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Australia Welcomes Muslim Illegals with $220 Weekly-Dole

Afghans waiting in Indonesia welcome Julia Gillard's policy.
ASYLUM seekers in Indonesia (waiting to take a rewarding boat trip to Australia) have swung into party mode and labelled Julia Gillard a "hero" after learning they will receive welfare payments and rent assistance should they make it to Australia by boat.
The wannabe citizens are ecstatic the government has conceded detention centres are beyond maximum capacity and that asylum seekers would need to be released into the community while their applications for refugee status were processed.
They would be given financial and housing support - as well as free basic health care - a massive boost from their current financial status in Indonesia where many are struggling to afford food.
However the asylum seekers, based in Puncak, 80km from Jakarta, said they feared Liberal leader Tony Abbott would be successful in his bid to become prime minister.
"Mr Abbott is not good for refugees and asylum seekers, he does not like us, he is not really a nice man," said Zia Haidari, a 25-year-old Afghanistan man who has attempted - unsuccessfully - to travel to Australia by boat seven times. "Ms Gillard seems to understand how we feel and is trying her best.”
"Abdulah Sulamani, 41, heaped praise on Ms Gillard: "She is a hero, you are lucky to have this woman for your country."
Free Medical Care Waiting in Sydney!
Iranian Mother and Infant Son waiting in Indonesia.
Solo mother Fatemeh Khavari, 30, told News Ltd she did not have enough money saved to travel by boat to Australia and had spent time living homeless and hungry in Indonesia with her six-month-old son. Labor's announcement was music to her ears.
"If I can get this free money and house when I come to Australia this will make life very easy for me," Ms Khavari said. "It is very hard right now for us, I cannot afford to buy milk formula, we are very hungry. Me and my child need the generosity of the Australian people.
"If that doesn't happen my baby may die." Ms Khavari - whose reasons fleeing Iran were "private" - said the other factor to draw her towards Australia was free medical care. "I cannot afford to have vaccinations for my baby so I can get this in Australia.
The praise directed at the prime minister may be unwelcome by its recipient, with voters unlikely to be impressed with the notion asylum seekers think they are coming to a country with soft laws.
A new monthly record was set in November with 2443 people arriving on boats and Ms Gillard was asked yesterday if she would bring back temporary protection visas and tow boats back to Indonesia.
The government last month announced thousands of asylum seekers threatened with processing in Nauru and Manus Island would be released in the community in Australia on bridging visas with almost $440 a fortnight plus help to pay rent.
It is understood the government is aware large numbers of asylum seekers are rushing to get on boats in Indonesia before the monsoon season and are undeterred by the government's pledge to keep them waiting in the community for protection visas for up to five years under a "no advantage" test.
Ms Gillard said TPVs and tow backs were not policy options hours before the government announced 75 people on two boats had been rescued by the Navy off Christmas Island. "This is a complicated issue for our nation, for nations around the world," Ms Gillard told Channel 10.
"Anybody who says that there is a simple fix to you is not telling you the truth. It takes a range of policies, and we are putting that range of policies in place."
Indonesians helping Fellow Muslims Invade Australia?
One of Refugee boats manned by Indonesian crew.
The desperation in the voices of asylum seekers in Puncak is echoed right throughout the village, where many asylum seekers come prior to embarking on the sea journey to Australia.
They eat their basic evening meals with rusty utensils scattered around. Their tiny bedrooms contain no blankets and sleep up to eight people. The days are dull with no ability to work as work visas from Indonesian officials are non-existent for the travellers.
It is this harsh reality of life in villages like Punchak combined with the arrival of news about Labor's policy backflip that is bringing about party fever and the desire to come to Australia as soon as possible.
Seventeen-year-old Adres, who does not have a surname listed on his passport, said when he arrived on Indonesian soil three weeks ago he planned to apply for refugee status through UNHCR. But upon learning of the over-filled detention centres in Australia he was determined to travel by sea.
"This is good news for us, if we stay here and apply for status we might not be allowed into Australia, but if we come on boat we get the money and house," Adres said. "This is a great thing and I am very thanking to the government in your country."
The Afghanistan teenager, whose father was killed in Pakistan, made the journey to Indonesia by plane. He saved for the journey and would use his money to engage people smugglers. "It is a dangerous risk but worth it to get a new country with opportunities.
"This is party time."
Australia's Christmas Island is only few hundred Kilometers from crowded Islamic-Indonesia
and once an old Indonesian fishing boat, fully laden with Muslim families including the sicks
and olds and  babies, reaches the Christmas Island they are in heaven as Australia is
legally obliged to take the masses of Muslim Invaders as refugees.

