Thursday, January 6, 2022

Communist China Killing Democracies With COVID

For a country of 1.4 billion people, China has managed to keep its reported COVID-19 cases extremely low. In the two years since the pandemic began, China has reported only 132,901 cases total with only 5,700 reported deaths.

In comparison, our Australia with a very low population of 25 million, recorded more than that in the past week alone — more than 224,000 cases with just over 2,000 deaths. The leader of world democracies the United States with nearly 350 million population had 58 million cases total and nearly a million deaths. The worldwide COVID cases so far were nearly 300 million with almost 6 million deaths.

Chaiman Xi and his merry band of  Chinese Communists have basically succeeded in weakening the democracies with their genetically-engineered Corona Virus (so-called COVID-19). And the COVID war is still going strong between Communist China and US-led democratic nations.

Instead of firing nuke-headed ICBMs to the world CHINA sent initial batch of virus manufactured in the PLA-controlled Wuhan Institute of Virology to the world via flying human carriers aka Chinese emigrants and students. And once the virus spreads and mutates into much more dangerous variants like the DELTA and OMICRON the Chinese cloaked themselves with brutal lcokdowns coupled with world first COVID vaccines.

In nowadays China one can’t even buy a train ticket without a vaccine certificate as the vaccine is universally mandatory. No vaccine means no work and no food and eventual starvation in Communist China.

No Living With COVID, But Zero COVID

Forget about The Living With COVID now being effectively practiced in rest of the world. The Chinese knew very well that the western democracies could not enforce the dictatorial lockdowns too long on their freedom-loving citizenry, but Chinese Communists with guns in their hands could violently put their cowered population under brutal lockdowns indefinitely.

Zero COVID has been China’s policy since the beginning in Wuhan City where the virus was manufactured and tested on own-citizenry. The fucking Chinese commies locked their country down from the rest of the world as the foreigners have been banned, but Chinese (most are already infected and potential spreaders) are freely allowed foreign travel and spread the virus.

As the Living With COVID has been ripping apart the civilized societies the stone-aged China will never abandon its Zero COVID till the Great Chairman Xi will become the emperor of his conquered world.