Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ban Ki-moon's Chief-of-Staff Nambiar in Burma

(This 31 October press release is from UN News Centre.)

UNSG's Special Adviser on Myanmar Vijay Nambiar.
31 October 2011 -   A top United Nations official arrived today in Myanmar for a five-day visit during which he will meet with a number of Government officials and other key actors.

The visit by Vijay Nambiar is at the invitation of the Government, according to a statement issued by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s spokesperson.

“The Special Advisor to the Secretary-General for Myanmar, Mr. Vijay Nambiar, arrived today in Myanmar today for a five-day visit at the invitation of the Government. The Special Advisor will hold meetings in Naypyitaw and Yangon with the Government of Myanmar, political parties, civil society organizations and other key interlocutors, in the implementations of the Secretary-General’s good offices mandate.”

It comes amid ongoing dialogue between the Government and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the pro-democracy leader and Noble laureate who was held under house arrest for much of the past 20 years before being released last November, as well as the negotiations between the authorities and ethnic groups.

Vijay Nambiar Meets Tin Aung Myint Oo.
It also follows the release earlier this month of a significant number of detainees, a move welcomed by Mr. Ban, who said he hoped the Government will ensure the early release of all political prisoners, consistent with its commitment to uphold fundamental rights and the rule of law.

A new Government was established in Myanmar seven months ago, and more recently the country has received a series of high-level bilateral visits. In addition, President Thein Sein has made a pledge for Myanmar to “catch up with the changing world.”

Mr. Nambiar, who is Mr. Ban’s Chief of Staff as well as Special Advisor for Myanmar, will hold meetings in Naypyitaw and Yangon with the Government, as well as political parties, civil society organizations and other key players, in carrying out the Secretary-General’s good offices mandate.


Derek Tonkin.
(The presence of US Special Envoy Derek Mitchell, US Assistance Secretary Michael Posner and the UN Secretary-General’s Special Advisor Vijay Nambiar in Myanmar this week, all three at apparently short notice, may well be more than coincidental - was what Derek Tonkin commented on his Network Myanmar site reporting the NLD’s pending decision to re-register as a political party this week.

He also wrote that should the NLD decide to apply for re-registration as a political party, this would represent a massive compromise by the party in the interests of national reconciliation.)