Saturday, June 9, 2012

Rioting Bengali Muslims Killing Buddhists in Maungdaw (1)

A burned-down Buddhist Monastery in Maungdaw.
AS a direct response to the Buddhist killing of ten Bengali-Muslims in Taunggup on June 3rd more than 1,000 Bengali-Muslims in the border town of Maungdaw started a severe riot yesterday at about one in the afternoon after their Friday midday prayers killing at least four Burmese Buddhist and injured many more.

According to a local Buddhist the Bengali-Muslims started the riots on their way back from the Friday Prayers at their Shwezar Mosque at about one but the Islamic-mob dispersed after the Security Police (lone-htain) fired several warning shots into air.

The same mob has destroyed several restaurants owned by the Buddhists and damaged the Kambawza Bank Building.

According to another local Buddhist from the First Ward over 100 Bengali-Muslimns entered the Ward and tried to burn down the Buddhist houses but ran when the Security Police fired warning shots.

Maungdaw Riots Out of Control. (June 8, 2012 at 3:15 pm)

The riots by Bengali-Muslims in Maungdaw is now out of control as even with the shootings by the Security Police Units the situation is rapidly deteriorated in last few hours. Many Buddhist-owned properties including the Shwe Thazin Guest House are now burning and many Buddhists are being killed by the rioting Bengali-Muslims.

The units of Security Police and local police are now shooting at the armed-rioters.

Bengali_Muslim Rioters in Maungdaw facing off with the Burmese police.
Could get Worse at Night in Now-lawless Maungdaw (June 8, 2012 at 5:47 pm)

Maungdaw now is totally out of control and the deteriorating situation can be getting worse as night approaches. In the Bo-hmu Village at least 30 Buddhist houses has been burned down and many were killed.

The local doctor Dr. Khin Maung Hla’s family was attacked at his house by the Bengali-Muslims and his wife was killed.

7 burning Buddhist villages still without protection (June 9, 2012 at 7:37 am)

“We are now sitting on the pile of ashes. We don’t know where to go or what to do? Now is 7 in the morning and the police still hasn’t arrived yet,” said a villager from the burnt-down village of Mawra Waddy.

According to him his village was burnt down by the Bengali-Muslims at the midday of June 8 and still no authority and police were there yet and now was the early morning of June 9.

There are seven Buddhist villages in South-Maungdaw attacked and completely burnt down by the Bengali-Muslims. The villages are Wai Tharli, Kan Tharyar, Kha Yae Myaing, Shwe Yin Aye, Thayay Konbaung, Kaing Gyi, and Mawra Waddy.

“In our Mawra Waddy we had the Police Post with 5 policemen. When the rioting Muslim mob appeared the police fired warning shots. But they knew the police wouldn’t shoot at them direct and so they kept on coming and finally burnt the place down and killed the women and children who couldn’t run. The policemen also ran,” said a villager form the Mawra Waddy Village.

Casualty List from Bo-hmu Village, Maunghdaw (June 9, 2012)

Security Police taking control of Maungdaw Town-centre.
Following is the casualty list from Bo-mhu village attacked and burned down by the rioting Bengalki-Muslim mob yesterday.

1.      Dr. Khin Maung Hla (63) - stabbed in the belly
2.      Daw Than Yee (57) – slashed in the head
3.      U Kyaw Hla (78) – slashed in the head
4.      U Thein Zaw (36) – slashed in hands and foots
5.      U Hla Maung (65) – died of ten slash wounds in the head

The wounded are sent to Maungdaw hospital and three of them died there.

Martial Law and Curfew declared in Maungdaw (June 9, 2012)

According to the criminal code’s act-144 a Martial Law and dusk to dawn curfew has been declared in the Maungdaw town. Inside the Maungdaw municipality people are now strictly prohibited from gathering five or more in any streets and public places such as Mosque and temples and schools.
Act-144 Martial Law Declaration in Burmese Original.