Friday, January 31, 2014

Taliban-Trained Bengali-Muslim RSO Terrorists Captured

Taliban-trained three RSO-terrorists captured in Dhaka.
Three RSO’s Bengali-Muslim bomb-makers trained by Pakistani Taliban to terrorize Buddhists in Burma were caught by Bangladeshi Police’s Anti-Terrorism detectives in Dhaka, Bangladesh at about 10 pm on January-19. The three Bengali-Muslim terrorists were on their way to Teknaf on Burma-Bangladesh border.

Osman(23), Mehmud(26), and Fakhrul Hasan(50) were originally the RSO’s Bengali-Muslim militants from the border and they have been fighting as foreign fighters for Osama Bin-laden’s Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan last three years after receiving intensive military training from the Pakistani Taliban on Pakistan-Afghanistan border in 2011.

The group leader known only as Osman is one of the younger brothers of Bandan Idri the Treasurer of Bangladesh-based RSO (Rohingya Solidarity Organization) terrorist group responsible for January-13 murder of Burmese Police Sergeant Aung Kyaw Thein in now internationally-famous Duu-chi-yar-dan Bengali-Muslim Village in Maungdaw.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Australia Rounding Up Labor’s Boat Muslims To Deport

An Indonesian boat filled with illegal Bengali-Muslims
from Burma-Bangladesh Border approaching
Christmas Island in Australia.
MORE than 1000 failed asylum seekers who have had their claims rejected but are still in Australia have been put on notice, with the Abbott government threatening to put them into detention and deport them if they refuse to return home voluntarily.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison last night said the people in community detention or in detention centres had failed in their claims - some multiple times including judicial reviews - and had no right to be in Australia any more.

More than 30,000 asylum seekers are living on the Australian mainland after the masses of boat arrivals under the previous Labor government - residing in community detention and receiving welfare benefits paid for by taxpayers or in detention centres at a cost to taxpayers.

Mr Morrison said more than 1000 of these people had been "sitting in the network and in the community after having their claims rejected".

Two American Anti-Islam Warriors Touring Australia

Pamela Geller: The anti-Islam warrior.
Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer of Stop Islamisation of Nations (SION) are set to speak here. Two American anti-Islam activists who were banned from entering Britain are due to speak at a Melbourne conference in March.

The Q Society, which brought out Dutch anti-Islamic MP Geert Wilders to Australia last year, has organised the event with the international group Stop Islamisation of Nations (SION).

The location of the first International Symposium on Liberty and Islam in Australia will not be disclosed after violent protests were staged when Mr Wilders appeared in Melbourne last year.

Organisers say only that venues will be in the inner city, with a visit to a pub and a cocktail reception at a waterside location on the agenda. Speakers include SION leaders Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer from the US.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Evidence Of Muslims Butchering Burmese Police Sergeant

Police Sergeant Aung Kyaw
Thein (missing presumed
killed by Bengali-Muslims).
Followings are the eleven photographs of water-tight criminal evidence collected at the scene of the brutal mob-slaying of Burmese Security-Police Sergeant Aung Kyaw Thein by the Bengali-Muslim men of Duchiyardan Bengali-Muslim Village in Maungdaw South.

While the whole Buddhist nation of Burma has been mourning the tragic and heroic death of our Police Sergeant Aung Kyaw Thein a native Yakhine-Buddhist in the criminal hands of rioting Duchiyardan Bengali-Muslims the Saudi-funded and OIC-sponsored Bengali-Muslim network all over the world has gone into the overdrive shamelessly turning the whole Bengali-Muslim terrorist attack on the Burmese police patrol in the dark night of January-13 into so-called Yakhin-Buddhists’ slaughter of Bengali-Muslim women and children.

Unbelievable thing is that the whole consortium of pro-Muslim and so-easily-gullible UN, OIC, US, and UK have also gone into the overdrive pressuring Burma to allow their so-called International investigators to probe into the unfortunate Duchiyardan incident basing on the baseless lies coming out of Bengali-Muslims’ collective mouth.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

UN Preparing Burma Absorb Sinking Bangladesh’s Millions

President Thein Sein Met UNSG Ban Ki-Moon.
The completely-biased and one-sided ways the UN, OIC, US, UK, and other Powers-to-be of the so-called New World Order are constantly pressuring Burma for the better treatment of at least a million Bengali-Muslim illegal immigrants on the Bangladeshi border are quite baffling for most Burmese especially the Buddhists.

