a strong lack of evidence for other causes and the timeframe within which she died after taking the vaccine. The TGA said the woman had experienced a viral illness that could have theoretically caused the disorder, but the group felt the unusual severity of the event made the vaccine a more likely cause.

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Meth-King Tse Chi Lop: Chinese El Chapo (Part-3)

                (Tom Allard’s article from the REUTERS on October-14, 2019.)  

ALADDIN’S CAVE OF INTEL: Cai Jeng Ze was heading home to Taiwan, walking through the airport with a Jimmy Choo leather bag and two mobile phones. It was the morning of November 15, 2016, and Cai seemed nervous, picking at his blistered hands.

This tic aroused suspicion, said a former Myanmar police commander who oversaw the investigation. “His hands were bad because he had been handling the drugs,” the commander told Reuters. “Methamphetamine is very toxic.”

Cai was stopped and searched. Taped to each of his thighs was a small bag containing 80 grams of ketamine, a powerful tranquilizer that doubles as a party drug. “We were very fortunate to arrest him. Actually, it was an accident,” the commander said. Myanmar police, tipped off by the DEA, had been monitoring Cai. But they had lost track of him. Airport police had no idea who he was.

Cai told airport police the bag on his thigh contained a “pesticide or vitamin for flowers and plants,” according to Myanmar court records from his trial for ketamine trafficking. A friend, said Cai, had given it to him to pass on to his father. Cai’s flight was about to leave and there was no drug test for ketamine at the airport, the commander said.

Chinese-Sinovac-Vaccinated Killed By Indian-Covid

                 (Rebecca Ratcliff’s article from the GUARDIAN UK on June-29, 2021.) 

Indonesian Covid deaths add to questions over Sinovac vaccine: Health experts asking if medics should get other jabs after at least 10 fully Sinovac-vaccinated Indonesian doctors die in June.

At least 10 out of 26 Indonesian doctors who have died from Covid-19 this month had been fully vaccinated with Sinovac, prompting health experts to consider whether medics should receive alternative doses to boost immunity.

Indonesia, which has relied on the Chinese-made vaccine for its health workers, is struggling with a new surge in coronavirus cases. The latest outbreak, driven by new variants, has overwhelmed hospitals and burial sites in Jakarta and on the island of Java. On Monday the country announced 20,694 new infections.

Monday, July 5, 2021

Meth-King Tse Chi Lop: Chinese El Chapo (Part-2)

                  (Tom Allard’s article from the REUTERS on October-14, 2019.) 

Tse was a young Red Guard originally.
A TRIP, A TRAP: Tse Chi Lop was born in Guangdong Province, in southern China, and grew up during China’s Cultural Revolution. Amid the bloody purges, forced labor camps and mass starvation, a group of imprisoned members of Mao’s Red Guard in the southern city of Guangzhou formed a triad-like criminal enterprise called the Big Circle Gang.

Tse later became a member of the group, say police, and like many of his Big Circle Gang brethren moved to Hong Kong, then further afield as they sought sanctuaries for their criminal activities. He arrived in Canada in 1988.

In the 1990s, Tse shuttled between North America, Hong Kong, Macau and Southeast Asia, said a senior AFP investigator based in Asia. He rose to become a mid-ranking member of a smuggling ring that sourced heroin from the Golden Triangle, the lawless opium-producing region where the borders of Myanmar, Thailand, China and Laos meet.

Sunday, July 4, 2021

COVID Hell Indonesia: Dying By Thousands Daily

                          (Staff article on the ABC NEWS AUSTRALIA on June-27, 2021.) 

Indonesian COVID patients die in self-isolation as hospitals reach breaking point: The body of a man who died after testing positive for coronavirus lay in front of his house in North Jakarta for more than 12 hours before an ambulance responded.

The hospital system in Indonesia has been under pressure with tens of thousands of new daily coronavirus cases. Indonesia has been one of the countries hardest hit by COVID-19 in South-East Asia

Indonesian authorities reported a record daily increase in coronavirus cases on Saturday with 21,095 new infections and 358 new deaths. More than 56,000 Indonesians have died from the disease. Testing rates remain low and experts warn the true numbers are likely far higher than official figures.

Hospitals in Indonesia have been buckling under pressure after an influx of coronavirus cases linked to new variants and celebrations for the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. In some cases, people who are COVID-positive are being turned away from hospitals and asked to self-isolate in small, often crowded, homes.

Saturday, July 3, 2021

Meth-King Tse Chi Lop: Chinese “El Chapo” (Part-1)

                        (Tom Allard’s article from the REUTERS on October-14, 2019.) 

THE HUNT FOR ASIA’S EL CHAPO: The Asia-Pacific region is awash in crystal meth. A multinational task force is on the trail of a China-born Canadian national who, police tell Reuters, is the suspected kingpin of a vast drug network that is raking in up to $17 billion a year. 

He is Asia’s most-wanted man. He is protected by a guard of Thai kickboxers. He flies by private jet. And, police say, he once lost $66 million in a single night at a Macau casino.

Tse Chi Lop, a Canadian national born in China, is suspected of leading a vast multinational drug trafficking syndicate formed out of an alliance of five of Asia’s triad groups, according to law enforcement officials. Its members call it simply “The Company.” Police, in a nod to one of Tse’s nicknames, have dubbed it Sam Gor, Cantonese for “Brother Number Three.”

Friday, July 2, 2021

Indian-COVID Hell Reaches Myanmar (Burma)

                 (Staff article from the GUARDIAN UK on June 1, 2021.) 

Indian COVID variant (the so-called Delta COVID) has already crossed the India-Burma border and now killing tens of thousands of people in the Sagain Division and Chin State sharing miles and miles of border with crowded India.

In the town of Kalay in Sagaing Division more than 500 people were killed by COVID last month alone from June-1 to June-30. The Kalaly cemetery now is filled new graves. The new COVID was not like the old COVID from China last year for the deaths were very similar to the Typhoid deaths.

In most cases the high fever with internal bleeding were followed by a sudden death like in a Typhoid case. When the dead were tested the usual COVID virus suspected was not found. The only symptom from COVID was a very low Oxygen reading in every dying patient.