Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Kevin Rudd Joins Calls For UN Intervention In Myanmar

                        (Ben Doherty’s article from the GUARDIAN UK on 31 March 2021.)

QUAD Naval forces are already in Bay of Bengal.
Former Australian PM says world ‘radically underestimating’ how quickly junta violence could deteriorate to tens of thousands of deaths and a refugee crisis: The world is “radically underestimating” how badly the situation in Myanmar could deteriorate, with the prospect of thousands of deaths and an exodus of refugees, the former Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd has warned.

Rudd raised the alarm as he called for an urgent meeting of the UN security council, arguing the international community had a “responsibility to protect” the people of Myanmar from “mass atrocities” by the country’s military.

More than 520 people, including children, have been killed by security forces since the military coup on 1 February, in a crackdown on protesters demanding the reinstatement of the democratically elected civilian government.

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Massacre In Rangoon’s South-Dagon Township

    (Based on the posts from BURMA REVOLUTION’s Face Book Page in March 2021.)

On 29 March 2021 the war-dog soldiers killed at least a dozen people in Rangoon’s South Dagon Ward to suppress the masssive protest there. South Dagon is a new and heavily-populated township situated on the North-eastern edge of Rangoon. The township didn’t even exist in 1980s when I was living in Myinthar Ward on western bank of the Pa-zun-daung River.

The Gen-Z protesters have fortified the whole township with nearly 7-ft-high sandbag-and-rock blockades and the war-dogs were even using heavy combat weapons like RPG and M40 40mm launchers to destroy the roadblocks and in the process killing dozens of protesters and wounding many. The war-dogs then picked and shot the wounded individually.

The twelve deaths the ward people had managed to collect from the killing fields were buried at the local Kyi-Zuu Cemetry in midday March-30. But many more dead bodies were taken away from the crime scenes by the Yaba-fed-soldiers and simply vanished.

Monday, March 29, 2021

Children Are Being Slaughtered By Burmese Army

            (Based on the Burmese posts from various Facebook pages in March 2021.)

On 27 March 27 2021, United States Ambassador for Burma Thomas Vajda issued following statement sternly condemning Burmese Army for killing unarmed civilians including many children as young as one-year-old.

“On Myanmar’s Armed Forces Day, security forces are murdering unarmed civilians, including children, the very people they swore to protect. This bloodshed is horrifying. These are not the actions of a professional military or police force. Myanmar’s people have spoken clearly: they do not want to live under military rule. We call for an immediate end to the violence and the restoration of the democratically elected government.”

Unarmed civilians including many Children are being slaughtered daily by fascist Burmese Army for no reason other than demanding to restore their human rights and the democratically elected NLD government. That coward Min Aung Hlaing and his generals now hiding in a tunnel are ordering their war-dog soldiers to shoot and kill as many people as needed to suppress the nation-wide protests.

Friday, March 26, 2021

US Embassy Laid A Wreath For People Killed By Army

           (Burma Revolution’s post from their Facebook pages on 26 March 2021.)

In the morning of March-26 a representative mission from the US Rangoon Embassy laid a wreath to commemorate the death of Nyi Nyi Aung Htet, one of the young students slaughtered by the Burmese soldiers, at the crime scene near the Hledan Markets.

The exact location was at the front gate of State High School No-5 in Kamaryut Ward. But to show their disrespect to the Americans’ respect to Burmese people, the Yaba-fed soldiers and cops came back to the school and took away the US wreath and other signs of their condolences. Bastards!

Nyi Nyi was brutally killed by a Burmese Army’s sniper for no reason other than that he and the fellow students of Gen-Z are peacefully protesting to restore their human rights and the democratically elected NLD government taken away illegally by the power-mad Min Aung Hlaing and his war-dog generals on February-1.

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Silent Strike In Myanmar After Soldiers Kill 7-Year-Old Girl

                          (Helen Regen’s article from the CNN on 24 March 2021.)

(CNN) Myanmar's security forces shot dead a 7-year-old girl in the city of Mandalay on Tuesday, the youngest victim yet in the military's bloody crackdown on civilian opposition to the February 1 coup.

