Saturday, August 20, 2011

President Thein Sein Meets Aung San Su Kyi

According to Burmese Government mouthpiece the Myanmah Ahlin newspaper on August 20 Burma’s President Thein Sein received the opposition leader Aung San Su Kyi at his office in the Presidential residence at 4 pm on August 19.

The paper simply stated that in the meeting the President had frankly and cordially explained ASSK the measures taken by the Union Government for the interests of the Nation.

The paper also wrote that after putting their differences aside President and ASSK had a friendly and open discussion exploring future possibilities and opportunities for mutual cooperation actually benefitting the nation and the people of Burma.

The unexpected meeting was arranged only one day after the Burmese Government has offered so-called olive branch to the ethnic insurgent groups operating on the remote borderlands of Burma.

On the same day of August 18 Burmese Government surprised the nation of 60 million souls by drastically cutting income tax on the foreign earnings of both Burmese nationals and Burmese economic enterprises by 8% from 10% to measly 2%.  

Burmese Government seems to be making right noises and the result is the Burmese Kyats soaring against the US Dollar.