Sunday, March 6, 2022

Armed Buddhist Monks Leading Pro-Army Militia

       (Based on the staff article from the Khit-Thit Facebook post on 02 March 2022.)

Racist Myanmar monks are rapidly going mad and arming themselves and their die-hard followers and forming pro-military militia units called Pyu-saw-htee in rural Burma. 

Notorious for their brutality during 1950s and 60s fighting against Burmese Communists and ethnic rebels, the thuggish militia based mainly on village thugs and idiots were disbanded and absorbed into the regular army in the late 1960s.

But the newly reorganized Pyu-saw-htee militia now is strangely led by that notorious racist monk Wirathu and his follower monks and their militia units are now being camped and trained in local village monasteries.

Notorious monk  Shin Wirathu and his die-hard follower monks were recently seen brandishing automatic weapons supplied freely by Myanmar Army and staging mass meetings showing the support for the Army and mad dictator General Min Aung Hlaing.

The pro-military monks are now being active in the Sagaing Division where the army has virtually lost its grip as the local Burmese and Chins are organizing themselves into PDF (People Defence Force) units and attacking the army units of Myanmar Army’s North-Western Division (Na-ma-kha).

Army has basically lost many infantry battalions there with close to 3,500 soldiers killed and the divisional commander and staff officers were arrested and imprisoned for their failure. Now MAH is sending Wirathu’s mob to quell the rebellion. Army has also admitted that 2,080 militants are armed and trained and organized into 77 Pyu-saw-htee militia units in the Sagian divisional area.