Sunday, March 31, 2013

All 14 Huge Mosques In Meikhtilar Destroyed Except One!

A huge Saudi-funded mosque burning in Meikhtilar.
From almost zero in the 1960s to more than 30,000 in 2013 the Muslim population grew massively in the small town Meikhtilar the famous lake city of Buddhist heartland in Middle Burma. And believe it or not they’ve built 14 massive mosques and madrassas with free flowing petrol-dollars from Wahabi Saudi Arabia.

Without counting the regularly-shifting military-population from the LID-99’s cantonment area and Shandae the second largest air-force base in Burma the total population of Meikhtilar is only about 100,000 and, believe it or not, the Muslims represent 30% of Meikhtilar residents.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Bangladeshi Islamists Calling To Expel All Buddhists!

Bangladeshi Islamists Burning Buddhists.
Dhaka (AsiaNews) - Acts of violence, especially against Bangladesh's Hindu minority, and strikes (hartal) continue across the country as Jamaat-e-Islami supporters call for reunification with Pakistan, and the creation of a "pure" state, free of its non-Muslim population.

Since unrest began more than a week ago, 87 people have died - mostly police and peaceful protesters. The atmosphere is increasingly tense after the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), the country's main opposition party, decided to throw its support behind Jamaat and call for an end of war tribunals set up by the ruling Awami League.

KIO Leaders Arrested and Executed By KIA Generals?

According to the local news spreading like wildfire in KIA Headquarters Laiza many KIO leaders including that famous Zaung Hara the KIO Chairman and Inbanla the KIO General Secretary had been arrested and may have already been killed by the order of either Genral Gam Shaung the KIA Chie-of-Staff or General Gun Maw the KIA Vice-Chief-of-Staff.

Since the recent abrupt-end of China-sponsored Peace Negotiations in Ruili the KIO senior leaders have not been seen or heard in Laiza. The compound of their family houses have also been declared restricted area and constantly guarded by KIA armed-men.

According to the long-time observers of so-called Kachin war of Independence very high casualties and mass desertion among the KIA ranks and files have been causing a deep crack of disagreements between the KIA (Kachin Independence Army) controlled by General Gam Shaung and its supposedly political masters KIO (Kachin Independence Organization) headed by Chairman Zaung Hara.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Geert Wilder’s PVV: The Most Popular Party in Netherland

(This post is news articles direct from the and the BareNakedIslam.)

Anti_Islamic Dutch politician Geert Wilders.
A new opinion poll from Maurice de Hond’s polling organisation puts anti-Islam Geert Wilders’s anti-immigration PVV in top position – with one seat more than the ruling VVD Liberals.

The poll states the populist party would win 24 seats if there were to be a general election tomorrow, up nine on its actual total. By contrast, the VVD would win 23, down from the 41 seats it has in the current parliament and two down on last week.

The Dutch (Netherland) parliament has 150 seats, meaning the PVV would win 16% of the vote. The poll also gives the Socialist party 23 seats, up eight on its election total.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Burma’s 68th Armed Forces Day, Hooray! Hooray!

(Later part of this post is direct translation from the EMG and other Burmese blogs.)

March 27 is Burma’s Armed Forces Day or formerly the Revolution Day. The much celebrated day in Burma is the commemoration of that March 27 in 1945 when the Japanese-founded BNA (Burma National Army) troops in Rangoon marched into the Rangoon’s vast Cantonment Park on now U Wisara Road.

It was the very first and also the last marching parade for young BNA. A week later the whole army took to the jungle secretly to revolt against their Japanese masters.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Saudi Arabia Granting Citizenship To Burma’s Rohingyas?

Saudi Price Khaled Al-Faisal at the forum.
Makkah Gov. Prince Khaled Al-Faisal yesterday indicated that Saudi Arabia may give citizenship to refugees who have been living in the Kingdom for several years as part of government’s efforts to correct their residency situation.

Addressing a forum for developing disorganized residential districts in the Makkah region, Prince Khaled said the project would focus mainly on people living in these districts, especially foreign refugees like the Burmese.

“We have agreed with the Labor Ministry to create jobs for them. We also told big companies implementing projects in the region to make use of these residents… and one day they become good citizens,” the governor said.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Burma Army’s Doctors Treating Kachins Near Laiza!

