Saturday, May 7, 2022

Frusoe Ambush Killed 20 Soldiers & Captured 6

          (Staff article from the KHIT THIT NEWS Facebook on 08 May 2022.) 

At least twenty Myanmar Army soldiers were killed and six were captured when a Karenni (Kayah) force successfully ambushed a twentyone Chinese-made Faw trucks convoy on the road near Frusoe Town in Kayah State in civil war-torn Myanmar.

The ambush happened on May-7 and the video and photos of the scene were released by KNDF (Karenni National Defense Force) to Khit Thit Media. After killing more than 20 Myanmar Army soldiers and capturing six the rebels burned down the four Faw trucks they captured.

The video clearly shows the burning trucks and the bodies of dead soldiers and the captured ones. The army convoy was coming out of Mon Daing Village near Frusoe Town to raid and burn the nearby Karenni villages.

The ambushers had targeted the last four trucks after letting other 19 trucks at the front pass them. Several army officers including a Lieutenant Colonel and one Captain on the last four trucks were killed. The front trucks didn't dare to stop and help their trapped comrades. They just sped away leaving their troubled comrades behind. Bloody COWARDs!

Brave people of Burma has been fighting back Myanmar Army after that mad army chief General MAH refused to retire at 65 and staged the brutal and bloody coup against popularly-elected ASSK’s NLD government in February last year.