Tuesday, August 2, 2011

China, Burma, and the Kokang War (2009) Video

Dr. Martin W. Lewis of Stanford University.
Dr. Martin W. Lewis is lecturer in international history and interim director of the program in International Relations at Stanford University. He graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in Environmental Studies in 1979, and received a Ph.D. from UC Berkeley in geography in 1987.

His dissertation, and first book, examined the interplay among economic development, environmental degradation, and cultural change in the highlands of northern Luzon in the Philippines. Subsequently, he turned his attention to issues of global geography, writing (with Karen Wigen) The Myth of Continents: A Critique of Metageography (University of California Press, 1997).

He is also the co-author of a world geography textbook, Diversity Amid Globalization: World Regions, Environment, Development (Prentice Hall), and is the former associate editor of The Geographical Review. Martin W. Lewis taught at the George Washington University and then at Duke University, where he was co-director of the program in Comparative Area Studies, before coming to Stanford University in the fall of 2002.

His current research is on the core-periphery model of global spatial relations, focusing on its application to issues in Philippine and world history.

 (Above is the Bio Sketch of Dr. Martin Lewis from Stanford University Website.)

In August 2009 he began recording weekly illustrated lectures on the geography and history of current global events. These map-intensive talks are currently available as QuickTime movies on YouTube.

This more-than-one-hour-long video is his presentation movie titled China, Burma, and the Kokang War of August 2009. This is the best possible explanation I have ever seen/read/heard in my life of what has been happening in Burma, both now and historically.

Thanks, Professor Lewis. We Burmese salute you!