But for me the reason is quiet clear from the very beginning. All these super-powers of our world have been patiently and quietly preparing Burma to absorb the millions and millions of displaced Muslims from slowly-sinking Bangladesh.

For them UN and OIC and US, especially the OIC, the 60 million Buddhists in Burma are to be sacrificed for the welfare of 180 million Muslims from Bangladesh which is slowly sinking and by the year 2050 she will not be a viable nation no more, period.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Fake-Rohingya-Bangladeshis Caught In Teknaf Again

A boat caught ferrying Bangladeshi illegal immigrants
to waiting fishing boat taking them to Malaysia.
Fifty-seven Bangladeshi nationals who were on their way to be smuggled across the Indian Ocean to Malaysia as so-called persecuted Rohingyas from Burma’s Arakan were arrested at the Bangladeshi border town Teknaf before they were able to board their human-trafficking boat.

Seventeen of the fifty-seven Bangladeshis arrested were from the town of Norchaindi, thirteen were from Narayangarni, seven from Jessore, four each from Bogunar and Borrachi, three each from Borgura and Chiragong, and two each were from the towns of Chakira, Mahapur, and Corchira.

All 57 Bangladeshi-Muslims preparing to be smuggled by traffickers into Malysia as Rohingyas by a fishing boat via seaways were captured in Teknaf’s Korsunia Ward by the agents of Bangladeshi Customs at about 5 pm on January 24.

Short History Of So-called Rohingyas aka Bengali-Muslims

Cartoon published in January 1953.
The cartoon on left published 60 years ago this month in the “Yakhine Tanzaung Magazine” (1953 January) accurately depicted in just one-page-panel the unimaginable sufferings of native Yakhine-Buddhists in Maungdaw and Butheedaung Townships back in the 1950s.

While native Yakhine-Buddhists were lying dead at the stomping feet of laughing Mujahid Giant -- in his hand was a terrified Yakhine girl going to be devoured -- and while Yakhine-Buddhist families were fleeing from their ancestral homes in their villages being burned down by Bengali-Muslims coming from East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), Burma's then Prime Minister U Nu (a so-called devout Buddhist) was peacefully and comfortably meditating in Rangoon under the protection of armed soldiers who wouldn’t lift a finger to help his fellow Yakhine-Buddhists greatly suffering under Bengali-Muslims’ genocidal assaults.

That single comical and cartoonish illustration from more than 60 years ago still accurately reflects what has been still going on right now in our Arakan.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bengali-Muslims Slaughtered Burmese Police In Maungdaw

Sergeant Aung Kyaw Thein
(Missing, presumed dead)
“Hey, what’re you men doing there?” 
Yelled suddenly Burmese police sergeant Aung Kyaw Thein at a group of about 20 Bengali-Muslims just ahead as the slowly walking police patrol nearly ran into them in the dark.

Time was about 10 in the night. In his torchlight beam were a group of Bengali-Muslim men suspiciously waiting in the dark. His loud yell had apparently startled the Bengali-Muslim illegals commonly found in this lawless part of Arakan in Western Burma.

Sergeant Aung Kyaw thein and his 4-men Security-Police patrol together with 4 civilian village-administrative officials were doing their regular round to maintain law and order in the troubled border region. At that moment they were right inside the wholly Bengali-Muslim village called Duu-chi-yar-dan. Date was 13 January 2014.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Steepening Yield Curve Of US Bonds: What Does It Mean?

Recently, there has been a renewed focus on the yield curve and its implications for future economic growth.  Analyzing the movements in the curve can provide investors with insights into economic forecasts and trading opportunities across multiple markets.

The US Treasury Yield Curve is simply a graph of different treasury instruments and their respective yields, with their time until maturity on the horizontal axis, and their yield on the vertical axis. 

In a typical yield curve, longer termed instruments have higher interest rates.  This makes sense on an intuitive level: investors demand more interest for locking up their money over longer time periods, in order to compensate them for opportunities missed during that extra time.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Baby Eels Fetching US$ 2,000 A Mere Pound In USA

(News article and photos direct from The Reuters and other sites on January 10, 2014.)

Up to 4-ft long adult eels in a Korean eel farm.
Eel Farming in Korea: Eel is the most important freshwater fish culturing in Korea. Eel culture in Korea began approximately 25 years ago (1968). In the beginning, the main purpose of eel culture was to produce seed fish or fingering size from elvers collected in rivers.

These were exported to Japan and Taiwan for further rearing. The main cultured species is Japanese eel, Anguilla japonica. The exact position of the spawning area of this species is still unknown, though it has been established it lies somewhere south of Taiwan.