The young girl was killed in her home during a military raid, according to advocacy group Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP) and Reuters news agency. Citing relatives, local news outlet Myanmar Now reported the girl, named Khin Myo Chit, was shot while sitting in her father's lap after security forces kicked down the door to the family's home.

Soldiers asked the father if everyone in the family was present in the house -- when the father said yes, they accused him of lying and shot at him, hitting the girl instead, Myanmar Now reported, quoting the victim's older sister.

The ruthless killing of a child in her father's arms fits a pattern of abuse and indiscriminate use of deadly violence from Myanmar's security forces that has targeted not only unarmed protesters and opponents to the coup, but bystanders, civilians in their homes, and children.

Min Aung Hlaing Wavering: Kyu Kyu Hla’s Appeal

 (Based on the PYAE AYE’s posts from his Facebook pages in February-March 2021.)

Recent news coming out from the foreign diplomats circle in Rangoon are indicating that Senior General Min Aung Hlaing the military dictator is in the tight grip of severe depression and wavering from the unexpected public resistance against his power grab.

According to some diplomats many senior army divisional commanders have contacted them through confidential channels and conveyed their disappointments and sadness over power-mad Min Aung Hlaing’s foolish February-1 Coup.

They also informed the diplomats that after UNSC’s unanimous decision condemning the Coup Min Aung Hlaing and his senior deputy generals have moved into the North-Korean-built underground tunnel between Nay-pyi-daw and Pindaya and hiding there, but abandoning their families still trapped in their palatial houses in Nay-pyi-daw.

The commanders also agreed to the diplomats that they were willing to provide vital information on the troop strength, location, technologies and arms equipped with a single condition that they would be kept at their current ranks and positions once NLD Government is back in the power.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Troops Shooting Protesters Dead To Remove Organs

           (Based on the Burmese posts from various Facebook pages  in March 2021.)

Burmese troops violently suppressing the massive protests in Myanmar are being accused of deliberately shooting the poor protesters, especially the young men and women, in the heads as if the snipers didn’t really want to damage the victims’ bodies.

The troops are also taking people away from their homes at nights in Rangoon and returning their lifeless bodies within 2-3 days. Almost all the bodies returned had massive surgical incisions, crudely resewn of course, on their chests and abdomens and the body organs were missing inside.

And coincidentally a Chinese Boeing 737 from Kuming in South-western China has been seen flying in and out of Rangoon International Airport almost every other day. The rumors are that the plane is bringing in Chinese Weapons and personnel into Burma and taking out the stolen body organs back to China.

The logical conclusion is that the sanction-ravaged bankrupt Military is selling stolen body organs to Chinese to pay for weapons and IT technologies purchased from China. The inside news coming out from the army circle is that an intact body is worth between US$ 5,000 and 8,000 depending on the conditions and age of the body.

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Burma (Myanmar) Could Become Like Libya Or Iraq

               (Staff article from the IRRAWADDY NEWS on 12 March 2021.)

If the (universally hated) Army is Disbanded Will Myanmar Become Like Libya or Iraq? Disbanding Myanmar’s hated military risks destabilizing the country, in the same way that the Western invasions of Iraq and Libya and the subsequent disbandment of local military forces left security vacuums that were filled by Islamic State, said former Singapore foreign minister George Yeo.

Yeo acknowledged that the Tatmadaw (Myanmar’s military) are “hated” by many Myanmar people. The reaction to “removing the army from the equation” would be euphoria, he said. “[But] what happens five years, 10 years from now? I think there’s a fair chance that Myanmar will become Libya and Iraq,” the South China Morning Post reported him saying.

Myanmar has seen daily anti-regime protests across the country following the military’s Feb. 1 coup. In an attempt to stop the protests and the growing civil disobedience movement, the security forces have resorted to lethal force with at least 70 civilians killed.

Friday, March 19, 2021

Myanmar (Burma) Rapidly Becoming A Failed State?

          (John Reed’s article from the FINANCIAL TIMES on 17 March 2021.)

