Sunday, March 14, 2021

Diary Of A Front-line Protester In Burma

  (Postings from the Htein Lin Aung’s Facebook Page in February & March 2021)

8 March 2021: According to the battle experience: Now they (the soldiers and cops) always stand about 100 meters away from our front line shield team before attacks. First, shooting Tear Gas Guns followed by stun grenades and then started firing rubber bullets and then finally real bullets to kill some of us.  

Our front line is shield-line and second line is shell-clearing line followed by the line of supporters who also picked up teargas-shells and throw them back to the cops. Girls and women are to stay that third line once the attacks started.

9 March 2021: For Front Line Defender: The safety goggles currently using by the most of us are not fit to the face, even though the style is cool and fashionable as they actually do not protect us from the teargas. Gas is worse when they go through the glasses and trapped near the eyes. Welding goggles are no good at all.

The googles really safe for the eyes from the teargas are cheap swimming goggles. If you use safety goggles modified as shown in the picture, they can provide better protection for your eyes. Also wearing them in the sun will always make your face comfortable.

11 March 2021: You all dogs don't have the spirit of a soldier: No glory to being a Burmese soldier This is a low class killer who wears military uniforms. Useless lower class people who lost their moral ground without knowing what a soldier is. I'm not a soldier on the other side. You just need to know what you're taking for the rice you're eating.

12 March 2021: Always found a girl about 8 years old in the protest. We can rely on her a lot. Running up to the front row and getting the news of the dogs (cops and soldiers). When the shield-men withdrew, she picked up important stuff and loud-speakers and flags as many as she can and returned to us.

Early in the mornings and she went around to see where the dogs are. She has a battle-hardened face full of confidence. Once while we were resting I asked if she had eaten yet while resting and she answered not yet. I haven't eaten yet. When I say I'm going to buy snacks for you she just replied that feed it to the shield-men as she was not hungry.

The man standing next to me said that girl had joined us for about a week now. She was here early in the mornings. When I asked what bus you came by she said YBS 21 and she took that bus back home every day.

When I asked he if her dad and mom let her come here, she replied said they are out protesting too. I'm afraid for her safety. She’s just a baby girl, about 8 years old. When we tried to give her some money she refused to take and said I am poor but I have full of dignity.

13 March 2021: Makeshift shield that a peaceful protester is using to protect themselves from the rubber and live bullets and the brutal beatings by the military terrorists. Fully aware that their lives are at risk, the protesters have continued to show courage and determination in this fight against injustice.

Provided by Ma Ei Khine Soe Zin (5-Mar-2021) for front row shields.. Contact us for any necessary fighters... Height 4 ft: 2 feet width: Thick 1.5 mm: 202 steel.

North Dagon is awesome (5.3.2021). Training for the next day before the closing. I salute you...