Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bengali-Cleansing in Maungdaw and Sittwe?

Burning Bengali Houses in Maungdaw.
There are 17 townships in the Arrakan State. Except the Bengali-free Taunggup, Ann, and Gwa townships Bengali immigrants from the extremely-crowded Bangladesh across the border inhabit the 14 townships together with the native Buddhist Yakhines.

And 90% of total populations of Butheedaung and Maungdaw townships are the Bengali Muslims after many years of cross-border illegal entries and their rabbit-like breedings.

In Sittwe the state capital and the largest city of the Arrakan State there are 33 wards altogether and the 3 wards namely Nazi, Aung Mingala, and Bu May wards are the Bengali-only wards much, much larger than any Buddhist ward.

The Muslim critical mass for a violent uprising against the rapidly-thinning Buddhist majority to establish the   Rohingya Muslim County of Bangladesh had already been reached and the fast-flowing petrol dollars from the overly-generous OIC (Organization of Islamic Countries) is rapidly fueling the flickers into massively burning flames.

The violent riots began in the border town of Muslim-majority Maungdaw on Friday the June 8 after the Friday prayers for the ten Bengali-Muslims slain at Taunggup on June 3 as a retaliation for Khin Thida Htwe the Buddhist girl gang-raped and murdered by three Bengali-Muslim youths.

Military Crack Down in Maungdaw

Burmese Troops in Maungdaw.
According to the local Bengali Muslims altogether more than 1,000 Bengali houses from the Ward-5 and the 3-mile and 4-mile Bengali villages just outside Maungdaw have been destroyed or burnt down to the ground since June 9.

Same sources also claimed that more than 200 Bengali Muslims have so far been killed by the retaliating Buddhists and the Burmese security forces.

“While the Burmese media both government and private have been shouting out aloud that the Bengali Muslims are killing the Buddhists and burning down the Buddhist houses the heavily-armed security forces with the inside help of local Buddhists have been killing the Bengalis every night,” wrote the Rohingya Blogger.

All the Yakhine Buddhist civilians are now safely gathered at the neighborhood Monasteries and temples with heavy security but the Bengali wards are attacked nightly by the security forces and the Buddhist vigilantes.

“Every night the Buddhist civilians burned the Bengali houses and the fleeing Bengalis including women and children were gunned down by the waiting security forces and the corpses were taken away from the scene in the army and police trucks. At the mornings the fire engines came and washed away the bloods and guts to hide the slaughter,” said a Bengali staffer working for the UNHCR in Maungdaw.

Buddhist Refugees in a Monastery.
As soon as the martial law and curfew was declared on June 8 all the Begali Muslims rioting that day had gone back into their houses. At about 7 pm that night the armed Security police and army troops had surrounded the Muslim Ward-5 by the Maungdaw Old Prison in force.

BY then there were 3,000 security police and more than 5,000 troops were in Maungdaw while two airforce helicopters had hovered above Maungdaw the whole night.

About 200 Yakhine civilians then threw Molotov-cocktail bottles into the Bengali houses and ignited the whole ward. Many Bengali olds and women and children were killed by the flames while the fleeing men were gunned down by the troops and armed-police.

Bengali-Muslim Wards Demolished in Sittwe

Burmese Army Troops in Sittwe.
In Sittwe the state capital and the largest city of the Arrakan State there are 33 wards in total and the 3 wards namely Nazi, Aung Mingala, and Bu May wards are the Bengali-only wards. All three wards had involved in the riots and attacking the Buddhist wards.

The end result is these Bengali wards suffered heavily from the retaliation attacks from the Yakhine Buddhists and also the violent crackdown from the Burmese security forces which are exclusively manned by the Burmese and Yakhine Buddhists.

In last few days the Sittwe is basically becoming almost Muslim-free as the Bengali Muslims had fled from the crackdown. Hundreds and hundreds of Bengali Muslims fleeing from Sittwe towards Bangladesh are now arriving daily at nearby Yathaytaung. The Buddhist locals have already destroyed and burned down all the deserted Bengali houses and mosques so as to prevent the Bengalis from returning into their wards.

Rioting Bengali Muslims Trapped in the Nazi Ward of Sittwe.
Bengali Nazi Bazzar in Sittwe Burning.
Burning Nazi Bengali Ward in Sittwe.

This video depicts what's happened to the Bengali Nazi ward after the riots.