Thursday, January 2, 2014

Burma Women Leaders’ Public Talks In Meikhtilar

NDF Party MP Daw Khin Wine Kyi at Meikhtilar Talks.
Three prominent women rights activists in Burma have been delivering public lectures all over Burma and calling for the Ah-myo-zount (National Race Protection) Act to be submitted to the Parliament and promulgated.

NDF (National Democratic Force) party MP Khin Wine Kyi, Wun-thar-nuu Democratic Party General Secretary Nan Shwe Kyar, and National Literary Prize winning author Yin Yin Nuu had each delivered a public lecture on women rights and Ah-myo-zount Act on December-31 at Meikhtilar City in Middle Burma.

The 4 pm ceremony was attended by Thet-taw-shay Sayardawgyi Bart-dan-tah Thar-meet-ka the Chairman of Meikhtilar Township Ah-myo-zount Association, U War-ya-ma the Secretary of Meikhtilar Township Thangah-naryaka, nationalist monk Sayardaw U Wirathu, 969 Youths from Mandalay City, NDF party members from Mandalay, and more than a thousand local Buddhists from Meikhtilar.

Only about 150 of more than 1,000 strong audience were men and the Meikhtilar Public Talks was much bigger than in the previous December-26 talk in Mandalay a much bigger city than Meikhtilar. And even many old ladies were seen actively cheering at the Meikhtilar talks.

Shin Wirathu himself wrote on his blog post that previously they had to remind Burmese-Buddhists to have Kyaukbadaung bloods, but now Meikhtilar has been showing so much nationalist blood by their recent actions against the Bengali-Muslims he now has to call out to people to have Meikhtilar bloods in their veins.

(Blogger’s notes: Shin Wirathu must be referring indirectly to the bloody Muslim riots in Kyaukbadaung before and also recent Meikhtilar Muslim riots when hundreds of Bengali-Muslims were killed and tens of thousands were herded into make-shift refugee camps inside town’s soccer stadiums. Meikhtilar Buddhists also rudely protested and tried to block UN Human Rights Rapporteur and hated Tomas Qintana’s vehicle convoy visiting the Muslim refugee camps in their town last year.)
(From L to R)  Yin Yin Nuu, Khin Wine Kyi, and Nan Shwe Kyar.
Popular 969-Shawl worn by Daw Khin Wine Kyi and many Buddhist woman.
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