Friday, July 23, 2021

A Horrible Death in COVID Hell Rangoon

                  (Based on Thet Su Su’s posts from her FACEBOOK  on July 19, 2021.) 

I should not have trusted that China-made Finger-Tip-Oximeter. I only later found out it was defective. By then it was too late. My grandpa had already passed away today.  He was horribly suffering the whole of last night.

We could not go to a hospital as all the public hospitals including the military hospitals have refused to accept any COVID patient. And the rich private hospitals are now charging US$80,000 initial deposit just to admit, in addition to at least US$200 daily charge. The largest private hospital, Kan Thar Yar International Specialist Hospital, in Rangoon is owned by Dictator General Min Aung Hlaing’s family.

I was watching his Oximeter constantly but the bloody thing was reading 95, never below. My cousin a doctor once told me he needs Oxygen once the Oximeter reading drops below 70 or 80. So I thought he was okay and I didn’t even think of borrowing another Oximeter from our neighbors. We already had asked an Oxygen cylinder from a friend and they were sending it to our house.

My grandpa had an underlying heart problem and we thought he was suffering from it also. So we gave him his emergency heart medicine. That bloody Oximeter was still constantly showing above 95. I was so tired and the whole family didn’t sleep last night. My mother also was suffering from COVID and who knows I have already got the bloody Chinese virus now coming from India.

He died early morning today and the bloody Oximeter was still showing 97. So we borrowed another meter form our neighbors and measured it on my mother. Only then we knew our meter was defective. I cried my heart out for my grandpa and blamed myself for letting him die.