Saturday, October 9, 2021

People Power: Myanmar Army is Collapsing!

              (Based on Burmese posts from the Facebook in October 2021.) 

A mad Myanmar Army officer.
That mother-fucker Min Aung Hlaing’s war-dog Army is on the brink of sudden collapse. The whole North-Western Regional Military Command is basically being annihilated right now by the People Defense Forces of Chin State and Yaw-Gangaw Region.

The sudden collapse of 100+ battalions-strong infamous Na-Ma-Kha Division after the months-long battles between its demoralized infantry battalions and local PDFs is a disastrous news for Burma’s newest dictator.

Just eight months ago on February-1 the Son-of-a-Bitch General thought by putting ASSK and her ministers in jail and killing a few hundred Gen-Z protesters he would be sitting on Burmese throng for a very, very long time like his predecessors late General Ne Win and General Than Shwe did.

He thought it wrong and the brave young people of Burma has proved that fact by arming themselves and killing his war-dogs by thousands and thousands all over the nation. More than sixty years of slaving under the Myanmar Army  war-dogs’ boots was enough and they knew they have to get rid of that bastard army just to become truly free and democratic.

Na-Ma-Kha CO Tortured to Death

Unconfirmed reports are indicating that the Divisional CO Brigadier-General Phyo Thant was arrested and tortured by MAH’s clique for not suppressing the Chin Rebellion started from the town of Mindat on Chin Hills.

Since Phyo Thant had his own personal battalions in his base city of Monywar MAH was forced to send in BSO-1 Chief Lt. General Tayzar Kyaw to Monywar in mid-September with at least six light-infantry battalions first and later BSO-6 Chief Lt. General Than Hlaing with six more light-infantry battalions to finally subdue Brigadier-General Phyo Thant in a huge firefight.

It was unprecedented in the history of Myanmar Army to take two powerful BSO generals to arrest a lowly Regional Command General. Right now a full quarter of Myanmar Army’s fighting battalion are operating and engaging the PDF and Chin rebels in the Na-Ma-Kha region covering Sagaing Administrative Division, Chin State, and Part of Mandalay Division.

The arrested general is now rumored to be killed during an interrogation session and ended in a unknown mass grave dedicated to the tortured victims of Mynamar Army in Monywar. Myanmar Army even released fake photos of General Phyo Thant to prove he is till alive and well.

Mad-dog Min Aung Hlaing is going so crazy and so scared he doesn’t even dare to come out of his lair in Nay Pyi Daw to inspect his war-dog battalions like he used to do just a few months ago. Go to hell fuckwit!

Scared Ya-Ta-Kha Generals Fleeing in Mufti

On October-1 a Myanmar Army vehicle convoy leading the CO of South-Eastern Regional Command (Ya-Ta-Kha) General Ko Ko Maung was ambushed by the DKBA’s split forces on the Kaw Ka Yeik- Kyone Doe section of Asia Highway. One G-1 staff officer, Lt. Coonel Kyaw Zwar Myo, and forty troops were killed in the ambush.

The devastating ambush sacred the shit out of the army generals and both Ko Ko Maung the Phar-An based Ya-Ta-Kha CO and Toe Win also the Phar-an based the LID-22 CO and their bodyguards in three civilian SUVs changed into mufti and sneaked out of Myawaddy to flee back to Phar-an City where their respective army bases are.

Obviously the Myanmar Army is not in the control of most areas in Burma as its end is near.

One day he was enjoying a model-actress,  next day shot dead by Rangoon-PDF.
Collapsing Myanmar Army: Rice and chili on banana leave.