A Chinese factory burning in Rangoon.
Protesters playing ‘dangerous game’ with Myanmar’s economy, warn businesses. Concerns rise that turmoil will destroy a decade of economic gains: A civil disobedience movement resisting Myanmar’s military regime has paralysed the economy as workers strike, businesses withhold taxes and the ousted government asks foreign investors to shun the junta. 

The CDM movement has won mass support from tens of thousands of government and private sector employees opposed to General Min Aung Hlaing’s coup on February 1, in which he ousted Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy. Railway workers, bank employees, medical workers and civil servants have joined a general strike, disrupting transport, logistics, banking, commerce and Myanmar’s Covid-19 vaccination drive. 

However, the growing chaos has alarmed businesspeople, most of whom support their employees’ right to protest. Privately, though, they warned that the turmoil threatened to wipe out a decade of economic gains. “The CDM is succeeding in bringing things to a halt,” one chief executive told the Financial Times. “I guess that is its purpose, but it is a bit of a dangerous game.” 

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Yesterday At Hlaing Tharyar Hospital By Dr. Soe Min

               (Dr. Soe Min’s post from his FACEBOOK PAGE on 15 March 2021)

Yesterday, despite all the road blocks all over the city, I managed to reach the burning city Hlaing Tharyar.

I tried to call, failed miserably of course, the phone-numbers of medical facilities in the area. So I went direct to the Hlaing Tharyar Hospital and asked if I could help, of course after introducing myself as a surgeon, and they sent me direct to the emergency surgery.  

There was one wounded patient inside and another one waiting just outside the surgery to enter, and I didn’t even know how many wounded were waiting downstairs.  Right away I started operating on the one already inside. Then another one. One after another.

At just after 7 pm I finished fixing a wounded patient with large open wound on belly and mutilated insides. I could still hear the gunshots from right outside the hospital. 

When I went back down to Emergency, the world is ending there. Since the army had just withdrawn temporarily for the night the Ambulances (hiding with their wounded patients) were coming into the hospital one after another. Volunteer paramedics were rapidly carrying patients one after another into emergency room. Some were alive and still breathing but dying, and some were already dead on arrival.

Monday, March 15, 2021

Hlaing Tharyar Burning: 100+ Killed & 1,000+ Injured

                                (Staff article from the AL JAZEERA on 14 March 2021.)

Myanmar security forces kill dozens of anti-coup protesters. Casualties ‘drastically increasing’, advocacy group says, as Chinese factories are set ablaze in Yangon.

At least 38 protesters across Myanmar have been killed in the latest crackdown on the anti-coup movement, an advocacy group said, as the generals who seized power on February 1 declared martial law over two areas of Yangon where Chinese factories were set ablaze. A police officer also died making Sunday the deadliest day since mass demonstrations against the coup began six weeks ago.

A total of 126 people have so far been killed in “violent and arbitrary crackdowns” since the coup, the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP) said, warning that casualties were “drastically increasing”. The number of people arrested rose to more than 2,150 people by Saturday, it added.

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Diary Of A Front-line Protester In Burma

  (Postings from the Htein Lin Aung’s Facebook Page in February & March 2021)

8 March 2021: According to the battle experience: Now they (the soldiers and cops) always stand about 100 meters away from our front line shield team before attacks. First, shooting Tear Gas Guns followed by stun grenades and then started firing rubber bullets and then finally real bullets to kill some of us.  

Our front line is shield-line and second line is shell-clearing line followed by the line of supporters who also picked up teargas-shells and throw them back to the cops. Girls and women are to stay that third line once the attacks started.

9 March 2021: For Front Line Defender: The safety goggles currently using by the most of us are not fit to the face, even though the style is cool and fashionable as they actually do not protect us from the teargas. Gas is worse when they go through the glasses and trapped near the eyes. Welding goggles are no good at all.

Friday, March 12, 2021

NLD Education Official Arrested & Tortured To Death

              (Staff article from the AL JAZEERA on 10 March 2021.)

An official from deposed Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy (NLD) died in custody after he was arrested on Tuesday, a former parliamentarian said, the second party figure to die in detention in almost as many days.

