Saturday, June 9, 2012

Rioting Bengali Muslims Killing Buddhists in Maungdaw (2)

An Injured Buddhist in Maungdaw.
AS a direct response to the Buddhist killing of ten Bengali-Muslims in Taunggup on June 3rd more than 1,000 Bengali-Muslims in the border town of Maungdaw started a severe riot yesterday at about one in the afternoon after their Friday midday prayers killing at least four Burmese Buddhist and injured many more.

According to a local Buddhist the Bengali-Muslims started the riots on their way back from the Friday Prayers at their Shwezar Mosque at about one but the Islamic-mob dispersed after the Security Police (lone-htain) fired several warning shots into air.

The same mob has destroyed several restaurants owned by the Buddhists and damaged the Kambawza Bank Building.

According to another local Buddhist from the First Ward over 100 Bengali-Muslims entered the Ward and tried to burn down the Buddhist houses but ran when the Security Police fired warning shots.

Maungdaw Riot Situation. (June 8, 2012 at 4 pm)

According to the witness account of a local Arrakanese woman the Thazin Guesthouse in the town-centre is now completely burned down but the Bengali-Muslim mob didn’t manage to burn the United Guesthouse down.

As there are burning of houses and looting still going on in some Buddhist wards she is now hiding in a safe place. Most Buddhist townsfolk are now staying at the wards around the Police Station and some staying at majority Buddhist wards she added.

The San-pya Village in Maungdaw is one of many Buddhist villages completely destroyed by the rioting Bengali-Muslim mob. The Security Police is still not shooting at the terrorist mob but firing only warning shots to disperse the crowd. According to the policemen the order to shoot to kill from the higher authorities has not come yet.

A senior officer from the army battalion stationed near Butheedaung told us that his troops have been on the red alert. But the alert is not for the suppression of the rioting Bengali-Muslim mob. It is solely for the possible scenario that if Bangladeshsi troops cross the border using the racial strife as an excuse to start the border war just to protect and aid their same-race brothers on the Burma’s side of the border.

The latest news confirmed that in the Bo-hmu Village alone 15 houses had been completely burnt and 3 Buddhists are killed

The overwhelming 98% of Maungdaw population and 90% of Butheedaung are Islamic Bengalis slowly crossing the porous border from the Bangladesh over the years.

14 Burned-down Villages are Now Protected (June 8, 2012 at 5 pm)

According to the Facebook statement issued by Hmu Zaw an official from the President’s Office the armed Security Police are now guarding the 14 burnt-down Buddhist villages in Maungdaw.

Shoot-To-Kill Order is given to the Maungdaw Police (June 8, 2012 at 5:15 pm)

Burnt-down Buddhist Temple in Maungdaw.
A local told us that in last few minutes the Security Police have started shooting the rioting Bengali-Muslims to control the disturbances in the wards and villages of Maungdaw District started since midday today.

According to him the police returned fire as they are shot at by the armed-Bengali Muslims from the third floor of the building owned by the Bengali Dollar Dealer Zaw Hein while the policemen are guarding the Buddhist crowd moving to a safer place away from the rioting Bengali-Muslims.

Another Maungdaw local also confirmed that about ten armed-Bengali-Muslims from the upper floors of Zaw Hein’s house are now shooting indiscriminately at the fleeing Buddhist crowd below in the streets.

According to unconfirmed reports the Bengali Muslims have been stashing away arms and war weapons on the borderline between Maungdaw and Butheedaung and now they are using those weapons to wipe the Buddhist natives off the Maungdaw District.

There are many deaths and wounded from the shootings and the wounded are in the Maungdaw Hospital. Exact casualties are not known yet.

The Maungdaw Doctor Dr. Khin Maung Latt and his wife were attacked by the Bengalis and the wife Daw Than Than Yin was killed and the doctor is now being treated in the hospital.
Martial Law and Curfew Declared in Maunghdaw (June 8, 2012 at 8:45 pm)

Bengali Muslim Rioters Facing Off with Burmese Police in Maungdaw.
According to the Criminal Act-144 the martial law prohibiting the gathering of 5 or more people in the public places and a curfew from 6 pm to 6 am are declared in Maungdaw to quell the Bengali-Muslim mob burning, looting, and violently attacking the properties and lives of Buddhists since midday today.

One of the Maungdaw Buddhists now taking refuge in a Buddhist monastery Ko Htoo told us on 8:30 pm that he hasn’t heard the imposing of martial law and curfew yet. But while he and some friends were trying to retrieve their valuables from their abandoned houses they were attacked by the armed-Bengali terrorists and they had to turn back to the monastery, he added.

“We didn’t see any local police on the streets, only some armed Security Police (Lone-htain). Now we have lost everything we own,” said Ko Htoo in a great fear of losing his properties and valuables.

