Friday, March 11, 2022

Putin Has Parkinson and MAH Has Bone Cancer?

          (Based on the staff articles from the Facebook posts in March 2022.)

Putin has Parkinson Disease?
Questions have been repeatedly raised about Mr Putin's motives. Some senior Western political figures are suggesting he has a mental health issue.

Current vice-chair of the US Senate Intelligence Committee, Senator Marco Rubio, suggested last week that Mr Putin had a "neurological" condition, backing that up just days ago by telling CNN: "It's not a curiosity, it's not to mock him or troll him, it's because he may be willing to take steps now that the old Vladimir Putin would not."

Several years ago it was suggested Mr Putin had the early stages of Parkinson's disease. "That led to a group of one or two very distinguished neurologists examining very carefully all the recent tapes of Putin being interviewed," Sir Richard said.

"The suggestion that's come out of that, which is being taken pretty seriously in the UK, but of course it is speculative, is that there are clear signs, possibly of Parkinson's. I don't understand the detailed medical analysis, but I know that two symptoms, one is loss of restraint, and the other is psychosis.

"And then there's a third factor, which is Putin's appearance, which indicates that he might well be on steroids. That is, I gather, one of the standard treatments if you have got Parkinson's, which is pretty worrying.

"I mean, if we're dealing with someone who isn't behaving rationally because of a medical condition. But I don't think we can do more than speculate on that at the moment." The Kremlin has rejected the claim of Parkinson's as untrue. The Kremlin also rejected claims Mr Putin may have cancer.

While the world’s newest villain Putin is struggling with either Parkison or Dementia, his puppet Myanmar dictator General Min Aung Hlaing is rumored to have a serious treatment for a bone cancer.

But last few months he and his soldiers had been arresting, jailing, torturing, and murdering so many bone specialist doctors from the Rangoon Bone Hospital. The result is there are so few bone-specialist doctors now left in Myanmar to successfully treat MAH’s cancer.

He would have to travel to either India or Thailand to get a treatment sooner than later or he would be dead by Christmas. Good riddance, motherfucker, you have too much Burmese blood on your hands.