The NLD’s Zaw Myat Linn (The Principal of “SUU  Vocational Institute” and NLD’s Vocational Education Official) died in custody after he was detained in Yangon at about 1:30am (19:00 GMT on Monday), said Ba Myo Thein, a member of the dissolved upper house of parliament.

“He’s been participating continuously in the protests,” Ba Myo Thein said. “Now the relatives are trying to retrieve the body at the Military Hospital.” Neither the military nor the police responded to calls for comment.

Zaw Myat Linn, who ran a vocational institute in Myanmar’s biggest city, is the second NLD official to have died in custody in recent days. Khin Maung Latt, who worked as a campaign manager for an NLD MP elected in 2020, died after he was arrested on Saturday.

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Army Stormed Railway Compound & Kicked Out Families

                (Staff article from the FRONTIER MYANMAR on 10 March 2021)

Police, soldiers forcibly evict more than 1,000 rail workers and their families: The eviction ended an early-morning raid in Yangon on staff housing where most workers had joined the Civil Disobedience Movement, and who now say they have nowhere to go.

Police and soldiers evicted more than 1,000 Myanma Railways staff from their state-owned homes today for participating in the Civil Disobedience Movement, which has seen workers across government refuse to attend work in order to topple the military.

Hundreds of police and soldiers raided the staff housing compound in Yangon’s Tarmwe Township at about 6am and for much of the morning blocked all exits and entrances to and from the compound, raising fears among residents of imminent violence.

As Killings Escalate, What Is The End Game In Myanmar?

          (Simpson & Farrelly’s article from the CONVERSATION on 11 Mar 2021)

As killings, beatings and disappearances escalate, what’s the end game in Myanmar? Myanmar’s military appears to be testing out a range of vicious tactics in the hope something will stem the protest movements that have embroiled the country since the coup in early February.

The military crossed a grim threshold last Wednesday when security forces fired live rounds at protesters across the country, resulting in what the UN said were at least 30 deaths and hundreds of critical injuries.

Then, on Saturday, security forces beat and took away Khin Maung Latt, a Muslim ward chairman for the former ruling party, the National League for Democracy (NLD). The next morning, the family recovered his tortured and mutilated body from the hospital.

Monday, March 8, 2021

Massacre In North-Oakkalapa, Rangoon, Burma.

        (Current news with photos and videos from various Burmese Facebook pages.)

On March-3 Hundreds and hundreds of Min Aung Hlaing’s wardogs surrounded and tried to break the massive anti-coup protests participated by at least 100,000 local residents. The brutal outcome was a massacre which killed thirty and wounded hundreds in that day alone. The killings of unarmed civilians are still going on in that township on Rangoon’s northeastern outskirts.

Words could be hard pressed to describe the bloody scenes there, and so I collected the photos and videos from Burmese Facebook pages and reposted here on my blog. Min Aung Hlaing the war criminal and a genocidal maniac is completely going mad and personally ordering the brutal killings of the protesting kids his children’s and grand-children’s ages.

Courageous and resilient residents of North Oakkalapa township, Yangon. Dozens of unarmed protesters were shot and killed and many more injured in the North Okkalapa massacre on 3rd March by the Myanmar military. Cops and soldiers even attacked people ambulances attending the wounded on the streets.

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Killing Field Burma: Army Snipers Killing Hundreds!

               (Current news with photos from various Burmese Facebook pages.)

Brutal history of our Burma is repeating again unfortunately and Burmese soldiers are now killing their own people on the streets by hundreds and hundreds daily. Unarmed people protesting peacefully in every city and town in Burma are picked one after another by Burmese Army snipers armed with latest sniper rifles supplied by China.

Facebook pages from Burma are now filled daily with the horrible photos of headshot victims and also their cold-blooded killers caught in sniping actions. The heroic citizen journalists are identifying not only the victims but also the killer-soldiers by their identity and address details accurately as if they have been recording the photographic evidence of cold-blooded murders on the streets.

I believe that the poor victims will eventually get their justice when that mad-war-dog Min Aung Hlaing and his soldiers now illegally ruling Burma will be toppled and charged with Crimes Against Humanity and severely punished in very near future.