Army doctors treating locals at Dawd-phone-yang.
After the two-month-long brutal battle for KIA’s HQ Laiza Burma Army has now peacefully camped down in the area around Laiza as the uneasy peace negotiations are slowly progressing under Chinese patronage in the Chinese border town of Shweli (Ruili).

Following the army’s long-running tradition of providing essential medical treatment to the poor locals in the remote and war-torn places Burmese soldiers normally found themselves in, the army-surgeons and experienced army-medics from the battle-hardened LID-99 (99th Light Infantry Division) have been providing urgently needed medical care to the local Kachins.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Army Taking Over Middle-Burma As Race-Riots Spread!

(Direct translation of blog posts from the MEG and other Burmese blogs.)

Burmese soldiers entering Meik-hti-lar??
Burma president Thein Sein has ordered the army to take over Middle Burma and calm the boiling racio-religious tensions there as the Buddhist-Muslim clashes spread from Meik-hti-lar to the surrounding townships.

The deadly clashes between the Burmese-Buddhists (bamars) and Bengali-Muslims (kalars) are spreading like wildfire all over the town and even spilling over to the nearby townships of the riots-torn district of Meik-hti-lar.

As per the president’s order three light infantry battalions from the 77th Light Infantry Division based at Indagaw have entered the district of Meik-hti-lar today. The three riot-police battalions already in Meik-hti-lar have been seriously overwhelmed and unable to bring the situations under control during three long days of rioting in Meik-hti-lar town alone.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Meik-hti-lar Burning By Race Riots!

The Buddhist monk killed by Muslims in Meik-hti-lar.
This is the true story of Meik-hti-lar incident between Burmese Buddhists and Bengali Muslims there.

Today March 20 at about 9 in the morning U Khin Maung Win and Daw Aye Aye Naing came to New Weint Sein gold shop (Muslim-owned) to sell their gold comb. The husband and wife U Khin Maung Win (46) and Daw Aye Aye Naing (45) were together with their two young children.

The Shop-owner Muslim woman Myint Myint Aye (a) She-tar then broke the gold comb into two pieces and rubbed both pieces on their grading stone and also applied acid on them. She then decided to offer only 50,000 kyats for the gold worth at least 100,000 kyats.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Burma’s Meik-hti-lar Burning By Race Riots!

(This post is direct translation from the EMG and other Burmese blogs.)

A Mosque-and-madrassa burning in Meik-hti-lar.
Meik-hti-lar in Middle-Burma has been burning since yesterday midday by the ugly race riots ignited by a small commercial dispute at a gold shop in the main market.

A rural Burmese couple was trying to sell a gold hair-clip to the gold shop and they claimed the Chinese owners first damaged their gold piece and later cheated more than 60,000 kyats (about 70 US$) out of them.

The ugly dispute turned into a violent scuffle and the owner couple and their friends seriously injured the Burmese couple in the brawl. The false news that the Burmese village woman was killed by the Chinese spread like a wildfire and a Burmese mob gathered at the scene. The Burmese destroyed the gold shop first and later other shops and houses nearby.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Islamist Terrorists Almost Wiped-out In Northern Mali!

French troops fighting in Northern Mali.
March 18, 2013: Documents captured by French troops in Mali have compromised al Qaeda’s normal, secret communications system and it will take weeks or months to rebuild that, so the Internet and public messages are serving as a temporary substitute.

Having suffered another unexpected and very damaging defeat in Mali, al Qaeda is trying to use the Internet to turn indignation among its supporters into some locally organized terror attacks in the West, while also striving to impose Islamic (Sharia) law imposed in Moslem communities and eventually throughout the West.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Rape Of Serbia: Serbs’ Loss of Kosovo to Muslims!

Bill Clinton giving a speech in front of
his 10-ft statue in Pristina, Kosovo.
(THE RAPE OF SERBIA Part-1 & Part-2 By Sir Vojislav Milosevic.)

“To investigate and expose a crime, you need to discover the motive and the modus operandi of the perpetrator.”

I suppose I have a weird sense of humor, but I often laugh at things which really are more grotesque than funny.

