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Bengali-Muslims Slaughtered Burmese Police In Maungdaw

Sergeant Aung Kyaw Thein
(Missing, presumed dead)
“Hey, what’re you men doing there?” 
Yelled suddenly Burmese police sergeant Aung Kyaw Thein at a group of about 20 Bengali-Muslims just ahead as the slowly walking police patrol nearly ran into them in the dark.

Time was about 10 in the night. In his torchlight beam were a group of Bengali-Muslim men suspiciously waiting in the dark. His loud yell had apparently startled the Bengali-Muslim illegals commonly found in this lawless part of Arakan in Western Burma.

Sergeant Aung Kyaw thein and his 4-men Security-Police patrol together with 4 civilian village-administrative officials were doing their regular round to maintain law and order in the troubled border region. At that moment they were right inside the wholly Bengali-Muslim village called Duu-chi-yar-dan. Date was 13 January 2014.

Burmese Police Patrol’s Sudden Encounter with Bengali-Muslims

Suspecting something serious was going on the police patrol quickly approached the Bengali-men now caught in their torchlight beams. Then suddenly 3 or 4 Bengali-Muslim men bolted into the dark.

“Hey, don’t run, we are police patrol, we won’t harm you!”  Despite Sergeant’s loud yell the Bengali-Muslim men quickly disappeared into the darkness like ghosts.

“We’re People-Police (Pyi-thu-ye) patrolling,” yelled again Sergeant Aung Kyaw Thein at the rest of the group of Bengali-Muslims and at the same time pointing his torchlight back on himself to show his police uniform so that they would know he was a policeman as he shouted repeatedly.

“What’re you men doing here in this time of the night? Disperse and go back home right now. If something bad happen it wouldn’t be good for all of us,”

Sergeant Aung Kyaw Thein asked the Bengali-Muslim men to go back inside their houses, but the Bengali-Muslims wouldn’t listen to him and just stared at the direction of their men disappearing into the darkness while loudly yelling at each other in their own Bangladeshi language.

“Hey, what’re you men staring at? We’re asking you men to disperse for your own sake. Don’t be too loud this late. Go back home. Now is middle of the night,” Sergeant Aung Kyaw Thein kept on telling the Bengali-Muslin men to disperse and go home.

Then suddenly they all heard loud yells and saw the distant shadows of a large crowd yelling loudly and rushing towards them policemen.

Armed Bengali-Muslim Mob Attacking Burmese Police Patrol

In the soft moon light Burmese policemen clearly and alarmingly saw the huge mob of Bengali-Muslim men wielding swords and spears and long sticks rushing onto them. The Muslim mob was so large they couldn’t even count roughly how many Bengali-Muslim men were in the threatening mob.

“Catch them, catch the motherfucking cops, don’t let the pigs escape, get them, cut them up with swords!”  yelling loudly the wild mob of Bengali-Muslim men as they rushed towards the small patrol.

One of the young policeman just behind the Sergeant Aung Kyaw Thein quickly lifted his 303 Lee-Enfield rifle and pointed at the Muslim mob, but experienced Sergeant held down his rifle barrel and thus stoping him from shooting wildly at the dangerously approaching Bengali-Muslim mob.

“Hey, don’t shoot, nobody shoot. If we killed some of them we could be in trouble later. Too difficult to explain, just do not shoot!”

Sergeant Aung Kyaw Thein was still trying to handle the situation peacefully even though he knew very well the Bengali-Muslims’ clear intent to kill the police who are all Buddhists, Burmese and Yakhines.

“Hey, we’re just a patrol, we’re not gonna do anything to you all, just halt,” Sergeant Aung Kyaw Theing kept on shouting at them Muslims to stop, but the Bengali-Muslims wouldn’t stop and the mob was getting closer and closer.

Eventually Sergeant Aung Kyaw Thein realized the very imminent danger and yelled back to his people, “Run, run, run for your lives, they’re gonna kill us all,” and he then trying to slow down the rushing Bengali-Muslim mob by shotting his M-22 rifle twice into the air but to no avail as the angry mob was closing right onto him.

Once they heard his order all policemen and civilian officials turned back and ran for their lives as the armed mob was almost upon them. In pitch black darkness they all had to run for their lives away from the overwhelming Muslim mob.

Losing Police Sergeant Aung Kyaw Thein in Hostile Bengali Village

The small group of Buddhist policemen and civilian administrative officials on the run from the Bengali-Muslim mob were separated into two groups on their desperate flight away from the hostile Bengali-Muslim viallage.

Policeman Min Yan Naing, Kha-yay-myaing Village-Chief Maung Ba Htun, Kin-chaung Village Ten-household-chiefs Aung Than and Maung Thein Hla, and Duu-chi-yar-dan Village-tract Clerk Than Htun Oo were  the first group getting out through the east of Du-chi-yar-dan village towards the main concrete road.

The second group with policeman Min Min Khaing and policeman Min Zaw fled through north-east of Duu-chi-yar-dan towards Kha-yay-myaing Yakhine-Buddhist Village. Both group didn’t know first that their sergeant was caught by the Bengali-Muslim mob as he also was trying to flee.

Only after they all reached a seemingly safe place away from the Bengali-Muslim village they sat down and counted and only then they realised their sergeant was missing.

“Sa-yar-gyi, Sa-yar-gyi Aung Kyaw Thein, Sa-yar-gyi,” the young policeman who was trying to shoot at the mob and stopped by Sergeant Aung Kyaw Thein kept on calling out for his beloved sergeant into the darkness.

They didn’t hear anything back as they all looked back worryingly onto the way they just escaped from the Muslim mob. After a while they realised that their Sergeant wouldn’t be coming back to them.

