Monday, May 16, 2022

Myanmar Army Going Medieval On Burmese People

               (Based on Burmese posts from the FACEBOOK in April-May 2022.) 

That power-hungry and blood-thirsty Min Aung Hlaing is going mad and now letting his dog-soldiers of Myanmar Army commit unimaginable atrocities on their own Burmese people in Sagaing and Magwe divisions.

Burning villages, killing olds and youngs indiscriminately, and brutally gang-raping any women and girls they found the demon-possessed Myanmar soldiers are ruining their own beautiful country.

Just in heavily-populated Sagaing Division alone hundreds and hundreds of Burmese villages are burnt down to ground recently and the occupants killed for their resistance against MAH’s mad power grab from the democratically-elected NLD Government.

Horrible sufferings of Burmese people are well beyond words can describe and so I am just posting the devastating photos of Ming Aung Hlaing’s Myanmar Army going medieval on their own people just last few weeks.