Just $500 one-way to get $220 a week Dole
A refugee boat scuttled in Australian waters.
SRI Lankan people-smugglers are reportedly offering asylum-seekers cut-price trips to Australia for as little as $500 in a bid to keep the illegal trade alive and swamp the immigration system.
Security services are reporting instances of offers for passage from Sri Lanka to Australia for a small portion of the usual fee of up to $10,000.
In the past three months, more than 3500 people have arrived illegally by boat from Sri Lanka, overwhelming the detention system and forcing the government to concede that processing centres on Nauru and Manus Island are stretched and to shift asylum-seekers into the community without work rights and on allowances less than the dole.
Immigration Minister Chris Bowen told The Australian yesterday: "People-smugglers will continue to do everything they can to maintain their trade."
Details of the cut-price Sri Lankan deals for passage to Australia came as the government withdrew yesterday from a court case that was set to put its process of screening out "illegitimate" asylum-seekers under scrutiny.
Cultural clash between women freedom and oppressive
Islam on the beaches of Australia.
Refugee advocates vowed to capitalise on the government's apparent aversion to the courts examining the screening-out process by defending in court the claims of those facing deportation on a case-by-case basis.
Such a move could cripple Labor's efforts to deport asylum-seekers, a key plank of its anti-people-smuggling regime.
As Mr Bowen yesterday inspected the detention centre in Papua New Guinea, two more boats carrying a total of 152 people were intercepted off Cocos and Ashmore islands, adding to a record flow that has brought about 15,000 asylum-seekers to Australia. The government has been targeting Sri Lankans -- by far the biggest group to arrive in the past three months -- for processing and return to Sri Lanka.
The government has forced back more than 600 Sri Lankans and said many were "economic migrants" who had not sought refugee status. Although the majority of Sri Lankans coming to Australia are from the Tamil minority that lost the civil war, which ended three years ago, many are now Sinhalese.
For the first time since the government announced on August 13 its policy of sending asylum-seekers offshore for processing, the government has sent back more Sri Lankans than have arrived over the past two weeks. In the week ended November 25, 205 Sri Lankans arrived illegally by boat and 283 were sent back; in the week ended December 2 only 31 arrived and 100 were returned.
Cultural clash between women
freedom and evil Islam.
Mr Bowen said the voluntary and involuntary return of Sri Lankans was beginning to "make inroads" but that people-smugglers would do anything to keep the trade going.
"No one should doubt the government's resolve to break this pattern," Mr Bowen said. "The message is being relayed loud and clear in Sri Lanka that people-smugglers are telling lies and making false promises about what awaits people . . .
"Australia has returned a significant number, almost 600 people, to Sri Lanka involuntarily who were clearly economic migrants and raised no issues that engaged Australia's international obligations."
Mr Bowen repeated the message that Australian Federal Police and Immigration officials had delivered publicly in Sri Lanka, that "there is no special treatment and no job on arrival, so if that's why you're coming it's not worth risking your life or your money because you'll either be sent back, or to Nauru or Manus Island".
Mr Bowen would not comment on information that Sri Lankan smugglers were cutting prices to encourage more people to flood the system in Australia.
Aussies attacking Lebanese Muslims on Cronulla Beach.
Victoria Police is forming a new police task force to tackle the beach violence frequently erupting between the local Beach Aussies and Muslim visitors from the ghetto suburbs, and to prevent Sydney’s Cronulla like race riots happening on the Melbourne beaches.
POLICE will aim to stamp out violence and anti-social behaviour on beaches with a new foreshore taskforce. The 30-member taskforce will patrol more than 25km of beach and foreshore between Elwood and Carrum during summer, while also targeting public transport hubs.
Chelsea Longbeach Surf Life Saving Club president Judy Silom welcomed the taskforce.
"We're getting a lot of multicultural visitors (Muslims) from outside the area coming to our beach and a lot of time the different cultures don't mix," she said. "They congregate in their hundreds near the pier and unfortunately we see fighting and damage to cars."
Kingston Inspector Tim Hansen said police had noticed more people from surrounding suburbs, even as far as northern suburbs visiting the beaches. "Along with the taskforce we have an engagement program for multicultural groups," Insp Hansen said.
"We're looking to engage with these youths more and run activities on the beach for them. Hopefully some sort of sports will take away the element of boredom, which is what can lead to trouble."
Insp Hansen said the foreshore taskforce would work closely with lifesaving clubs. "Lifesaving clubs will also become our eyes and ears on the ground."

Massive Gallipoli Mosque in Auburn, Sydney.
Overflowed Lakemba Mosque in Sydney.

(Since Labor's Kevin Rudd's defeat of John Howard's conservative government in 2007 General Elections the previous deterrent measures such as Pacific Island detention centers and short-term Protection Visas were scrapped, and the result is the deluge of illegal boat  people mostly Muslims from the Middle East, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh. 
Frightened by Australian public opinion against the hordes of illegal boat-Muslims Julia Gillard's Labor government has so-far brought back the Pacific Island detention policy last year, but the boats are still arriving with the tacit support of Muslim Indonesia with funding from the OIC and Saudi Arabia. 
IMHO the only sure way to stop the Muslim boats illegally entering Australia is to issue these illegal Muslims with short-term Protection Visas instead of the current Labor government's stupid policy of generously issuing them Permanent Resident Visas immediately and later the Australian Citizenship within two  years.
John Howard Conservative Government had done it before and stopped the illegal Muslim flow completely till this stupid Labor mob came in and totally flooded Australia with Muslim Illegals  - who will eventually vote for Labor once they get their citizenships and voting rights - like Labor's left wing counterparts have been doing in the Europe and rapidly turning the continent into the Islamic Republic of Eurabia.)

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