Saturday, January 8, 2022

Soldiers Sodomizing Prisoners With Bamboo Rods

               (Based on the staff article from MYANMAR NOW on January 01, 2022.)

Burmese Army learned how to torture their prisoners since the time Imperial Japanese Army formed BIA (Burma Independence Army) in 1941. Japanese soldiers back then were master torturers and accordingly their good-pupils the Burmese soldiers learned and have practiced the brutal torture methods since then.

Pulling the nails out is one of their many specialties and chopping the ears off is reserved for most stubborn prisoners. But the notoriously rape-obsessed Japanese had avoided sexual violation on men, and the Burmese soldiers also never violated men sexually last 80 years. But that rule has been changed recently by new Burmese dictator Min Aung Hlaing known as Ma-aye-low (the Mother Fucker) to his fellow Burmese.

He basically ordered his men to sexually violate captured prisoners whether they are men or women. And his sadistic soldiers are following his commands exactly to the letter. Two solid evidences of that came out recently.

First was the serious threats of sodomy against two Muslim journalists from now-banned Kamaryut Media from Rangoon City last year, and the second was three student-union leaders now still held in Mandalay Interrogation Camp inside the army-controlled Mandalay Palace.

Tell Us The Names or We’ll Fuck You In Arse

Two Kamaryut Media journalists are Nathan Maung (a naturalized Burmese-American citizen) and Hanthar Nyein (a Burmese national). The owner-editor Nathan Maung, who was later released and deported back to US, told in the VOA interview that when he refused to give the soldier-torturers the names of his financial supporters he was bent over a steel table naked and they threatened to fuck him in his arse.

Didn’t want to be gang-raped by multiple burly soldiers of Myanmar Army he immediately gave in and told them of all his Muslim financial backers. He was reluctantly released from the notorious Insein Prison after Bill Richardson, a former US ambassador to UN, visited Burma and demanded the immediate release of two US journalists – Nathan Maung and Denny Fernster of Frontier Myanmar.

Prescriptions Are Telling The Bamboo-Sodomy Story

All Burma Student Union (ABSU) has claimed that all three of their captured student leaders are being brutally tortured inside the military-controlled Mandalay Interrogation Camp. All of them were repeatedly sodomized with thick bamboo stocks and they have medical proof of the sodomies.

Three student-union leaders are Myat Thu (22), Thu-rein Moe (24), and Soe Thu-ra Kyaw (27), all from Yadanabon University in Mandalay. Because of their anal-injuries they couldn’t even shit, while the army is still refusing to let them go and get treatments for their serious injuries. They are now being held in Oh-bo prison near Mandalay.

The prison doctor has provided medical prescriptions for their injuries and their unfortunate families have to purchase the medicines from black-markets as per the prison prescriptions. Myanmar Now was provided with the copies of those scripts. On the scripts were Lorix-plus cream, Flumox, Septidine, Diltigesic, MoM, and Daflon.

According to the anonymous Superintendent-Doctor of a large hospital the Myanmar Now has consulted, the medicines are specifically used for treating serious anal injuries. Daflon is a common medicine for relieving rectal infections, Diltigesic for rectum cuts and tears, Flumox and septidine are the rectal antibiotics, and Lorix-plus Cream is ointment for anus tears.

The consulting doctor also concluded that the bamboo sticks used by Min Aung Hlaing’s Myanmar soldiers in their sodomies must be really thick one to cause their anal injuries requiring such specialized medicinal pills and creams.

Widespread rumors are that the Myanmar Soldiers are even using bamboo-rod sodomies to torture the Buddhist monks arrested for their bitter protests against the Min Aung Hlaing’s illegal military rule since February-1 military-coup last year.