“I’m so sure, bastard Muslims got him and cut him down,” said sadly the same young policeman with tears coming down his cheeks, “I can’t believe that shit happened to him and us. I was even trying to shoot at them motherfucking Kalars and he stopped me. He got killed by fucking Kalars because of that order, fucking stupid.”

By that time they had no other choice but to go back to their Kha-yay-myaing Police Outpost and report the whole horrible incident to the authorities at Maungdaw Security-Police Headquarters.

Army and Police Reinforcement Arrived At Duu-chi-yar-dan

A Security-Police patrol in Maungdaw Town.
Once the emergency telephone call from Kha-yay-myaing Outpost was received troops from local army battalion and more Security Police quickly marched towards Duu-chi-yar-dan Bengali-Muslim village and reached there soon at about Midnight that night.

Once the Burmese security forces reached the northern vicinity of Duu-chi-yar-dan Muslim Village more than 500 Bengali-Muslim men armed with swords and spears came out of the village and confronted them.

The Bengali-Muslim mob slowly crept up till they were only about 50 yards away from the point men of the army troops. Burmese soldiers had to fire at least 8 times into the air till the Bengali-Muslim fled towards the north. Almost all Bengali-Muslim men of Duu-chi-yar-dan ran away towards other Bengali-Muslim villages nearby and left only women and children and some older men.

Burmese security forces then tightly surrounded the Bengali-Muslim village and in early morning next day January-14 they started the slow process of searching the body and gun and equipment of missing Police Sergeant Aung Kyaw Thein, and finding out what exactly happened there last night.

For first two days they found only bits and pieces of Sergeant Aung Kyaw Thein’s torn-up uniform and equipment and pair of short-neck jungle-boot near the sentry-post inside the Muslim village as the village women refused to co-operate with the police and soldiers.

Only after intensive interrogation and eventual confession of Mosque-guard Bu Ar-long (50) -- a son of Baw-li Ar-long --  of the Village Mosque named Ismai Mosque the police investigators discovered on January 17 the rest of the police uniform worn by Sergeat Aung Kyaw Thein from inside the rubbish hole at the back of Ismai Mosque.

Also some parts of Sergeant Aung Kyaw Thein’s bllod-stained police equipment were discovered inside a cloths drawers on the second floor of Arabic Madarassa near the Ismai Mosque. One of his empty bullet-magazine was also found in the rice field just outside of the Muslim village.
Ismai Mosque in Duu-chi-yar-dan Muslim village. Seriously wounded Burmese police sergeant
was believed to have been dragged into the mosque and his throat was cut  by the
Mosque Imam and his body was later dumped into the nearby sea.
Rubbish hole behind the mosque where Sergeant Aung Kyaw Thein's
blood-stained uniform was buried and later discovered by police.
Fallen 39-yr old Security-Police sergeant Aung Kyaw Thein's fully-pregnant wife Khin Aye Lwin
(28) receiving donations from well-wishers on Jan-21. She is now delivering her father-less baby
at Maungdaw Hospital as the nationwide donation drive to support her family has begun.
Nationalist monk Shin Wirathu seeded K 500,000 for the fund and donors can donate
by calling Zaw Min Htet at 09-259 004 324.
Islamist Terrorist RSO-Sponsored Attack On Burmese Police Patrol

So far 16 Bengali-Muslim men suspected of orchestrating the brutal attack on the police patrol in Du-chi-yar-dan Bengali-Muslim Village were in police custody and they were helping with the investigation.

From them Burmese police now knew the solid fact that there were 19 Bengali-Muslim terrorists from Bangladesh involving in the well-orchestrated attack on Burmese Security-Police patrol. The said terrorist group led by K-Phike-Dullah (23) had recently attended a Mujarhidin Jihardist training camp at the OIC-supported and Saudi-funded RSO (Rohingya Solidarity Organization) Headquarters in neighbouring Bangladesh.

On January-3 this year the terrorist group sneaked back into Duu-chi-yar-dan Bengali-Muslim Village and started giving small arm training to the Bengali-Muslim villagers at the village mosque and madrassar.

Two other Bengali-Muslim men who led the violent attack on police patrol were Abdul-Muna who had entered Burma recently and Jaw-Bullah who was a convicted criminal spending two years in a Burmese jail just few years ago.

The purpose of their ambush on Burmese police patrol was to discourage local authorities from entering their Bengali-Muslim villages which are being used as hiding places for illegal immigrants from Bangladesh and also the Bengali-Muslim criminals trafficking drugs and war weapons and also smuggling other contraband across the border.

According to the police investigators eleven Bengali-Muslim terrorists out of nineteen totals were able to cross back into Bangladesh on January-15 with the help from sympathetic Bangladeshi border guards and Bangladeshi Islamists.

According to police informants they were handsomely rewarded by the terrorist group RSO for their successful attack on the Burmese police patrol in Duu-chi-yar-dan and killing a Burmese police sergeant and capturing his M-22 rifle and ammunitions.
Official police sketch of the crime scene inside Duchiyardan Bengali-Muslim Village.
Jungle camp of Islamist Terrorist RSO (Rohingya Solidarity Organization) inside Bangladesh.
Interior of Malaysia-funded Bengali mosque.
Exterior of Malaysia-funded Bengali Mosque.
Funding agency MRA's plaque on the brick water basin just outside the mosque.
(While Malaysian Islamists are allowing Bengali-Muslims in Malaysia slaughter
Burmese-Buddhists there, they are also building many Islamist mosques
and Madrassas in Northern Arakan next to Bangladesh.)
UN's Valerie Amos's one-sided statement on the Duu-chi-yar-dan incident.
Baseless Joint Statement by US and UK embassies in Rangoon.
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