Thursday, June 28, 2012

Corrupt Army Officers Let the Bengali Riots Ignite?

Rioting Bengali-Muslims in Maungdaw.
It appears now that a corrupt army officer has allowed the Friday Memorial Prayers at Maungdaw Mosque which ignited the devastating Bengali-Muslim riots which killed hundreds and displaced hundreds of thousands in the Arrakan of Burma.

A senior UNHCR staffer Dr. Htun Aung a Bengali-Muslim with clandestine connections to the Islamic terrorists Al-Qaeda and the militant Rohingya organization ARNO bribed one Lt. Colonel Aung Gyi the local in-charge of security and administration for the Maungdaw border region and the corrupt colonel did allow the illegal gathering at the biggest mosque in Maungdaw.

At midday on June 8 the hundreds strong Bengali-Muslim mob marched out of the mosque, started the riots, and tried to burn the Myoma Buddhist Monastery and the United Guesthouse right at the commercial middle of Maungdaw town.

But the security police from the Police Battalion No-2 fired warning shots into the air and the rioting mob of Bengali-Muslims then moved away into the nearby Bomhu Village and burned down the Thazin Guesthouse there.

Dr. Khin Maung Latt dying in the Maungdaw Hospital.
Burmese army soldiers later reported that their Lt. Colonel Aung Gyi with his bodyguards in two cars were at the distance of just a hundred yards from the rioting Bengali-Muslim mob and he and his men could have timely stopped the rioters.

But they didn’t do such thing and drove away and waited inside the Maungdaw Hospital’s compound. By then the rioting Bengali-Muslims were burning the Thazin Guesthouse and the rows of Buddhist houses in the Bomhu village and basically killing the retired Doctor Khin Maung Latt and his wife and son.

Within less than an hour the news of Muslim riots spread like wildfire to all other Bengali-Muslim strongholds in the district and the Islamic mobs had simultaneously attacked and burned and destroyed the villages of Waithali, Shweyinaye, Khayaymyaing, Kantharyar, Bawdhigone, Thayaykonebaung, Kainggyi, and Mawrawaddi, all of them the Buddhist Yakhine villages in the Maungdaw.

The genocidal destruction of the Buddhist villages were so instantaneous and so devastating mainly because of the widespread use of illegal Bangladeshi GSM mobile phones corruptly allowed into the Bengali-Muslim villages along the Bangladeshi border by the Burmese army’s border guards taking a bribe of 40,000 kyats each mobile phone allowed in the Bengali hands.

Killers of Indian BSF guarding the India-Bangladesh border.
While the strict and honest Indian border guards have been ruthlessly shooting and killing the illegal Bangladeshis crossing the India-Bangladesh border just few hundred yards away from the Burma-Bangladesh border, the corrupt Burmese army’s border guards have been nicely taking hefty bribes and letting the Bengali-Muslims do whatever they want for a very very long time now.

According to the Bangladeshi Interior Ministry 151 Bangladesh nationals has been killed by Indian Border Security Forces since 2009.

And how many Burmese border guards has killed so far since 1989? None, zero, and every international organization has been complaining about Burmese army's human rights abuses!

The riots-instigator Dr Htun Aung and his daughter Mya Nanda another senior UNHCR staffer have been arrested and detained by the Burmese security forces after finding the documents connecting the father and daughter team to the Al-Qaeda and Pakistan-based Lashkar-E-Toiber terrorist organization.

Both are accused to have been frequently visiting the ARNO militants’ camp in Yukhine at south of Cox Bazar in Bangladesh.