Friday, January 17, 2014

Burma Police Battling Bengali-Muslim Rioters In Maungdaw

Burmese soldiers confronting Bengali-Muslim rioters.
Burmese Security Police battalions have been battling rioting Bengali-Muslims in two Bengali-Muslim villages in Maungdaw South recently. The Rohingya Blogger a Saudi-funded Bengali-Muslim site has so far reported at least 20 Bengali deaths and many Yakhine-Buddhist deaths including one Security-police sergeant.

According to the Yakhine news agency Narinjara the local Security Police Battalions has been searching in vain for the body of police sergeant Aung Kyaw Thein who was last seen amidst the attacking Bengali-Muslims from Kin-Chaung Muslim village in Maungdaw South.

Last Monday during their normal round of patrol near the Kin-Chaung Muslim village the three-policemen detail including the missing sergeant was ambushed by more than 70 Bengali-Muslim villagers armed with swords and spears.

The police tried to shoot out with their WW-2 303 Lee-Enfield bolt-action rifles but their outdated-guns jammed and they had to run for their lives. In the melee police sergeant Aung Kyaw Thein well-equipped with an M-16 rifle was captured and presumed butchered by the Bengali-Muslims (so-called Rohingyas).

“We are now surrounding the whole Muslim village and searching for our missing sergeant. So far we haven’t recovered his body yet. All the Muslim men are also gone too as they all fled from us. Only Muslim women and children are left in their village. All the bloodied  evidence are pointing that our sergeant was killed already. We found pool of blood on the nearby beach. We also found the empty magazine of his M-16 rifle. But not his gun and his body,”  said one police officer who is overseeing the operation and who didn’t want to disclose his name or rank.

Bengali-Muslim rioters in Maungdaw Town.
This incident is the second time the Bengali-Muslim violently attacking on local Burmese police force maintaining law and order in the riots-torn Maungdaw District of Yakhine State in last few months. Maungdaw District on Burma border with Muslim Bangladesh is the only district with majority Bengali-Muslims originally from the neighbouring Bangladesh.

On December 31st last year a large group of armed-Bengali-Muslims attacked the police post at Sittwe’s Hman-si cemetery and killed police private Thant Zin Win (22) and severely wounded another police private Kyaw Kyaw Moe (22).

These attacks on Burmese Security Police by Bengali-Muslims are intensifying despite the placement of 3 more security-Police battalions in the region. Right now there are 6 Security-Police battalions in the Maungdaw District alone.

Following story was the translation of the overly exaggerated accounts from the Saudi-funded Muslim-extremist Rohingya Blogger Site of what happened at the Kin-Chaung Muslim Village (Duu-chi-yar-dan in Bengali). The Bengali-Muslim site quoted Myarf and Sindi Khan the volunteer English teachers from the Muslim INGOs active in the area as their sources.

On January-12 eight Bengali-Muslims supposedly from Butheedoung who had crossed the Mayu Ranges and been looking for work in Maungdaw were arrested by Kin-Chaung Village Tract’s Administrator Aung Zan Phyu (a Yakhine Buddhist). The local Yakhine-Buddhists claimed that they were Bengali-Muslim illegal from Bangladesh. Later that day they were killed by Yakhine-Buddhist villagers and their bodies buried just outside the village ground.

Later the Bengalis from nearby Kin-Chaung Muslim village dug up the bodies and took them to their Muslim village to rebury. To cover up their atrocities Village Tract Administrator Aung Zan Phyu and the local police post leader Sergeant Aung Kyaw Thein went into the Kin-Chaung Muslim village and tried to arrest some Bengali-Muslim villagers who resisted and fought back violently.

A dead Bengali-Muslim rioter in Maungdaw.
In the ensuing struggle the police shot two Benglai-Muslims dead and Police Sergeant Aung Kyaw Thein was killed by the Muslim villagers. The Bengali-Muslim riots then started and on January 14 at about 1 am early morning a large police reinforcement led by Maungdaw District police chief arrived and started shooting at the rioting villagers to disperse the crowd.

Police shooting into rioting Bengali-Muslim crowd killed at least 11 Muslims and their bodies were taken away from the village ground. Later more army and security police arrived and started searching for the body of killed police sergeant Aung Kyaw Thein. By then all the Bengali-Muslim men of Kin-Chaung Muslim Village had fled the village and only women and children and elders were left in the village.

Following is the list of Bengali-Muslim villagers killed during the riots and subsequent police operation since January 13 in Kin-Chaung Muslim Village (Du-chi-yar-dan).

1) Mariam Khartoo (103) a daughter of Zawmira Hudin
2) Zarhidah Bagum(45) a daughter of Arharmad Hussein
3) Mahmad Sohel (10) a son of Sawli Mullah
4) Humiyar (35) a daughter of Adul Yarzat
5) Musanar (40) a daughter of Sayad Aharmat
6) Noor Bagum (50) a daughter of Hoor Mus
7) Bagum (45) a daughter of Mohammad
8) Ici Bagum (15) a son of Sayad Aharmat
9) Abu Bacair Siddique (20) a son of Umar Hamid
10) Adhu Salam (60) a son of Adhu Shakoor
11) Saytaryar (34) a daughter of Umarmyar

Burmese soldiers in the rioting Bengali-Muslim village.
Kabir Aharmat (25) a son of Sayad Alam and Aminar (45) a daughter of Harbi Ular were seriously wounded. It was reported that 7 Bengali-Muslim minors were also killed. They were 2 grandchildren of Mariam Khartoo, 2 grandchildren of Bagum, and 3 children of Noor Islam.

More than 4,000 Bneglai-Muslim men from Kin-Chaung Muslim village (Muslims called their village Du-chi-yar-dan in Bengali) were now hiding in other Bengali-Muslim villages nearby as the police and army continued rounding up the Bengali-Muslim rioters.

Since 6 am on January 16 all the Bengali-Muslim village chiefs and 100-household chiefs and 10-household chiefs of the Muslim villages of Pan-daw-byin (Norbawnor), Badin (Bornor), Du-nyaung-bin-gyi, Pa-Nyaung-bin-gyi, Tat-oo-chaung, Gor-du-thar-ya, and Du-chi-yar-dan have been arrested and kept under lock in a house in Du-chi-yar-dan village.

All the arrested were ordered by the Burmese authorities to make a comprehensive list of Du-chi-yar-dan Muslim villagers now hiding in their respective villages as more than 200 army troopers, at least 200 Security-police, and nearly a thousand local police have been surrounding all Muslim villages in the area to suppress the spontaneous Bengali-Muslim rebellion.

(Blogger’s notes: In May 1942 during the lawless chaos of British withdrawal from Burma during WW-II the land-less and half-starving Bengali-Muslims from Bangladesh (India's East Bengal) across the Naff River crossed the wide river in hundreds of thousands and massacred 70,000 local Yakhine-Buddhists and violently took over their villages and paddy land and fishing grounds in a genocide and illegally stayed there and multiplied to more than a million since. They tried to rename the Yakhine-Buddhist villages in Bengali names but the Burmese authorities have sternly refused to accept the Bengali names.)
Map of Maungdaw Township.
Burmese government denial of Du-chi-yar-dan Incident in Myanmah Ahlin Newspaper.
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