Why was there, a “civil war” in Kosovo? Why did the Clinton administration get involved in it? What has been accomplished with 78 days of warfare, year 1999? Let’s review pertinent facts. Let’s look at the background of this thing.

Serbia has been around for a long time. Serbs were settled in the area where they are now as early as 4th century. And for five-six centuries after that they built their nation, a great and proud nation. Serbia’s greatest city, Belgrade, the White City, the White Fortress (the meaning on Serbian language), was founded more than 2,300 years ago.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

No Rohingyas In Arakan History: International Experts!

Yakhine history conference in Mahidol univesity, Bangkok.
There is no Rohingya ethnic in Myanmar and the term Rohingya exactly means Bengali as Myanmar named it, international experts on Rakhine history said in a seminar held in Thailand’s Mahidol University on March 9.

The seminar was held with three objectives to introduction of Rakhine history to the international community; to dismiss the name Rohingya used by international media and to complete reliable references of Rakhine history briefed by international historians, chairman Kyaw Thaung of the organizing committee said.

Dr Jacques P Leider, research scholar and historian of EFEO (French Institute of Asian Studies), Professor Stephen van Galen of Leiden University and History Professor Aye Chan of Kanda University of International Studies gave explanation on Arakan history.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Malaysian Army Uses F-18 Jets against Filipino Rebels!

Malaysian Air Force's F-18 Super Hornet fighter jets.
MANILA — Malaysia used airstrikes and mobilized thousands of troops on Tuesday to try to put an end to a monthlong quixotic incursion by a band of gunmen from the Philippines seeking to reclaim part of Borneo Island for a defunct sultanate.

Three F-18 fighter jets and five Hawk ground-attack aircraft bombed and strafed the estimated 200 Filipino gunmen holed up near the small northeastern Malaysian village of Kampung Taduo, Defense Minister Ahmad Zahid of Malaysia said on Tuesday.
The airstrikes were followed by a ground assault that killed an undetermined number of the Filipino gunmen but caused no Malaysian casualties, the defense minister said.

Muslim Extremists In Melbourne Islamist Conference?

Australian Senator Cory Bernardi.
Liberal senator Cory Bernardi has slammed an upcoming Islamic conference which he says will feature "extremists and purveyors of hate".
The three-day Australian Islamic Peace Conference is billed as the "largest, the biggest and the best-ever Islamic event in the history of Australia" and will kick off this weekend in Melbourne.
Conference organisers, the Islamic Research and Educational Academy, have come under fire for inviting Saudi cleric Abdul Rahman al-Sudais. Al-Sudais has in the past reportedly called for violent jihad and for the annihilation of Jews.
Senator Bernardi says other speakers who have been invited to the conference are noted for their support of Osama bin Laden.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Burmese Politicians Tell Tomas Quintana To Fu_k Off!

(This post is direct translation of articles from various Burmese blogs.)

Burmese nationalist Buddhist monk Shin Wirathu.
“In our country everyone is free to practise one’s whatever  religion as the freedom of religion is legally allowed. But it doesn’t matter which country one lives in one has to respectfully follow the laws of the land and one must try to fit in with that country’s prevailing situation.

In building the religious building such as mosques and madrassas the Muslims need to strictly follow the laws laid down by the local authorities. If they do not undesirable troubles can happen,” warned Shin Wirathu the most prominent nationalist Buddhist monk in Burma nowadays.

He was giving remarks to the press in the wake of controversial end-of-trip speech by the UN Human Rights man for Burma Tomas Quintana to the press at the Rangoon airport on 16 February 2013.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Journalist Bashed by Benglai-Muslim Thugs in East-London

'The Independent' journalist Jerome Taylor.
Voting Fraud Investigative Reporter Beaten Up by Muslim Thugs. Jerome Taylor was savagely beaten by Asian thugs while on the trail of Bangladeshi voter fraud in East London.

ELECTION SPECIAL – The Cultural Enrichment™ keeps on coming. UK Muslim Postal Vote fraud gets uglier – much uglier:

‘The first punch came, landing on my nose, sending blood down my face,’ ‘Independent’ reporter Jerome Taylor relives his bloody experience on the trail of voting fraud in east London

When I look back on it now what surprises me is how disarmingly polite my attackers were.