With rapid and very profitable development of industry, the domestic demand for edible eels has grown significantly, the eel culture has grown in Korea not only for seeds but also the marketable size product.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Rohingya Refugee Raped & Killed 7-yr Old Girl in Utah

Convicted child-rapist and murderer
Rohingyar Muslim refugee Esar Met.
Esar Met, 26,  a (Bengali-Muslim or so-called Rohingya) refugee from Burma, was convicted on Friday of kidnapping, sexually assaulting and killing Hser Ner Moo in Salt Lake City, Utah in March 2008. Met finally went on trial this month after language barriers stalled the process

Her heartbroken parents sobbed as they testified in the trial, while a police officer who helped with the search wiped away tears on the witness stand. Child abuse expert testified that the girl's body showed rare and painful injuries that indicated a brutal sexual assault.

The family came to Utah after fleeing the Burmese jungle and moving to a crowded refugee camp in Thailand which later burned to the ground. Met faces up to life in prison when he is sentenced later this year.

The parents of a seven-year-old Burmese refugee who was raped and beaten to death have broken down in tears as her killer was convicted of the heinous crime.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Australia Strengthening Ties with Burma Military

Acting Minister for Defence and Minister for Foreign Affairs – Joint Media Release – Australian Government strengthening ties with the Myanmar Government

20 January 2014

The Australian Government has re-established a resident Defence Attaché office in Burma with the arrival in Rangoon today of Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Captain Jon Dudley who will fill the post left vacant since 1979.

Captain Dudley has previously served as Australian Defence Attaché to Thailand and Naval Attaché to Indonesia.

The appointment coincides with the arrival at the Port of Rangoon of a RAN Armidale Class patrol boat, HMAS Childers, the first such visit by an Australian warship to Burma since HMAS Quiberon, in 1959.

Acting Minister for Defence, Senator George Brandis welcomed the visit by HMAS Childers and her 21 crew, who will stay for four days as part of a good will visit.

Aussie Warship HMAS Childers’s Visit To Rangoon

HMAS Childers docking at Rangoon's Thilawar Port.
One of fourteen Royal Australian Navy’s Armidale Class Patrol Boats HMAS Childers has docked at Thilawar Deepsea Port in Rangoon today January-20 at about 8 in the morning for her four days visit to Burma.

The HMAS Childers with a crew of 2 officers and 25 sailors arrived at Rangoon as a Friendly Ship Visit and also the very first historic visit by a RAN warship.

According to Burma Navy HMAS Childers is leaving Rangoon on January 24. At Thilawar Dock the Australian patrol boat was cordially welcomed by the senior officers and sailors of Myanmar Navy.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Aungzeya F-11 The Flag Ship Of Our Burma Navy

UMS Aungzeya (F-11) full speed ahead at sea.
This post is dedicated to the patriotic sailors of Burma Navy on its 66th birthday. I am so proud of our navy whenever I see the photos of our Navy’s flag ship Frigate F-11 Aungzeya from various angles.

The slick and strongly built ship proudly reveals the outstanding quality of our nay and our sailors defending our mother land Burma. Even though it was the pilot Project building Burma’s first locally-built frigate the strongly ship-shape frigate with weapon and radar systems mounted on the Forward and Aft and Amidships bring out considerable respect and awe from anyone and everyone.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Burma Police Battling Bengali-Muslim Rioters In Maungdaw

Burmese soldiers confronting Bengali-Muslim rioters.
Burmese Security Police battalions have been battling rioting Bengali-Muslims in two Bengali-Muslim villages in Maungdaw South recently. The Rohingya Blogger a Saudi-funded Bengali-Muslim site has so far reported at least 20 Bengali deaths and many Yakhine-Buddhist deaths including one Security-police sergeant.

According to the Yakhine news agency Narinjara the local Security Police Battalions has been searching in vain for the body of police sergeant Aung Kyaw Thein who was last seen amidst the attacking Bengali-Muslims from Kin-Chaung Muslim village in Maungdaw South.

Last Monday during their normal round of patrol near the Kin-Chaung Muslim village the three-policemen detail including the missing sergeant was ambushed by more than 70 Bengali-Muslim villagers armed with swords and spears.

Beheadings, Bombings, and New York’s Little Bangladesh

Mohammed Siddiquee the Bnegali-Muslim beheader.
Walk along Church Avenue and turn east onto McDonald Avenue and you will see where the old standards of working class Brooklyn, aging homes with faded American flags and loose siding, surly bars tucked into the shadows of street corners and the last video stores hanging on to a dying industry give way to mosques and grocery stores selling goat meat.

