Saturday, September 14, 2013

KIA Insurgents Beheaded Alive Captured Army Lieutenant

Executed Burmese soldiers of IB-137 from Machanbaw.
Since first of June this year, after KIA (the so-called Kachin Independence Army) has willingly agreed to work with the notorious Muslim Brotherhood, more than two hundred Bengali-Muslims and Arab-Islamists led by Bengali Imam Ar-sut from the Bangladesh-Burma border have joined forces with Burma’s notorious KIA  insurgents-turned-terrorists in Northern Burma.

Christian KIA is clearly taking advantage of present racial and anti-Islam troubles in Burma by recruiting Islamist fighters from both inside and outside of Burma and also accepting large amount of funds and arms from OIC and other Islamist groups. According to local sources in Laiza a few Al-Queada Arab fighters have set up camp in Laiza and KIA is providing them with pretty Kachin female soldiers to service them.

KIA’s absorption of Bengali and Arab Islamists into their ranks and files is drastically changing KIA tactics on the battle fields as the Islamists are now teaching KIA Kachins their brutal treatment of enemy. The foreign Islamists have brought their brutal, sadistic practices from Iraq and Afghanistan and Syria into Burma.

On 28 August KIA-Islamist combined-force of about 300 men had successfully ambushed a 14-men army patrol led by 23-years-old Burmese Lieutenant Zaw Myo Htet of Infantry Battalion 137 from Machanbaw in Kachin State. The ambushed sit was near Injanbouk village not far from the Machanbaw town.

Lt. Zaw Myo Htet and three Burmese soldiers were wounded and captured alive while the rest were killed in the ambush. KIA has never treated captured Burmese soldiers decently and they always shot any Burmese captured after a torturous interrogation. But what KIA and their Islamists did to captured Burmese Lt. Zaw Myo Htet two days later had no precedence in Burmese civil war more than 60 years old now.

Lt. Zaw Myo Htet.
Following is an eye-witness account of a Kachin villager from Inkhagar Village near Putao.

On August-30 they brought four wounded Burmese prisoners into the Kachin village of Inkhagar in Machanbaw Township of Putao District. Once in the village the KIA-Islamists forcefully gathered the villagers including women and children on the village ground. They then lined up four Burmese soldiers on their knees. 

One Arab-looking KIA man forced Lt. Zaw Myo Htet on his belly on the ground and slowly cut his head off with a short knife while the poor Burmese officer was still alive and breathing.

The Arab-looking KIA sadist then turned the headless body of Lt. Zaw Myo Htet on his back and cut his belly open with the bloody knife. He then pulled off the insides of Lt. Zaw Myo Htet belly and stuffed his decapitated head into the cavity. 

The whole sadistic killing was done right in front of the assembled villagers and three captured Burmese soldiers who were also beheaded alive later.

The KIA Kachins and the Islamists criminals killing Burmese POWs are from the KIA Seventh Battalion of the KIA First Brigade.

Burmese Army Is Now Amassing near Laiza To Wipe Out The KIA

Burma Army's rocket units firing on KIA positions near Laiza.
To punish KIA for their criminal deeds Burmese Army Northern Regional Command is now amassing four light infantry divisions including battle-hardened LID-88 and LID-33 near Laiza. The army’s light infantry divisions are also supported by the Artillery units and rocket units and a tank division.

At present The Myitkyinar-Laiza Road is closed to civilian traffic and restricted only for military use as Burmese army is transporting heavy guns and rockets launchers and tanks days and nights to the battle-fields near the China border.

All groups doing UN’s humanitarian assistance work for the refugees in the area are also forced to withdraw from the area since last week back to their UN field offices in Bamaw and Myitkyinar.

According to the social media sites and local newspapers the public support in Burma for the Burmese army to finish off the bastard KIA terrorists is rising tremendously.
A Burmese newspaper's report of the KIA atrocity.
Death notice for Lt. Zaw Myo Htet (23) in Myanmah Ahlin Newspaper.
Captured Burmese soldiers just before their execution by KIA terrorists.
(2011 KIA ambush of a company from Myitkyinar-based IB-21 on Bamaw-Myitkyinar Road)
(Are KIA-Islamists now following the Al-Queada's Halal-beheading-alive practices in Syria)