Thursday, September 12, 2013

KIA And SSA Still Running Yaba Factories In Burma

Yaba pills produced in factories run
by KIA and SSA in Burma.
Dhaka, Sept 4: The Bangladesh government will urge the Myanmar government to shut down the 37 Yaba factories located there, which are run by some of the country’s extremists or militia groups.

The government wants to hold bilateral meeting with Yangon officials for this purpose. This was decided at a meeting with Home Minister Dr Mohiuddin Khan Alamgir in the chair.

“We asked the ministry of foreign affairs to communicate with the Myanmar government for stopping the yaba factories, established near the Bangladesh border,” a high official told The Independent after the meeting.

After the meeting, Dr Mohiuddin Khan Alamgir said that entry of drugs, especially yaba, has become a matter of serious concern to Bangladesh as it is creating social problems, particularly among the youths and leading to high crime rate. “We have to stop the smugglings of drugs by all means to save our youths from its bites,” he said.

An official of the Narcotics Department told this correspondent that the small pill Yaba , whose name means ‘madness drug’, is a potent mixture of methamphetamine and caffeine, often spiked with trace of heroine, is now the narcotic of choice for addicts, especially those in the age range of 18-30 years, across Bangladesh,” he said.

Yaba pills produced in the factories in Myanmar are smuggled into Bangladesh for sale among young people. As many as 13 brands of Yaba pills are produced at these factories, he said.

Of the Yaba factories in Myanmar, Kachin Independence Army (KIA) runs 10 factories at Kukhai, while Panhsay Kyaw Myaw/Yang Mouliang operate two factories at Namkham, U Haw Special Police and Holi Tract run one each at Kunlong. Manpang Militia, Mongha Militia and first brigade of Shan State Army North (SSA-North) own and run three Yaba factories at Tangyan.

KIA generals and Yaba-men Gam-Shaung and Gun-Maw.
Besides Yanju of Loi Hsopsur has one factory at Monghsu; Shan Nationalities People’s Liberation (SNPL) and Kao-Shan-Chou Sang (Nayai) operate two factories at Namzang; Mahaja runs two factories at Homong; United Wa State Army (UWSA) and Kokang have three at Mongton; UWSA and Lahu Militia own and run two at Monghsat and three at Tachilek; UWSA operates one factory at Mongpiang, two at Mongyawng and another two at Panghsang; SNPLO runs two at Mawkmai and Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) operates one factory at Kokang in Myanmar, according to the sources.

The Rohingya (Bengali-Muslims) and Mog (Yakhines) people have a hand in the smuggling of these Yaba pills from Myanmar to Bangladesh through the mostly porous borders. According to the sources, at least 13 syndicates are active in the bordering areas and 131 syndicates trade in and supply the pills across the country.

SSA General and Yaba-man Ywet-Sitt.
The official claimed that 131 Yaba peddlers have been identified and they are known to smuggle in the pills and supply the same to peddlers across the country. Police officers say that they have arrested a large number of people in the last 10 years, especially from the eastern parts of the country for trading, supplying and using various drugs. However, these arrests have failed to check the spread of yaba.

Sources in the Narcotics department said, a number of top businessmen have very good contacts in the border areas. These people arrange bulk transport of the drugs to Dhaka. The pills are then stashed away in some private houses in the capital’s posh areas. Distribution starts from there at various levels depending on the quality of the drugs.

There has been a marked increase in Yaba addiction among students of high schools, colleges and the universities. However, given the high cost of these pills, only students from the affluent section of society can afford them, especially those who study in English medium private schools and private universities.
UWSA-North on China border and UWSA-South on Thai border.
Map of UWSA-South where most of Wa-controlled Yaba factories are.
UWSA the Yaba-army is equipped with armored-carriers and helicopter gunships.
                            (Yaba or Crystal Meth or Speed: The Crazy Pills in SE Asia.)