“What are you doing?” asked one of the two, seemingly inquisitive, Asian teenagers who approached me on a quiet cul-de-sac in Bow, east London, shortly after 1pm yesterday. “There’s been a photographer around here, do you know her?” he added.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Boycott Muslim Businesses: Nationalist-Monk Shin Wirathu

(Following translated transcript of prominent nationalist monk Shin Wirathu's speech  criticizing Aung San Suu Kyi’s party NLD, and his calling for a general boycott against the Muslim businesses in Burma is the direct translation of February 23rd article from Myanmar Headline Blog.)

Nationalist monk Shin Wirathu.
Nowadays, whatever we do, we need to do from a nationalist point of view. Which point of view? Nationalist point of view! Whatever we do we must do as nationalists. Whatever we see we must see as nationalists. Whatever we hear we must hear as nationalists.

Our existence as a Buddhist Burmese Nation has been seriously threatened!

So whatever work we do we must do it from nationalist point of view. When we eat we should eat like nationalists. When we travel we must travel like nationalists do. And, most important, when we buy and sell stuff we must do as nationalists.

Why do I have to say all this? Because our people are very weak in the affairs of our nation and thus we’re losing our country and society to the invading Bengali-Muslims.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sydney the Most Islamized Australian City: Geert Wilders!

Right-wing Dutch MP Geert Wilders has delivered a speech in Sydney's west where he attacked the ideology of Islam as being dangerous. Firebrand Dutch MP Geert Wilders has told supporters in Sydney's west that the ideology of Islam is dangerous, while claiming Australia is seeing an "Islamisation" of its cities.

The far-right politician addressed the Q Society of Australia on Friday night at a function centre in Liverpool on the third leg of his controversial tour of Australia. Protesters gathered outside the venue to voice their anger at the MP's controversial tour.

Many members of the media were blocked from entering the event, despite having being told by the ultra-conservative Q Society group that they would be allowed to attend.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Sharia Floggers in Sydney Found Guilty of Assault!

Public-Sharia-Flogging for drinking alcohol.
A SYDNEY COURT has declared Islamic sharia law is no excuse for viciously flogging a man in his own home as punishment for drinking at a bar. In an Australian legal first, magistrate Brian Maloney yesterday found four men guilty of assaulting a Muslim convert in a religion-inspired whipping.

Christian Martinez, 32, was held down and beaten 40 times with an electrical cord in his Silverwater home in July 2011, leaving him bloodied and scarred.

In his judgment, Mr Maloney said assaults committed as part of a religion that involved "mortification of the flesh" had never been before a court in any common-law country - until now.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Norwegian PM: Rohingya Issue Is Burma’s Internal Affairs!

President Thei Sin and Norway PM Jens Stoltenberg
The Norwegian government has been criticised for failing to pressure the Burmese government on the statelessness of the Rohingya minority during a landmark visit by President Thein Sein to the Scandinavian country this week.

Activists say they are disappointed that the government failed to press Thein Sein on citizenship rights for the Muslim minority in western Burma, who are considered one the world’s most persecuted peoples by the UN.

“Norway has performed a shocking u-turn from being one of the countries which did the most to support Burma’s democracy movement to one which now won’t even speak up for the most vulnerable and desperate people in Burma,” Mark Farmaner from Burma Campaign UK told DVB.

Friday, March 1, 2013

US Land Bank, Railway Bonds, and Burma’s Land Reform

Winding Ledo Road.
It was one pale-dawn in mid or late 1973 when our platoon entered a friendly Kachin village about 5 miles far-south-west of the winding stretch of Ledo Road about 15 miles from Myitkyina. Our company forward outpost then was right on the Ledo Road at 8 miles Post from Myitkyinar.

Just the night before, our company was told of the battalion’s radio-intercept report of that resettlement village defended by a 20 strong people-militia unit was being raided by a roaming KIA unit and our platoon was sent straight away there that night to aid the village.

We have no motorized-transport and so we walked about 15 miles on the jungle paths intentionally avoiding unsealed Ledo Road to avoid possible KIA ambushes as some times KIA attack on a village was just to draw the reinforcing army-column into their ambush.