Sunday, October 24, 2021

PDF Attack on Army outposts in Rangoon (Video)

                      (Based on Burmese posts from the Facebook on October 23, 2021.) 

One Myanmar-Army soldier was killed and one other severely wounded in a Rangoon PDF unit’s drive-by shooting of their security outpost inside a traffic police box at the Bargaya Intersection in the Sanchaung Township of Rangoon.

The daring mid-day attack was videoed and released widely on Social Media sites by the Rangoon PDF as a fund-raising drive asking for donations from the people of Burma. The drive-by shooting was at about 2:30 pm on October-23. Just yesterday.

Similar attacks but with multiple explosives were launched all over Rangoon especially in the South-Dagon and North-Dagon townships after the Bargayar Attack. Urban guerrilla attacks are now occurring in all major cities of Burma despite the heavy-handed responses from the universally-hated Myanmar Army.

Myanmar Army has been retaliating the widespread PDF attacks with illegal arrests and summary executions of young Burmese men and women. A drunken unit had recently kidnapped, gang-raped, and killed two young sisters after accusing them of supporting a local PDF unit led by their older brother.

The bastard soldiers even posted a horrible picture of the dead women on their Facebook pages to scare the PDF members by showing them that the Myanmar-Army is capable of killing their immediate family members. War and its atrocities are now on display on the wide avenues of Rangoon and also on the Facebook extremely popular in Burma.