Mosques grow like mushrooms in basements, cell phone stores offer easy ways to wire money back to Bangladesh and old men glare at interlopers, especially if they are infidel women.

This is where Mohammed Siddiquee settled a dispute the old-fashioned way by beheading his landlord.

Mohammed wasn’t the first man in Brooklyn to use violence to settle a rental dispute, but beheadings are more traditional in his native Bangladesh than in Brooklyn, though over in neighboring Queens, Ashrafuzzaman Khan, Bangladesh’s most wanted war criminal, heads up the local Islamic Circle of North America, whose Islamist thugs beheaded poets and buried professors in mass graves.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Muslims Raped & Killed British Girls and Put Into Kebabs

Mother of murdered girl put into kebabs runs from court after gruesome testimony. A mother ran from court today as she heard how her daughter was strangled before being chopped up.

Iyad Albattikhi, 29, (a Jordanian Muslim immigrant) known as Eddie, had sex with 14-year-old Charlene Downes, before killing her and joking her body had been put into the kebabs at his shop on Blackpool Promenade, Preston Crown Court has heard.

Today David Cassidy, a former friend of the accused, told Preston Crown Court how the defendant's brother confessed to him about the murder - and that the youngster had been throttled to death. Mr Cassidy, 40, who ran an amusement arcade in the town, told the jury Tariq Albattikhi had rowed with his brother and, upset and in tears, told him about how the schoolgirl had been killed.

"He was crying," Mr Cassidy said. "He said there was a lot of blood. I was only getting a bit of the conversation through the tears. He told me that she was strangled."

Welfare-Muslims Produce One In Ten Babies In UK

(Douglas Murray’s OP-ED direct from The SPECTATOR UK on January 10, 2014.)

There are certain things in Britain about which it is impossible to speak frankly. The birth rate of the Muslim population is a prime subject.

Today’s Times has a lovely example of positive spin.  The headline is: ‘Rise in Muslim birth rate as families ‘feel British’. The story which gives rise to this headline is that: ‘Almost a tenth of babies and toddlers in England and Wales are Muslim, a breakdown of census figures shows.

‘The percentage of Muslims among the under-fives is almost twice as high as in the general population. In an indication of the extent to which birth rate is changing the UK’s religious demographic, fewer than one in 200 people over 85 is Muslim.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Near Riots In Meikhtilar After Muslims Killed A Buddhist

Dead Burmese-Buddhist man "Phoe Pyu"
Meikhtilar the hot bed of Buddhist-Muslim riots last year is reaching near-riot situation again after three Bengali-Muslim Men attacked and killed a Buddhist man in its Pyi-thar-yar Ward on the outskirt of the city in middle Burma.

The killing incident allegedly erupted in heated altercation between a Burmese-Buddhist man “Phoe Pyu” and “Aung Zaw Htway” the Bengali-Muslim husband of his sister-in-law. Phoe Pyu was allegedly killed by Aung Zaw Htway and his two Bengali-Muslim brothers “Zaw Myo Htway” and “Phoe Ni”.

Three Bengali-Muslim killers were later arrested and taken to Meikhtilar Main Jail as the local Buddhist crowd gathered in the nearby BOC Exit Road and started demanding their blood. Government later announced on radio and TV and Newspapers that the near-riot situation had been timely brought back under control.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

China Sold Two Frigates Each To Burma & Bangladesh

Two Chinese frigates decommissioned and sold to Bangladesh.
Two decommissioned Frigates of Chinese Navy (PLA-N) the FFG 535 Huangshi and 536 Wuhu received their new Bangladeshi navy pennant numbers of F15 and F17 just recently.

On Saturday, April 27, 2013 the China-Defense Blog posted following report of those two decommissioned frigates.

“Jianghu class FFG535 Huangshi and 536 Wuhu decommissioned today. Two Jianghu III class FFG completed their refit while being decommissioned at the same day -- this odd pattern adds credence to the rumor that they are being sold off to the Bangladeshi navy.   We will know soon enough.”

Friday, January 10, 2014

Bangladesh’s Secular Democracy Threatened By Islamists

Bangladeshi Islamists burning US flag in Dhaka.
Bangladesh's prime minister is fighting for the country's democratic life -- and no one in the West seems interested. A clash of civilizations is unfolding in Muslim Bangladesh, where the forces of radical jihadi Islamism are trying to topple a liberal democracy, and no one in the West seems interested.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and her ruling Awami League have accomplished something of which no other Muslim leader in any Islamic country could dream. She fought a courageous battle against jihadi Islamism by strengthening secular democracy in the country’s constitution and barring religious parties from using Islam as a political tool.

