Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Burmese Politicians Tell Tomas Quintana To Fu_k Off!

(This post is direct translation of articles from various Burmese blogs.)

Burmese nationalist Buddhist monk Shin Wirathu.
“In our country everyone is free to practise one’s whatever  religion as the freedom of religion is legally allowed. But it doesn’t matter which country one lives in one has to respectfully follow the laws of the land and one must try to fit in with that country’s prevailing situation.

In building the religious building such as mosques and madrassas the Muslims need to strictly follow the laws laid down by the local authorities. If they do not undesirable troubles can happen,” warned Shin Wirathu the most prominent nationalist Buddhist monk in Burma nowadays.

He was giving remarks to the press in the wake of controversial end-of-trip speech by the UN Human Rights man for Burma Tomas Quintana to the press at the Rangoon airport on 16 February 2013.

The controversial Buddhist monk added that Quintana’s subsequent report on Burma did not bring any benefits to his country except creating negative impression on Burma by urging strongly Burma’s parliament to repeal Burma’s 1982 Citizenship Law and give Burmese citizenship to millions of illegal Bengali-Muslims on the Bangladeshi border.

UN's Tomas Quintana giving his end-of-trip speech at Rangoon Airport.
Burmese Politicians and Civic Leaders are Very Angry at Quintana

Rakhine Nationalities Development Party (RNDP).
Many political leaders and civic leaders are now saying that they couldn’t think of any good reason why Quintana’s March-6 report is so biased against Burma and favoured towards Bengali Muslims and why his conclusions are so out of touch from what is really happening in Burma right now.

“He is just a UN staffer and he must do just a UN job. He has absolutely no rights to ask a sovereign nation like ours to amend our constitution. And one more thing, for his knowledge or his serious lack of knowledge, is that our 1982 Citizenship Act didn’t come out just yesterday.

That law was drawn up not by the military government. It was drawn up by the best legal expert of our nation late Dr. Maung Maung himself after lengthy consultations with people from all walks of life from all over the country.

It wasn’t written not just with the Bengali illegals in their mind. It was written to protect our nation from the possible illegal flows from China in the east, from India in the west, and from Thailand in the south-east.

Of course it was written also to deter Bengali-Muslim illegals from Bangladesh and the Act has been doing very well what it supposed to do for last 30 odd years.

Now this bastard Quintana is talking about changing our sacred citizenship law just for the millions of illegal Bengali-Muslims who are trying relentlessly to swallow us Buddhists raw by overwhelming us. That is grossly wrong as the United Nations has no mandate to unjustly intervene in our legislative process,” remarked bitterly Zaw Aye Maung the Yakhine Nationalities Minister from the Rangoon-Division Government.

Dr. Aye Maung the RNDP Chairman.
According to Dr. Aye Maung the Chairman of Rakhine Nationalities Development Party (RNDP) the largest political party in Arakan Tomas Qunitana is completely out of line for calling for the amendment of 1982 Citizenship Act just for the sake of Bengali Muslims or so-called Rohingyas on the Bangladeshi border.

Even in other countries where the freedom of religion is allowed the foreign religion’s attempts to dominate the native religion is not acceptable and could create a lot of social unrest. The so-called Islamophobia problems are now getting worst day by day in the Scandinavian countries, Australia, and the England, according to Dr. Aye Maung.

“Do Islamic countries freely allow the building of Christian churches and Buddhist temples? Do they even allow a pagoda or even a Buddhist monk to be in their country? Isn’t Saudi Arabia still beheading the Buddhists caught secretly practicing Buddhism in Saudi Arabia? 

There are almost 600,000 of them fearful-secret-Buddhists in that Islamic-Fundamentalist nation now sending mountain of petrol dollars to build mosques and madrassas in our country! Do the Saudi Muslims allow into their Mecca the people from other religions?

In our country we allow people from other religions into our temples, pagodas, and our religious ceremonies. So how are different people in different nations going to legislate their internal religious affairs? That is completely up to the people of the land. Not up to the United Nations, let alone a so-called Special Human Rights Rapporteur employed by the UN,” said angrily Dr. Aye Maung of RNDP.

Is Quintana on Islamists' Payroll?

UN's Tomas Quintana in Burma (2013).
Tomas Quintana’s official use of the term Rohingya whose existence has been strongly rejected by the international experts on Arakan’s history, not mentioning even a bit of terrorist KIA’s atrocities in Kachin State  even though he has seen the remnants of KIA-destroyed bridges and passenger trains but ask not even a question who did these, and one-sidedly-mentioning only so-called government forces’ human right violations in Kachin State,  in his extremely-biased report is just much over the line.

Why is he so deliberately mentioning the rights of illegal Bengali Muslims? Relentless flows of illegal Bengali Muslims from Bangladesh is now a serious problem for not just Burma but India too and the whole world knows it and he Qunitana must know it too.

But he is still pretending as if he doesn’t know the root cause of the Bengali illegal problems the massive population explosion in Bangladesh. Instead he’s blaming it all on our sacred citizenship laws.

So why is he doing such injustice to our country Burma? Maybe the well-hidden supports (both financial and political) secretly given by the Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia and the Multinational Muslim Mafia OIC have been blurring his view on Burma quite substantially.

OIC Flag and its General Secretary.
He obviously has been towing the OIC’s official line and giving in to the OIC’s desire of rapid Islamization of Northern Arakan first and the whole Burma later. He could even be a closet-Muslim?

We do need to report him to Mr. Ban Ki-Moon as the UN Secretary General has to bring him in line so that in future our Mr. Quintan will produce the reports truly reflecting the actual situations in our country.

During his recent trip our authorities willingly arranged for him to go wherever he wanted in Burma and to see freely whoever he wanted to meet and greet. But he still produces such a negative report which doesn’t have a single piece of constructive criticism while shamelessly pushing for his unnatural and unethical desires such as the citizenships for millions of illegal Bengali Muslims from Bangladesh.

Thus we the people of Myanmar strongly protest against Mr Tomas Ojea Quintana the so-called United Nations Special Rapporteur on Human Rights.