The staff working for the INGOs in the Maungdaw are now taking refuge in the UNHCR Compound as the roits broke out all over Maungdaw town and the villages nearby. According to one INGO staffer there are more than 500 people hiding from the Bengali-Muslim rioters inside the UNHCR compound.

The families of some staff are also taking refuge in the nearby Buddhist Monasteries.  In the Arrakanese Wards there are 24 hours guards and the people there didn’t even dare make loud noises not to attract the Bengali Muslim mob roaming around all over the town, added the INGO staffer.
Bengali-Muslim Rioters in Maungdaw Killing the Buddhist natives.

Navy in Sittwe Ordered to Sail to Maungdaw (June 8, 2012)

“The naval missile frigate near Sittwe is now preparing to sail for Maungdaw to protect the Border waters there,” told by someone familiar with the naval circles in Sittwe.

According to the Maungdaw locals more than 30 people were hurt in the riots. But an official from the President Office stated that only 4 were killed and one injured.

Gunshots Still Heard in some Maungdaw Wards (June 8, 2012 at 11 pm)

“Now is beyond 11 pm and the Bengali Muslim mob is still in the Myoma Kanyindan Gone ward and the gunshots can still be heard from that area,” YPI was told by a local who is taking refuge in a local Buddhist monastery.

He also mentioned that there still are not enough armed-forces personnel as he has so far seen only a single army truck in the whole town.

Troops Reach Maungdaw & Rescuing the Trapped Buddhists (June 9, 2012)

“In last few minutes the troops from the army battalions stationed between Butheedaung and MaungDaw have entered the Maungdaw under Martial Law and started a major operation to search and rescue the trapped Buddhist Arrakanese inside the Maungdaw wards besieged by the rioting Bengali-Muslim mob,” a Maungdaw local has said in a phone communication with YPI.

The same local also mentioned that while the army is entering Maungdaw the Bengali-Muslim mob destroying Bo-hmu Village is still not dispersed and now coming into the town. They could hear the gunshots from every direction and couldn’t sleep at all the whole night.

From the army circles we are getting the news that most of the army battalions in the Arrakan State are now in the troubled townships of Maungdaw and Butheedaung on the Bangladeshi border.

According to the reliable intelligence the yesterday riots and the armed intrusions and violent skirmishes with the army could be the handiworks of RSO (Rohingya Solidarity Organization) a Al-Qaeda sponsored Muslim terrorist organization active in that area and basing inside the Bangladeshi side of the borderline.

Afghan Taliban terrorists are now said to be residing with and training the RSO insurgents in their camps inside Bangladesh.

Air Force in Meikhtila on Red Alert for Border War (June 9, 2012 at 0:56 am)

To participate in the suppression of violent disturbances in the Maungdaw and Butheedaung areas and also to maintain border security the air force’s Mig-29 jets in Meikhtila have been on a red alert since yesterday.

Army Fought off  RSO Insurgents on the Border (June 9, 2012 at 10:30 am)

According to the latest news from Maungdaw this morning Mawra Waddy and Kone Byin villagers are still burning and the Taung Gone Village is still being surrounded by the rioting Bengali-Muslims.

Meanwhile the supply of domestic water to the Maungdaw municipality has been indefinitely suspended and the inspections are being done after the rumours of Bengali poisoning of the Kandawgyi Lake the sole source of municipal water supply in Maungdaw.

In other news 5 female school teachers all Buddhist were killed by the Bengali Muslims in a village near the Taung Gone Village. We couldn’t independently confirm that news yet.

Local Buddhists from the Maungdaw Town are now fearful for the Buddhist Arrakanese living by the Bangaladeshi borderline as the Burmese troops are slow to reach there.

Also last night there were three skirmishes between Burmese border guards and armed RSO (Rohingya Solidarity Organization) intruders at three different locations on the Burmese side as the RSO men on three motorboats crossed the Bangladesh-Burma maritime boundary and landed on Burma’s side.

Each boat carried about 60 armed RSO insurgents and one of the boats after the skirmish with Burmese troops ended up cruising for a while in the Naff River as it was unable to land back on the Bangladeshi side.

Thaye Konebaung Village Burned and the School Principal Killed (June 9, 2012)

During last night the rioting Bengali-Muslim mob destroyed the Thaye Konebaung village at about 12 miles from Maungdaw and killed three Buddhists including the school principal U Chan Thar.

The other Buddhist villages burned down and looted are Shwe Yin Aye, Bawdi Gone, Kin Chaung, Kan Thar Yar, Kan Byin Thazi, Wai Thali, and Mawra Waddy.
Thaye Konebaung School Principal U Chan Thar killed by the Bengali Muslims.
The Bengali-Muslim Mob looting Thaye Konebaung Buddhist Village.
Escaped teacher Aye Suu Thi and her Yakhine Buddhist pupils from South-Maungdaw. 

Attempts to Burn the Sittwe Bazzar (June 9, 2012 at 3 pm)