Thursday, October 6, 2011

Yingluck (Yin Hla) Capturing Burmese Hearts and Minds?

(Direct translation of Master Sedo’s Fashion of Thai PM from Moemakha Site.)

I was thinking once Thai PM Daw Yin Hla (Ms Yingluck Shinawat) arrived in Burma as the final leg of her five ASEAN countries Tour I should write about her fashion sense.

(Translator notes: Daw Yin Hla means Lady(Daw) and Classy(Yin) and beautiful(Hla) in Burmese.)

For a man as the leader of a country he doesn’t need to worry too much about what he is wearing. Just a black jacket will do. Though he needs to buy many neckties and keep them in the drawer. But for our Daw Yin Hla she isn’t a man and thus the black jacket alone will not do for her.

In the five countries tour of Brunei, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, and Burma she never wears same dress twice. Another tour of four ASEAN countries and a special meeting with Obama will also require more dresses and I presumed her expert fashion managers are already working on it.

Just enjoy her photos of this five ASEAN countries tour here.

Brunei (10 september 2011). (Reuters)

Brunei (10 September 2011). (Reuters)
 She was wearing a long skirt acknowledging the custom of strictly-Islamic Brunei her host of the day.

Indonesia (12 September 2011). (Reuters)
In Indonesia her skirt went back to international norms. She also let her hair down as Indonesia is not too strict-Islamic like Brunei, I guess.

Cambodia (15 September 2011). (Reuters)

Laos (15 September 2011). (Reuters)
Chang Mai born Yinluck in a Lana Dress was seen dancing Lana style in Laos. She seems eager to prove the closeness between Laos and Thailand in both culture and language.

Meeting Thein Sein in Burma (5 October 2011). (Reuters)