Friday, January 31, 2014

Taliban-Trained Bengali-Muslim RSO Terrorists Captured

Taliban-trained three RSO-terrorists captured in Dhaka.
Three RSO’s Bengali-Muslim bomb-makers trained by Pakistani Taliban to terrorize Buddhists in Burma were caught by Bangladeshi Police’s Anti-Terrorism detectives in Dhaka, Bangladesh at about 10 pm on January-19. The three Bengali-Muslim terrorists were on their way to Teknaf on Burma-Bangladesh border.

Osman(23), Mehmud(26), and Fakhrul Hasan(50) were originally the RSO’s Bengali-Muslim militants from the border and they have been fighting as foreign fighters for Osama Bin-laden’s Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan last three years after receiving intensive military training from the Pakistani Taliban on Pakistan-Afghanistan border in 2011.

The group leader known only as Osman is one of the younger brothers of Bandan Idri the Treasurer of Bangladesh-based RSO (Rohingya Solidarity Organization) terrorist group responsible for January-13 murder of Burmese Police Sergeant Aung Kyaw Thein in now internationally-famous Duu-chi-yar-dan Bengali-Muslim Village in Maungdaw.

According to Burmese newspaper Myanmah-Ah-Lin Osman originally was from the Bakar-gone-nar Bengali-Muslim Village in Thi-ho Village-group of same Maungdaw Township not that far from the Duu-chi-yar-dan Village.

Bangladeshi Police’s Detective Branch (DB) Joint Commissioner Monirul Islam in a press conference said that the militants were preparing at capital’s Kakrail to go to Teknaf. Mehmud and Osman had no visa and passports while Fakhrul Hasan had an expired Pakistani visa, he added.

Monirul Islam also said that Mehmud and Osman are capable of making 12 different types of bombs and could fire AK-47, M-16, SMG and LMG. Two separate cases were filed against them on charge of anti-terrorism act and for living illegally. Police will seek remand for quizzing.

An advanced laptop computer filled with manuals and technical details on how to make IED (Improvised-Explosive-Devices that killed thousands of American soldiers in both Iraq and Afghanistan) and home-made bombs was also captured from them, added Police Commissioner Islam.

According to Bangladeshi police investigators three terrorists admitted that their political aim was to establish the Taliban-in-Arakan to facilitate devastating terrorist attacks in Burma.

Their immediate plan once they reached Maungdaw and disappeared among the Bengali-Muslim populace there was to train the Bengali-Muslim militants in bomb-makings and small-arms tactics.

Three Bengali-Muslim terrorists had with them their detail plans and a list of Bengali-Muslim contacts to operate in Maungdaw and Butheedoung and Sittwe the capital city of Burma’s Yakhine State formerly known as Arakan.

Bangladeshi Police is now sharing the captured documents and crucial information from there captured-terrorists with Burma’s Counter-Terrorism Police in Rangoon and Sittwe and Burmese police detectives are working to detain the local Bengali-Muslims collaborating with the Pakistani Taliban.

Bangladeshi Police Detectives with three captured RSO Bengali-Muslim terrorists.
Myanmah-Ah-Lin Newspaper's report of the capture of three RSO Bengali-Muslim terrorists.
Jungle camp of Islamist Terrorist RSO (Rohingya Solidarity Organization) inside Bangladesh.
(Osman and his two comrade terrorists were apparently heading for that camp.)
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