NDF Leaders Visit Shin Wirathu To Pay Their Respects

NDF Leaders paying respects to Shin Wirathu.
At about 10:30 in the morning of January-10 the NDF (National Democratic Force) Party’s leadership led by their Chairman Khin Maung Swe visited Shin Wirathu at his Dannah-thahara School of New Masoeyein Teaching Monastery to pay their respects.

The NDF delegation included the popular woman MP Khin Wine Kyi who regularly visits Shin Wirathu for his religious and political guidance.

In return our Shin Wirathu delivered to the NDF leaders a Dammah sermon explaining the Magah Dewa teachings of four essential characteristics for defeating an enemy. He described the four essential characteristics as Loyality (Thitsar), Justice (Dammah), Perseverance (Wiriya), and Truth (Sarga).

Australian Navy Turning Muslim-Boats Back To Indonesia

An Australian Naval boat watching over a Muslim-boat.
Over the past month, the Australian navy has forced or towed at least two asylum seeker vessels back to Indonesia under the Abbott government’s so-called “turn back the boats” program. These highly dangerous operations, which could have led to the loss of lives, have also heightened tensions with the Indonesian government, which has publicly opposed the practice.

The policy was introduced last September by Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s government after an election in which his Liberal-National Coalition sought to outdo the Labor Party in a bipartisan bidding war to adopt the most draconian anti-refugee policy. Both parties declared their determination to “stop the boats,” effectively tearing up the international Refugee Convention, which recognises a basic right to flee persecution.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Russian Kamov Choppers For Frigate Kyansitthar (F-12)

Kamov Ka-27 Anti-Sub Warfare Helicopter.
According to unidentified Navy insiders Russian Navy’s standard anti-sub-warfare chopper Kamov Ka-27 is now confirmed by Burma Navy as the main naval helicopter for nearly-finished stealth frigate Kyansithar (F-12).

The attractively-discounted deal to purchase some billion dollars worth of military hardware including a number of Kamov Ka-27 choppers from Russia was signed and sealed in 2013 June when Burma Army Chief Senior-General Min Aung Hlaing and his delegation of senior armed-forces officers visited Russia.

Kamov Ka-27 chopper popularly known as NATO’s name Helix looks like a huge dung-beetle with two coaxial-rotors stacked together on top. It was developed in 1973 and is being used since 1988 till today in Russia, China, India, Ukraine, Vietnam, South Korea, and Algeria as combat military choppers.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Australian Navy Forcing Muslim-Boats Back To Indonesia

(News article and photos direct from The Daily Telegraph & BNI on January 7, 2014.)

In order to save his beloved Australia from Muslim invasion
our PM Tony Abbott has chucked the Political Correctness
out of the window and pushed the Muslim-boats back.
Tony Abbott, Australia's prime minister, has deployed the navy to force back boats carrying asylum seekers from Indonesian waters for the first time, leaving the boats to run aground on a remote island.

Indonesian sources said two boats carrying groups of about 45 Middle Eastern and North African asylum seekers (all Muslims) were "pushed" back into Indonesian territory by the Australian navy.

Mr Abbott, elected last year after running on a hard-line pledge to "stop the boats", would not confirm the incidents. The move could further strain relations with Indonesia, which have been damaged in recent weeks by revelations that Australian spies targeted Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, the Indonesian president, and his wife.

Bangladeshi Islamist War-Criminals in New York City

Bangladeshi war-criminal Ashrafuzzaman
Khan now hiding in New York City.
About 30 Bangladeshis protested on December 22 outside the headquarters of the Islamic Circle of North America in New York. The demonstrators are demanding the deportation of a former senior ICNA official that has been indicted in Bangladesh for war crimes.

The protest was organized by the New York chapter of Ekatturer Ghatak Dalai Nirmul Committee. It was founded in 1992 by the late Jananara Imam, a progressive female Muslim seeking justice for atrocities committed during the Bangladesh Liberation War with Pakistan.

ICNA, meanwhile, is mobilizing to convince the U.S. government to demand that Bangladesh stop prosecuting leaders of the Islamist Jamaat-e-Islami group for war crimes. Uncoincidentally, ICNA is a derivative of Jamaat-e-Islami.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Border Bengali-Muslims Displaced By Buddhist Refugees

Buddhist refugees from Bangladesh.
Maungdaw -- Sixteen families of sixty-six Ethnic Yakhine-Buddhists fleeing the ongoing Islamic genocide in Bangladesh has crossed the border into Burma on December-28 2013. They are now being resettled on the land confiscated from the illegal Bengali-Muslims in Taung-pyo-let-wel Sub-township of Maungdaw Township.

The Border Region Ethnic Affairs Department (Na-ta-la) under Burma’s Border Affairs Ministry has a special state policy to welcome and resettle the Bangladeshi-Buddhists who are mostly ethnic Yakhines and Burmese with blood relatives in the Arakan of Burma.

Na-ta-la has been generously providing the Buddhist refugees from Bangladesh with two-storied houses, wells, water pumps, acres of paddy land, foodstuff, and essential consumer products. The Buddhist refugees have also been given three year temporary resident visas with a promise that they will be given permanent residency after three years if they are of good characters and actively cooperate with local authorities in driving the Bengali-Muslims back into Bangladesh.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

SS-26 Iskander Cruise Missiles For Burma Army?

According to unconfirmed confidential reports Burmese Army has recently established a new missile command aptly named “Missile Strategic and Defense Command” equipped with short and mid-range surface-to-air missile systems including the famed guided-ballistic or cruise missiles the Russian-made SS-26 Iskander short-range missiles.

The SS-26 Iskander missiles were primarily developed to counter the US-made Patriot anti-missile missiles which devastated Russian made SCUD Iraqi missiles in the 1991 Gulf War between US-led alliance and Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.

Russian Army once used their SS-26 Iskander missiles on enemy Georgian positions during the Ossetia War between Russia and Georgia in August 2008. In a devastating attack on a Georgian tank battalion Georgia claimed that despite the heavy air-cover from Georgian Air Force a single Russian SS_26 Iskander missile strike had destroyed 28 Georgian T-72 tanks and killed nearly 100 troops in one enormous explosion.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Burma’s Cross-Border Trade: US$ 3.3 Billion in 8 Months

(Translated articles and photos from the Eleven Media Group on December 13, 2013.)

Maesai-Tarchileik border crossing point on Thai border.
According to Burma’s Commerce and Consumer Affairs Department the cross-border trade with her neighbour nations through official border trading points has reached more than US$ 3 billion in the period from April-1 to December-6, which is just over a half of this 2013-2014 financial year.

Great news for Burma is that the cross-border export is much more than cross-border imports from her 4 neighbouring nations Thailand, China, India, and Bangladesh. There are 15 official border trading posts on Burma’s 5,000 miles-long border.

According to the Commerce Department the total value of official cross-border trade from April-1, 2013 to December-6, 2013 was US$ 3,284.301 million compared to US$ 2,284.209 million in same period last financial year of 2012-13.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Burma Women Leaders’ Public Talks In Meikhtilar

NDF Party MP Daw Khin Wine Kyi at Meikhtilar Talks.
Three prominent women rights activists in Burma have been delivering public lectures all over Burma and calling for the Ah-myo-zount (National Race Protection) Act to be submitted to the Parliament and promulgated.

NDF (National Democratic Force) party MP Khin Wine Kyi, Wun-thar-nuu Democratic Party General Secretary Nan Shwe Kyar, and National Literary Prize winning author Yin Yin Nuu had each delivered a public lecture on women rights and Ah-myo-zount Act on December-31 at Meikhtilar City in Middle Burma.

The 4 pm ceremony was attended by Thet-taw-shay Sayardawgyi Bart-dan-tah Thar-meet-ka the Chairman of Meikhtilar Township Ah-myo-zount Association, U War-ya-ma the Secretary of Meikhtilar Township Thangah-naryaka, nationalist monk Sayardaw U Wirathu, 969 Youths from Mandalay City, NDF party members from Mandalay, and more than a thousand local Buddhists from Meikhtilar.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Australian Auto Industry on The Brink of Collapse

Holden exit imperils entire industry: Australia's entire car manufacturing industry could be on the brink of collapse following Holden's decision to quit local production.

General Motors says Holden will cease building cars in Australia by the end of 2017, with the loss of 2900 jobs at its assembly operations in Adelaide and its engine and engineering plants in Melbourne.

The decision follows Ford's move to end local production by 2016 and could force a similar exit by Toyota, which says there is now "unprecedented" pressure on its own operations. It will also affect component suppliers and other support industries across the country, with the potential to result in the loss of 40,000 jobs or more.